McAlister's Deli

2006 Eagle Dr, Woodstock
(770) 672-0584

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Pat Yawn

Wish I had read the reviews first. Food was decent but the cleanliness was not. The front counter had water and soda all over it. The floors was sticky like they were in dire need of a washing. The tables were dirty at least the majority of them. It was 2-3pm on a sat and there was only a hand full of guest. There was no reason for it to be dirty, I watched an employee clear a table and never wipe it off with cleaning towel. Disgusting. Won't spend $30.00 on lunch in a dirty restaurant.

Stephanie G

I ordered through DoorDash. The potato was burned, and I only received 1/4 an order of broccoli.

Kathy LeJeune

Ordered with Door Dash… ordered BLT with Avocado and a side of potato soup. A bowl of potato soup was the other item. Did not receive the soup, only a cold burned sandwich with 1 small piece of avocado. Restaurant says the problem is with Door Dash and Door Dash is impossible to get in touch. So No more Door Dash and No more McAlister's for me. This is the third time, I have gotten this same sandwich and it was screwed up. Last time it was only toasted on one side of the bread and that was the side that had BLT and a tiny bite of Avocado. Moving forward I will save myself $46 and and make it myself.


If you order with the app, your order will ALWAYS have something wrong with it. Typically missing an item.The food is great, but I live 20 minutes away and coming home to find out that they left an item out really kills the meal.When you call them they say they will credit your account/refund it but it never happens.I wish I can say this is a one off, but it's been over 5 times in a row over the course of a few months so it's evident no change has happened.

Donna Bonnett

We just discovered this location about a month ago and have been back several times. Food was great! It became my NEW FAVORITE place to eat.But that all changed today! At first we thought they might be short handed and the reason that several tables still had trash on them. No other customers in there at that time.But turns out there were at least 5 or 6 working, that we saw, and they were standing around talking or playing on their phones.We placed our order and waited nearly 20 minutes for it to come out. The bread on my sandwich was dry and stale. The large Angus beef potato was room temperature! Very disappointed in the food today.Then to make matters worse, there was not a napkin to be found on ANY table. EVERY Napkin holder in the dining room was empty. Maybe it's a Sunday thing to let everything get ignored. Didn't SEE a manager at all.That being said, I understand everyone has a bad day and I WILL give them 1 more try before I find a NEW FAVORITE Place to eat out.

Connie Parrott

Wednesday, 9/7, we dined at McAlisters. A sign said they were doing to go/boxed lunch only. We were allowed to dine inside. There were not garbage cans to discard our trash. There were only napkins in one dispenser and they went fast. Apparently, there wasn't a dishwasher that day. It's sad businesses can't find employees. I do have a concern about the kitchen employees not wearing hair restraints. One young man had on a hat. No other employee wore any hair coverings. I love McAlister's food, but I think they need to train employees or enforce Health Department requirements.

Abby Bentley

Ordered from Uber eats. This is a $16 salad with the smallest scoop of chicken salad I’ve ever seen. And I’m pretty sure it was pre made, frozen then thawed. Worst salad I’ve ever had. This happens every time I order it to go. Never again


Enjoy the friendly and fast service. Our food was bought to us as soon as it came up. Thank you!

Hunter Lancaster

Only reason I’m giving 1 star is because the food is good plus I can’t give 0 stars. Staff seemed like they didn’t care, all but 2 tables were dirty and not cleaned with only 2 other families in the restaurant, they forgot a couple side items for our order. Then to top it off a guy came in for a pickup then returned 2 more times because they got it completely wrong multiple times. The food taste great but in ways they try and rip you off and get you to pay extra for a half and half sandwich with a side rather than 2 people getting 2 different sandwiches and sharing and not paying extra for a side salad. we will not return to this establishment until this place gets turned around

Emily Van Dellen

Delicious, fast, and you get exactly what you order! I highly recommend the harvest chicken salad (sandwich or salad) and potato salad. They have a few tables outside which is nice. I always use the drive thru and always get exactly what I ordered.

Charles W.

Took a long time to receive a food at about 2:30 PM today. Sandwich was barely warm. Four of us ordered and the couple we were with received their food 15 minutes before us. Would be nice to eat together. Floor and trash all over it needed a thorough sweeping and mop. Bathroom why is a mess. A men's room had toilet paper all over the floor and no doorhandle to open the door it had fallen off. Luckily there was a foot thing on the bottom of the door to open it. But I'm afraid a young child might have a hard time getting out of the bathroom. Staff members were talking so it's not like they did not have time to clean. Very disappointing in today's visit

Becky Bagwell Peel

Never disappointed with whatever I get. Delicious food!

Latoschia Hunter

First time ever eating here. The food was good, however there were dirty tables. When we placed our order the counter was dirty. We went to find a table. About 6 were occupied. Most were covered with dirty plates. The ones that did not have plates had not been wiped down. Went to get a refill. I noticed everyone in the back talking. At this point only 2 tables were occupied. I did not see anyone cleaning the entire time but saw 6 to 8 in the back just hanging out.

Sabine F.

My husband and I went there for lunch today. We go there quite a bit, even it is on the pricey side. I ordered the Turkey/bacon on ciabatta with soup. My husband had the Italian and chili. His was like always. Plenty of meat and satisfying. My sandwich came with almost no meat on it. No lettuce or anything else, just a dry piece of bacon and maybe one slice of Turkey. I kept dipping the sandwich into the soup as it was so dry. My husband said to just go up there and complain. I finally did and showed them the dry bread. All they did was yell into the kitchen to put more meat on it next time. We asked for the manager's business card as nobody did anything about me still being hungry after spending $43.00 combined. What bad customer service! We will never be back.

Stacie Ballard Health Coach

Have always come and got spud olé. At ordering the guy took order I asked if he knew what it was and he said yes. I asked for extra jalapeños. When he brought it to table it was just cheese and sour cream and bacon - a different spud. So I said oh this is the wrong one. It’s the one that has chili and cheese with jalapeños. He said oh I’m sorry that’s right let me get it. When he came back he said I’m sorry we can only do that one small so we did a combo and gave you a salad. If they can make the half why wouldn’t they make a whole? And I don’t get to choose the side? Wouldn’t they just say go ask what she wants for the other part of pick 2/combo?I’ve been in many times and occasionally they’ll have someone who has to ask what is a spud olé. I’ve often said can you still do it to which they said of course it’s no problem. They could tell me they don’t do it anymore and would be fine. There was just no communication and the only reason we went was for a spud olé or else I would chose another place.

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