Palazzo Ristorante Italiano

99-080 Kauhale St # C2, Aiea
(808) 485-8688

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Liz Alarcio

This is our place to go for ordinary day special treat dinner, it never fails us. Loc is just so attentive of his customers, we just enjoy him. And now with his additional help, Iwalani, it’s doubly nice. Customers call him by name! That’s pretty cool! I’ve never tried anything else but their linguini with clams. My husband is more adventurous, he likes to try diff things, especially their specials. My linguine has enough juice that I can soak up my good tasting crunchy bread in it. I always enjoy my visits there…never disappointed. Thank you… till the next time again…

Valter Claudi

Amazing food and service. Could use more space but this place is really good,and i'm 100% Italian so i know a little about Italian food

Ricardo R.

Today is my birthday. When my wife asked what I felt like having for dinner I begrudgingly asked for Italian. Immediately both our eyebrows rose because we both knew that we've been burned in the past looking for good Italian food so asking for it was a shot in the dark. She researched multiple places and I don't know how she found Palazzos but she did. We never tried any of their food so we were going to chalk this up to an adventure meal. To our wonderful surprise every single dish we ordered was tasty. Complete home run. The portions are incredibly huge, definitely large enough for leftovers and the gravy (although a little on the sweet side) was great with the lasagna. I think we can safely say this is our new spot for Italian and we look forward to trying the other items on their menu. Thank you for a wonderful birthday.

Eldon Palmer

The best Italian food I have ever had. Especially love anything on the menu with butter in the description

Quantum Institute

Excellent as always! The bread is too die for... Had the special, shrimp and scallop over linguine. Yum!

Stacy K.

This is hands down the best Italian restaurant on the island. I have been going here for years, and this is comfort food and a homey atmosphere all in one place. It does feel as if you are eating a home-cooked meal at someone's house. The menu is extensive, but I have my favorites from here. Just a note that you can get half-portions, but it's worth the price to get the entire portion and take it home to eat for the next day. I usually get the chicken anchovy olio, and I love the amount of garlic in this dish. This dish comes with three huge pieces of chicken thighs topped with a generous amount of garlic and anchovy, cooked to a crisp on a bed of spaghetti. I have also tried the meat lasagna; it's a considerable portion topped with cheese and marinara sauce. I usually ask for extra bread; you can use it to dip in the marinara sauce The bread here is to die for; it's so crunchy on the outside; soft and fluffy on the inside, and it's perfect for soaking up all the sauce. The restaurant, located in Aiea Town Square, so there is ample parking. Just a word of caution, the parking spaces are tight. I came across this; this is one of my favorite dishes from the restaurant. If you're getting adventurous and want to try and cook this dish below is the recipe.

Salina H.

The nicest people! Here on vacation and really enjoyed our time. Great food and laid back atmosphere

Bronco K. K. Woodlyn

The waiter was amazing he was very nice and friendly and always made sure we were ok. The bread was very fresh light fluffy and flaky. The pasta was was delicious very satisfied at the whole overall. The crab corn chowder was a good way to start off the meal.

Yash Patel

Great staff and they really pay attention to details. From the rose on the table to their fantastic complimentary bread, I really liked this palce. I ordered their linguine pesto and I liked it.

Rogerlyn Hose

House fresh & hot....melt in the mouth tasty...we go here for our ladies get away....

Melanie Felix

Food is good and prices are reasonable. I like the eggplant parmesan. Service was fast and friendly. Cozy atmosphere.

Sarah L.

The last time I ate here was over 5 years ago, but the one thing that I always remembered about this place is how GOOD the bread and butter was. I kept telling my boyfriend about it and we finally came back. Not gonna lie, I asked for 2 more plates of butter. Pretty sure the waitress thought I was crazy because I used so much butter on the bread and even put it on the cheesy garlic bread! There is ample parking in this shopping area, there's many stores, but you can usually find a stall close to where you're trying to go. The server was nice and friendly and indulged me on my craving for butter. She was attentive and helpful. Service was excellent! The complimentary bread is crispy on the outside, but the inside soft and warm and the butter is soft and spreadable and goes so so so good with the bread. I think my boyfriend was a liiiitle bit concerned about how much butter I put on. The cheesy garlic bread was huge. I wasn't expecting two huge slabs of bread topped with cheese and garlic. Well worth it! Each bite had cheese and garlic, if I wasn't so full off the bread with butter, I would have eaten more of this! The corn soup was colorful and flavorful. Each spoonful had corn and bell peppers in it. It was big enough to share between the two of us. I was expecting a small bowl, but it was a pretty decent size. My boyfriend got the steak with shrimp pasta. His steak was cooked perfectly, it was soft and tasted great with the pasta. Well seasoned and flavorful. And you can never go wrong with shrimp and pasta too. I got the special that was written on the board at the door. A scallop and shrimp pasta with asparagus. It sounded tasty and healthy and it was! The asparagus was peeled so it wasnt hard to chew, but was soft and easy to eat. There was a handful of scallops and they were large pieces. The shrimp and scallops natural salty taste gave the pasta flavor and didn't require any additional salt. I added a little bit of pepper and was content. Tbh, I was so full off the bread and butter, I didn't have much room for anything else. I took a couple of bites of my pasta and it was tasty and took the rest home and it tasted amazing the next day too! I can't wait to come back for their other pastas (and the bread and butter).

Grace Stachowski

Since I am from Europe I have higher standards when it comes to European food. I am always looking for the authentic cousins, not the Americanized version of the food. To be honest I didn't want to get my expectations up too high when I first stepped in. Most European restaurants on the island fall short in my book. Not this place. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of food here. We had two different vegetarian dishes and both were absolutely delicious. The service was incredible too, definitely high end. Our servers were polite and attentive. At least 5 people checked in on us, definitely seemed like we are at a dinner party with friends. I really like the selection of wine that you guys had.I will definitely be back. Attention Owners: please decllutter and tidy up , your restaurant has a great potential.

Hawaii Ski

We came for a late night dinner, thank God this is one of the few places on that part of the island that is open until late.We had the best possible service. The wait staff was constantly checking on us, making sure we have everything we needed. They were super nice and courteous.The vegetarian pasta that we ordered was incredibly delicious. We had two different dishes, and both were amazing.Attention Owner. Your food is delicious and the service is amazing. If I could suggest to update the decor and de clutter the restaurant I believe that your restaurant would thrive.

Dan T.

I had dinner at Palazzo Ristorante Italiano the other night. It was the first time I have eaten there since the pandemic. They didn't have me sign in or take my temperature, but they did ware masks and tried to keep proper spacing. I ordered a Plantation Iced Tea and a Cesar Salad to start with. The iced tea was good, but the glass was on the small side. It did come with regular ice tea refills, but the lemon wedges were way overripe to the point of being mushy. The salad was fresh, but on the bland side. The dressing just did not have much flavor outside of the parmesan. For my entrée I ordered the Calamari Steak Piccata style with linguini, which was very good. Lots of butter and cappers. I got the small portion as I was planning to get some dessert tonight... I should have got the full serving and passed on the dessert. The Caramel Cream (Flan) was not as smooth as I would have liked, it was a bit rough texture wise. They also served a small loaf of bread. It was very crisp on the outside and light in the middle. It was good, but I prefer a heartier bread with my pasta.

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