Ice Garden

99-115 Aiea Heights Dr, Aiea
(808) 488-5154

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Danielle Varwig

Absolutely delicious! Beware, Google’s hours are slightly off, it is not open on Tuesday!


Homemade style shave ice from an unassuming strip mall. The pudding is my favorite; love the creamy jiggly texture

WY Teoh

Delicious - authentic and no frills. Guy serve the shaved ice out of a small window, so there are no seats. But there are some tables around the corner outside the pancake place. Be careful though, the place has seen better days, a piece of paint/asap halt from the roof fell into my bowl lol

Lily Van

There can be a wait time in the afternoon once the sun is out and it gets hot!! But no problem for me!! More time to think about what I want.They do offer your traditional shave ice, fruit flavors, syrup, the works! But personally I’d recommend some of their topping filled shave ice (it is a bit pricey, and no prices are listed outside. Also cash only!) I think our halo halo one ended up being around $14? So kind of steep for shave ice.The halo halo was super good!! The pudding on top is a great contrast of sweetness to the ice & ube ice cream. There’s also a lot of texture in the rice krispies, and jelly they had. Overall really good bingsoo-like shave ice.

Emily Miao

So incredibly good and the sweetest people working there! 11/10 on the ube ice cream + custard on top, this is the perfect treat for a summer day

Gabrielle Brizel

So delicious and a great price

Michael Palacay

The best way to beat the summer heat is the number 7.


6/9/21 Delicious shave ice. The photos that they've posted showed the many flavors and styles of shave ice that they had. I had a hard time deciding as it was my first visit. I finally chose #10- Root Beer Ice Cream Shave Ice. Great root beer flavor! This is a busy place but the line moves quickly. Around the corner there are some tables and benches to sit on while you eat your treat. Four stars only for the price, as it's a bit expensive for the amount that you get.


Had the #13 (rainbow with mochi balls), no distinct flavor just uber sweetness. Wasn't really a fan, but the other stuff on their menu looked cool/interesting to try

Bruce Lord

You have to be careful .my wife ordered a #13 by the pitcher of it... but it turned out to be less on it than the pitcher

Noah Samson

?✋?? this place omg, it’s sooo good. first off there’s always most likely a line but it’s really worth it. I had only been to this place twice and never regretted it. It’s almost like a hold in the wall type of place but it’s not the hard to find, it’s right next to the rabbit rabbit tea place or whutever. The wait isn’t too long but not the fastest but tbh, there is most likely only two or one person in there working so cut up some slack. I promise you you’ll love this place. All a mix of really good shaved ice with a huge variety of flavors and toppings. I kinda forgot what I had gotten but it had some flan and white tapioca underneath. Again so good!!!

Takeshi Shimabukuro

Very very good shave ice!! Mochi balls are a must! Custard is great too. So good....

Rodennis Gonzales

Type 2 diabetes in a bowl but delicious!

Jane Davidson

WOW. So good. We came back again and again for this amazing shaved ice!

Melanie Bee

I went today during business hours and they were closed, so call before you go. Love the shave ice and the available toppings!

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