Kabuki Restaurant and Delicatessen

98-020 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea
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Kurt Franklin

Good quality food at fair prices. Casual environment. Clear soup is good and a nice change from miso. Pickled cabbage side had no taste. Seemed like unsalted blanched cabbage. Saba was a good portion. A whole fish. (2 filets) but I wish they had deboned them. A chore to eat. Though the grill flavor and crispy skin was very nice. Rice was too sticky. Not overcooked but overly soft in places like it was beaten up by being stirred or something. Very friendly staff and good service.

Jon O.

We've been here several times in the past but this is our first visit since the pandemic. On the plus side the service was very friendly and attentive, and the portion sizes were generous. I had the tempura teishoku and the pieces are piled high and had a nice balance of crunch without being greasy. The menu has just about anything you'd want from a Japanese restaurant. On the negative side the sushi and sashimi were not as fresh or tasty as I'd remembered. Some pieces were not tender and kinda chewy. My daughter's miso butterfish was okay, but we've had much better. Maybe it was just an off night for them, but I hope it improves.

Don N.

2022 Okazuya Review #1 I've decided to revisit some of Oahu's okazuya restaurants as it has been a few years. Growing up here how can one resist that glorious line up of dishes calling to use from behind the glass case. For review #1 I'm going back to one of my original favorites Kabuki in Aiea. Food: I have been getting same items for decades in my bento box. Nori Musubi, Cone Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken, Veg Tempura, Tamago, Gobo, and Namasu. On this trip I added in their Saturday special Konbu Maki. The best is the large cone sushi, I remember years ago when they discontinued it and it cause such an uproar they had to bring it back..now that's social pressure! Everything else is good, nostalgic, having it again and being more thoughtful, the teri chicken is solid. Veg Tempura is breaded heavily and not crisp. Everything besides the cone sushi is not best in class but when you grow up eating this and it's stayed consistent over the decades it then it tastes like childhood. Service: They modified the take out counter over covid moving it inside now making ordering slightly more efficient. It can take a while though as they only service two customers at a time and if you have people putting in large orders then the line can back up. If you know what you want you may call ahead at least 30 minutes in advance then skip the line to pick up your plate. Atmosphere: This is for the okazuya line only and does not include the sit down restaurant. The space is revamped, clean, bright, open versus what they used to serve out of pre covid. I like the new layout, there is a paper order form outside that you can check off while you wait to speed your order. Value: Like everything else it's getting pricey and Okazuya plates have tended to be high for confort food. For this day, my plate was $16.40 which is more than a plate lunch but I had enough to save for another day. Overall: We've moved out of the area, the food is okay, the line and wait can be long, but it's what I had in younger days, it's what my children took on field trips, and you can't beat the memories. Probably won't visit as often but I'm happy to say that the food remains solid here and it's what I will use to benchmark others by. I had to give it three stars which a decent rating but I balanced my nostalgia vs actual taste/quality/value.

Wesley Anzai

Our Review of Kabuki Restaurant @ Waimalu Shopping Center. Kabuki Restaurant is a Step Back in Time. Where Culture and Tradition is Alive and Well. Traditional Japanese Dishes are Made in The Time Honored Tradition. No Shortcuts. The Taste of The Good is Authentic.Prices are Reasonable $$. We ordered Shrimp Tenpura Donburi Bowl, Miso Butterfish Teishoku. My Teishoku was Excellent - Chawanmushi (classic and hard to find, not many Japanese Restaurants make this anymore. But done right it is a Treat.) Sashimi, Lettuce Salad, Simmered Pumpkin, Green Tea.My wife's Shrimp Tenpura Donburi is on a bed of Rice, with Miso Soup and a Traditional Tenpura Dipping Sauce with Grated Daikon, that is so Authentic.For Dessert, we had Strawberry Shave Ice with Vanilla Ice Cream and Azuki Beans.We had a Wonderful Time at Kabuki Restaurant and You Will Too.Hugs Wes n Wanda Anzai ❤Mililani Hawaii 5 / 2022

David Yang

This review is only for okazuya. Excellent, one of the best on the island. IMO, only Toshi's rivals here. Halibut is damn good. Gulick is pretty good too though.

Geneva Gonzales

Fast service...clean.....pleasant atmosphere.....ample parking .....excellent food, taste and presentation well p UT together

Sharon M.

Came for some food from the Okazuya. It's been a while since my last visit. They opened at 5:30am. Upon arrival, there was already a line of four people. Instead of the old roll up counter, they now have an area inside where they can serve two sides vs one. Its a great expansion ans they also have sheets of paper with pencils available for ordering. It makes it easier for the employee to make your order. They also post their weekly specials on the sheet which is great. The service was also great. The ladies behind the counter were friendly and worked quickly. There was so many different things to choose from. This time around, I ordered chow fun, shoyu chicken, cone sushi, potato hash, namasu, and fried halibut. Everything was fresh and tasted very good. The noodles had a great taste and was tossed well and not soggy. Love that it is not overrwhelmed with vegetables. The shoyu chicken is one of my favorites here. Great flavor and soft. The cone sushi is also very delish and had a great flavor. The potato hash had a crisp on its outside and was just right in taste. If you like namasu, this too is very good and well pickled. The fried halibut was a first for me, but very good. It was very crispy and soft on the inside. They have different sizes for plates in case you decide to order more or less but be sure to let the worker know ahead of time and it helps to know what you want when you get to the counter. Great place to get food for breakfast or lunch, for kids field trip, or just to get a great bite to eat. I totally recommend Kabuki Okazuya!

