Anna Miller's Restaurant

98-115 Kaonohi St, Aiea
(808) 487-2421

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This is an amazing restaurant. On my late night adventures. I would go here to eat with my friends and coworkers. The food here is delicious. So check it out next time you are here.This time around, I stopped in to pick up some pies for our New Years Eve get together at my home. The pies here are just delicious!! They were out of the fresh strawberry ? pie ?. I picked up the strawberry cheesecake pie, and it was just as good as the fresh strawberry ? pie that they usually have. I also picked up banana cream pie, and apple pie. All pies were delicious -per myself and the guest that I had at my home.At the time that I picked up my pies. (9 am-10 am) The place was packed and very very busy. The manager working at the time was so friendly and gave service with a smile. There were some rude customers, but he kept his composure and kept smiling.Anna Miller's is a family friendly place to eat. The atmosphere, the service and the food is good.Kid-friendliness: The place is definitely kid friendly. There is plenty of parking and it is wheelchair accessible.Parking: Parking is in front of the restaurant. There is handicap parking and wheelchair accessible.Wheelchair accessibility: Yes, on a different occasion. I was able to use there ramp for my father's wheelchair. Bathroom is also wheelchair accessible. (Clean too!!)

Miss Ninja Girl

Went for lunch on Wednesday. Seated quickly. Food came out quick. Refill on coffee was great. They only have breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads. No hot plates. Pies were amazing as always!

Patrick B

Breakfast foods are delicious!

Birdie H.

Same as last, love their farmers breakfast. Dad always gets loco moco too. Me... I LOCE my pancakes and link sausages. And over easy egg with their hash browns. It's this flavor it has... I love it! Thank you for a delicious breakfast. I wish they were opened 24 hours like before. This was our go to spot when we had the late night munchies! Or after hours when the bars closed. Most people end up here. Hope they reopen it to 24 hours again.

Craig Paul

The sole remaining Anna Miller's on Earth! The soup and saladare an excellent value. We tried slices from 2 different pies: chocolate, which I wish would have been more chocolaty, and strawberry haupia. There were sliced strawberries in the base layer, and it was wonderful! My pancake "sandwich" with an egg and bacon slices has crispy non-greasy bacon! Yum!

Yolande Fong

Introduced a visitor from the Mainland to Loco Moco for breakfast. She really liked it and will try to replicate it after she returns to the Mainland. She was only here for 3 full days and I had to be choosy about which local restaurants to take her.Parking: Plentiful parking including Handicapped stalls.Wheelchair accessibility: Ramp on the side entrance to the bakery and restaurant.

Spencer C.

The worst coffee I've ever had. Will never eat there again solely because of that flaw. The pies are pretty good though. So will order takeaway.

Jen M.

We went here on a whim after a hike. There was no wait on a Sat afternoon and we were seated right away. Our server was friendly and very attentive. The food came out quickly. My food was good, as expected from a local diner. I was craving some comfort food and ordered the chicken pot pie. It was good, the crust is only on the top, not at the bottom. It came with a small side salad and cornbread. I do wish they would add turkey sausage or turkey bacon to their breakfast meat selections :)

Tony T.

The best part of this restaurant is that they have a bakery although we didn't try anything from there. I tried a bite of the banana macadamia pancakes and to me they didn't have much flavor. My actual order was the patty melt. It was the most under flavored patty melt I've ever had. The bread was good. The meat was very under season and didn't taste like it had been grilled. Almost microwaved in texture. The onions were cooked but definitely didn't have the texture or taste of grilled onions. The worst part of this restaurant was the restroom. Very dirty. The floors in particular looked like they hadn't been cleaned in months. There is one spot in particular in a stall that looked like remnants of blood or some other dark colored liquid. Very disappointed in this restaurant.

Paul B.

We went here for breakfast thinking it'll soon close down, so I thought that's what I saw on the news. However, I learned that they will not be closing down. We took my elderly mother for breakfast, and the male manager saw that she had a hard time walking, so he sat us close to the entrance. So thoughtful and kind!! Our waitress was awesome too! She provided such great service! The food here was good like I always remembered it to be. Overall, customer service it key to all eateries and Anna Millers provided exceptional customer service!

Sara H.

It's just not the same as it use to be pre-COVID. The food is not very good anymore. I've gone twice and both times the food wasn't great. This use to be our monthly breakfast place for years. Very sad.

Audrey N.

They are open for dine in 8am-6pm. No longer give military or senior discount New menu but basically same selections. I ordered the French toast combo with Portuguese sausage. My only complaint is that it was cold. My husband ordered the fried rice loco moco. It was steaming hot and ono!!! Waitress was very friendly and offered us refills on our coffee.


My husband and I stopped here because the parking lot was full. After reading a few reviews, we decided to try it. I went with a hamburger because that was something that is pretty hard to mess up. Well……it didn’t taste like it was 100% beef. Not quite sure what it was. My husband said it tasted like soy. Pretty tasteless even after adding salt and ketchup. In addition to that, the fries were also lackluster. If you’re looking for a good quality meal, don’t stop here. I think you should only come for their pies which looked really delicious. I must say that the service was excellent.

Michael Sarrafian

First time to Anna's. I drive by it all the time and always wanted to go, this time my wife and I decided to go and we were pleased we went. Reminded us of the Pennsylvania Dutch diners we frequented back on the mainland but with a Hawaiian twist. Food was good as well as the service. Enjoy breakfast all day and then a delicious pie for dessert. We think we found our "go to" diner!! Definitely worth a try.

Priscilla V.

Anna Miller - has been a popular restaurant for late-night grinds (pre-covid) and their breakfast selection. I was here years ago, and I have to say they improved a lot. Especially presentation of food & the portion as well. I couldn't decide where to get breakfast this morning and honestly didn't want to go to Anna Millers at first bc of my previous experience years ago. However, it was the only one open at the time, and mom and I decided to give it another chance. When we arrived there- we were seated immediately, and I was amazed at how packed it was. Almost every table was full. Service: As soon as we sat down, our waitress offered coffee and multiple drink choices. She was very constant in checking on us regarding how busy it was. Food: As you can see in the photos attached, the portion alone shocked me. I was amazed at how much they give now and how flavorful and delicious it was! Mom and I had to share half of each plate bc we wanted to try both. My mom usually doesn't eat all her food, but today she only left maybe 5% left, and she enjoyed herself also. Hands down, the hash brown and cornbread were so good. Recommend anyone to try these side orders. If I'm not mistaken, they are known for their cornbread. The texture and the flavor are just so soft. I will come here again for breakfast! & I will go again to try out their lunch and dinner menu next!

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