Phở Five-O

98-020 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea
(808) 487-5091

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Alexander Van Maren

Overall, good, I can't judge anything about the food too harshly, but I've simply had better.The summer rolls were generously stuffed, but I would have liked fewer noodles and more veggies. The sauce had a deeper flavor than most that I've had, which I appreciated. The combination pho came with a good variety of meats, the steak and beef balls being the highlights. The broth was solid, with decent umami. However, it didn't "wow" me like some broths have in the past.Again, while I can't point to anything specific being sub-par, I simply wasn't amazed and therefore can't give it a full 5 stars.

Jackie Wilson

Been coming here and supporting this business for 10 years. Usually come once a week even during the pandemic with all of the restrictions I have supported this business OVER and OVER even when the establishment next door has a line and nobody seems to be in this restaurant at all I still remained loyal to them because I liked their food and up until now the people. Before I say this I want to say that my mother is Vietnamese. I know how the typical stereotype goes with this nationally. So here is my problem. I began doing takeout more due to covid and after all these years I got home to realize that my order was wrong. I called and the lady assured me that the next time I came she would resolve it by not charging me for extra meat because I ALWAYS order extra meat with the #47 (no other order). Oh and the day of the wrong order I asked for extra sauce (I ordered 3 things) and she literally gave me 3 small containers 1 of each type of sauce. Since I had ordered 3 things I asked for more sauce and in all my years of supporting she had the nerve to say $2 extra but if I sit in the restaurant I can use as much sauce as I want. That way my first sign that she could care less that I've been a loyal customer for all of these years. So the issue was today I went to order my usual #47 the only meal that I've ever requested extra meat for and she told me the extra meat she promised me was for the pho (which I never usually order to go but was the order she messed up). I told her I never have ordered extra meat for pho only the #47 and the way she explained when I called about the wrong order was...Next time you come I won't charge you for extra meat. Well that day came today and she did not do what she told me when THEY sent me home to eat a meal that was not correct. My point is that being supportive and loyal to this business after all these years and she was unable to accommodate me by not charging me for extra meat. Sad and ridiculous. You lost a long time customer forever. Because you wanted to charge me $2 for extra chicken. Horrible customer service.

Marc B

Fantastic restaurant and experience with plentiful and great tasting authentic Vietnamese cuisine! They were kind enough to seat our party of five near their closing time! Big Kiné Mahalo and we’ll certainly be back again real soon! ??

Minh Trinh

Staff was nice, pho tasted like water and tons of salt, bun bo hue I had to scoop out a whole bowl of oil before I can even eat it, but that tasted decent.

Marc Benavente

Fantastic restaurant and experience with plentiful and great tasting authentic Vietnamese cuisine! They were kind enough to seat our party of five near their closing time! Big Kiné Mahalo and we’ll certainly be back again real soon! ??

Miker Mike

Terrible food, service and cleanliness even the water tasted terrible. Worse Vietnamese food I've ever had and could not even use restroom after paying to eat here. Only wish there was a 0 star option.


My favorite Vietnamese Restaurant on Oahu. My wife is Vietnamese and both she and her momz both approve. Delicious!!

Marc Ayalin

Go Bun Bo Hue or go home! ?

TammyLee Wong

Must have vaccine card to eat in.

Faalupega Pou (Sarah)

Just what we needed! Husband ordered #15 Beef Pho, and I ordered #22 Beef Combo. Pho Noodle soup only comes in one size, and that is large. I loved the broth. It's always about the broth. Thank you!


...with the tip for a nothing special about it ? bowl of pho. I ordered the pho dac biet which is supposed to be their special version loaded down with everything - it wasn't. And the meat was like kind of tough and chewy too, sort of like it was frozen for a long time and then heated up real quick. Well I was the first and only customer in the door when they opened at nine. They were probably busy doing prep work and rushed my order. Who knows... Who cares... What real expertise do I have about pho anyway?

TaceyAnn Nawatani

Awesome service, friendly, and the most delicious food served. You see, I really didn't care for Pho. I had it once many years ago and did actually like it, but not enough to eat Pho again. Then I moved to Aiea my son wanted to eat Pho. We found this place in Google. Both me and my son agree on the quality and taste...loved it. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. We've been ordering our dinner there at least twice a month.

Chris Todd

Chicken pho was good. Service was fast...

Ricardo Negrete

Some decent tasting pho. Better than most places iv been too.

Rachel Bellissimo

Delicious food and wonderful service

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