Keola C.

The Chicken Tofu on the restaurant lunch menu (inside, not deli), is our family favorite.

Rissa K.

Love their okazuya here. I went here this past Saturday and there was a bit of a wait but it wasn't too bad. I probably waited around 30 mins or so to get in line to order. You can also call to pre-order in advance so you can just come to pick up good order. Once you get to the inside area they only allow up to 4 people in that area. They have a paper outside you can grab along with a pencil to mark down what okazuya pieces you want and then you can read it to the cashier. They only accept cash here so make sure you bring cash! Their items are huge and prices are reasonable.

Jen C.

It's been a while since I've gone to the Okazuya at Kabuki. I was delighted to see that they renovated! The okazuya is now inside with the line out the door to the outside. I like the new set up, you can see all of the food a lot better than when it was just a counter on the outside. There is a paper checklist outside on the wall that lists the okazuya items so you can organize your order and figure out what you want once you get on the inside. They have a special buzzer for phone orders so you don't have to stand in the long line. I did an in person order so I stood in line from the outside. I ordered Ume musubi, hash patty, vegetable tempura, hamburger patty, hot dog, egg omelette and nishime. Everything tasted wonderful as how I remembered from when I came here w couple of years ago. Perfect bento box you can assemble for a picnic or the beach.

Clifton C.

This past Sunday, my daughter, grandson and I were trying to decide where to go for an early Family dinner. We were in the Aiea area and decided to try Kabuki. I was in line at 5pm when they opened without a reservation and was fortunate to get a nice table. The restaurant is a real throwback to a 60's family style Japanese restaurant, not fancy, but a bit dated and worn, but totally charming. They have a lovely Koi pond as you enter the restaurant. The staff is all young and attentive. The restaurant quickly filled, which is a indication of it's popularity. Lot's of families and friends dining. The menu is extensive and the food, very good. There are many Japanese restaurants with exceptional food. The food here may not be gourmet quality, but it is very delicious, portions are generous and service 5 stars. Upon being seated, they bring ice water and a pot of tea. You get a container of rice for the table to share. No need to ask for an extra bowl of rice. I like that . There is so much to choose from. They have a Sushi menu, which we ordered from, as well as many complete dinners. They have beer, wine and sake. We totally enjoyed everything we had. We definitely ordered way too much food for 3 people. Totally worth it, no problem taking the leftovers home. Highly recommend. Support family businesses!

Davis Kauwe

Ok so let’s get the pros out of the way first:Our server was the sweetest lady we have ever met. Very knowledgeable with the menu, gave good recommendations, and got our food out in a timely manner. The only problem we had with the server was after we were finished eating, she never came back around to give us our check.Which is where the cons come in:A gentleman (who I heard was the owner) that seated us walked past and I kindly waved him down and asked if we could get the check after 20 minutes of waiting. The man gave us an annoyed look, put up his hands and said in an aggressive voice “I don’t have your check!” And walked away. He came back after a minute and asked “who was your waiter?” After explaining what our waitress looked like , he yelled for her and was giving her attitude.This was a shock to me and my family! I have never experienced this before. Usually, when I’m at other restaurants and the waiter is taking long to come back around to ask if we’re ready for the check, I will ask a worker passing by and they will kindly say “so sorry about that, let me get your waiter”. Never have I experienced such a rude reaction before.Not only that man but as our waitress was helping other tables, other employees would pass by her and make rude comments. I’ve never been so uncomfortable dinning before.I DO NOT recommend Kabuki and will not be returning! Worst experience ever!

Clayton Timmer

Was a lifelong memory to eat sushi with friends and catch a glimpse into the decades of memories they had enjoyed. Thank you Masa for the amazing experiences and delicious food.

Bob K.

Tonight I spent the culmination of 31 years of friendship with MASA the sushi virtuoso. He has given me his unconditional love thru his incredible knowledge of fish and life. His playful nature ,infectious smile and love for his profession and family kept me coming to Kabuki for 31 years. I will miss you. You've meant so much to all of us that love you and we wish you many more years of happiness now that you can enjoy life without worrying about work. Happy Fishing! Sorry to those that didn't get to taste his masterpieces!

Dana K.

Every year, I buy bento for the secretaries for Secretary's Day. They love them! Glad to see price is still reasonable. I called in my order at 5:30 this morning for 6:30 pick up, just in case. Luckily, line was very short. I get myself a lunch, too. I was happy to see that the egg omelette was a bigger piece, however, it wasn't the traditional sweet egg I like the new okazuya counter, more space and coverage from the elements.

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Kabuki Restaurant and Delicatessen

98-020 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 487-2424