2072 Eagle Dr, Woodstock
(770) 485-5404

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MarilN McG

Efficient drive thru. Friendly & courteous staff. Food was delicious.Food: 5/5

Rick Howton

Only Bojangles I've been in that does not have regular chicken biscuit. Cajun onlyFood: 4/5

savannah watkins

Customer service here is extremely sub par. Went through the drive through at 2:50 pm and saw that they were closing at three from a Microsoft Word Calibiri font typed piece of paper taped to the ordering box. We asked to place two separate orders and immediately the person working the drive through explicitly said “Huh?” Tone of voice and attitude is a huge part of customer service and today customer service was greatly lacking. Once at the window we paid for the orders and were asked to pull into a parking space. From the time we arrived at the window at 2:55pm until we received our food was 20 minutes. Luckily, the food was warm however we are just overall very disappointed with customer service. It felt as though it was not, in fact, Bo Time.

Peter Carmen

Always issues with this location. Went yesterday at 4pm and found out (the hard way) that they close at 3PM even though that's not what their website says. Silly little hand-written paper sign on their drive thru speaker. Very unprofessional. Needless to say, I will not be returning to this location especially after the extremely poor customer service I experienced after the last time I visited. This location gives the (usually) consistent Bojangles a bad name.

Ginger's Gems

They were out of wings, I had my taste buds set on wings and they were out of sweet potato pies also. Well, I should've drove out but I said I wanted a chicken sandwich. I could only remember the Bo'part but when I said fried the cashier was like the Southern chicken sandwich. Long story short, that wasn't the one I like.I'm a person on the go on my days off so I was hungry and picked over the whole sandwich. If you get a Chicken sandwich get the Bo' chicken sandwich the other one is more like it's for a chicken biscuit. ?


Food is not consistent. Some days and times is good, other days and times it's not good. It's basically hit or miss, mostly Miss.

Douglas A.

When I moved to Woodstock, I went here a few times, every single morning that I ordered something for breakfast. It was undercooked, the Chick-fil-A down the street started a remodel, so I decided to try it again, and it was very good for about a week, everything was completely cooked, The bo rounds were crispy like they're supposed to be, I went for a few days in a row, and then the following week everything went back to being very soggy and undercooked, I tried it for three days, just to see if it was a bad employee but no, it's just the same old trash. It was before, whoever runs this place does not care about the food, they serve, the last time I ordered I got a bag of grease and no straw for my drink.

RA James

Marion is the greatest & deserves to be General Manager! My family will not eat there unless she is working!Alan JamesWoodstock, GA

Sage Thompson

Just got a sweet tea and it had a lot of cleaner in it. Made me throw up immediately.

Angel ramirez

Horrible location ordered through the app for CURBSIDE for 20minutes and having to call them only for them to tell me to go through driv thru which had a ridiculous line… wasted my money and left

Jack L.

This lady running the drive thru just fucking sighed when I asked to change my Pepsi to a sweet tea

Robert Mitchell

Staff is amazing, led by a great manager! I come in several times a week. When the credit card machine was offline, the staff offered to buy my lunch. It turns out credit cards worked on the app so I did that...This Bo's team is a model team!Also, the big difference between the Bo's in Woodstock and Popeyes is consistency. Every meal every time at Bo's is great. At Popeyes, it's chicken roulette. One day might be good and the next is awful.

Marc B.

I understand there are shortages, but this location is always out of something. This morning just because it was closer I decided to give them another chance for breakfast. They were out of gravy. I went to the store on 92. Guess what? They had it. Not a supply issue, it an internal issue. I won't waste my time going there again.

Jim Woodburn

Food was fresh and well prepared. Coffee was very weak, at least for me. Not cheap, but worth it. Wish the dining room was open.

Robert L. Brice

So you understand, we love Bojangles, but won't be returning to this one. At 10am on Easter Sunday, there were only 2 other inside customers. Everything was clean, like they had just opened. They had NO biscuits, no breakfast sandwiches ready, all of the front food bins were empty and clean (unused). One young girl at the counter was getting frustrated because she couldn't get food for her customers. (She seemed apologetic to the customers, at least). After about 15 minutes, the manager (? only older lady in store) came out and told everyone (now about 7 in store, and a long line in Drive through) they were "out of biscuits and they'd be ready in about 5 minutes".According to my Google maps history, I was there from 10:03 till 10:47 to get my carry out order.Hope this helps!

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