Phở Five-O

98-020 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea
(808) 487-5091

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Marc Ayalin

Go Bun Bo Hue or go home! ?

Faalupega Pou (Sarah)

Just what we needed! Husband ordered #15 Beef Pho, and I ordered #22 Beef Combo. Pho Noodle soup only comes in one size, and that is large. I loved the broth. It's always about the broth. Thank you!


...with the tip for a nothing special about it ? bowl of pho. I ordered the pho dac biet which is supposed to be their special version loaded down with everything - it wasn't. And the meat was like kind of tough and chewy too, sort of like it was frozen for a long time and then heated up real quick. Well I was the first and only customer in the door when they opened at nine. They were probably busy doing prep work and rushed my order. Who knows... Who cares... What real expertise do I have about pho anyway?

TaceyAnn Nawatani

Awesome service, friendly, and the most delicious food served. You see, I really didn't care for Pho. I had it once many years ago and did actually like it, but not enough to eat Pho again. Then I moved to Aiea my son wanted to eat Pho. We found this place in Google. Both me and my son agree on the quality and taste...loved it. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. We've been ordering our dinner there at least twice a month.

Brian F.

Delicious pho at very reasonable prices.

Amy O.

I really like their chicken pho with extra vegetables. I don't eat much at one sitting do that's two meals for me, yum 2x.

Chris Todd

Chicken pho was good. Service was fast...

Ricardo Negrete

Some decent tasting pho. Better than most places iv been too.

Isa C.

Hours of operation on door say open until 9pm but when we walked in they said they're closed and it' was 7:50pm. Either update your hours or place a notice on the door for the reasoning of it as a courtesy to incoming customers.

Princess I.

I've been going to this pho shop since middle school and their prices has always been very affordable as well as delicious pho! When you walk in there's a table in the middle with hand sanitizer and a sign in sheet. Once you sign in you can take a seat on any table that's available if you are dining in. They also let you wait inside if you are waiting on a order for take out if they aren't busy. I mainly go to this shop for a quick pho run, they are quick to get your appetizers and meal out (around 5-10 minutes after ordering). I always order either the pho combo or spicy beef pho. Love the flavors especially for the spicy beef pho! They only serve Medium and Large bowls. If you aren't a cilantro fan, they are able to leave that out. I always get medium and it's more than enough on an empty stomach. On a good day I'd pair up my pho with an order of summer rolls or spring rolls, both are really good! For my pho today, they let me mix and match my (2) meats (beef balls and tripe) for my pho! As long as you ask, I'm pretty sure you'd be able to mix an match any of the meats. FYI they are currently not letting customers use their bathroom due to covid.

Rachel Bellissimo

Delicious food and wonderful service

Kori T.

Love their chili oil and pho broth! Found out that this chili oil is homemade so you can't buy it in stores but they sell it at their restaurant.

Angela W.

Not bad, nothing memorable. We were in the area and wanted pho. I was also craving Thai iced coffee. It came in a Styrofoam cup already brewed and mixed. It tasted good, but I hate drinking out of Styrofoam and I wanted the mini percolator action. Pho broth not as rich or complex in flavor as other places.

Krisha Mae D.

The broth is very good and the quality of meat is good too (I only ordered brisket and tripe in my pho). I got the CB1, that includes a large size pho, your choice of egg rolls or summer rolls, and a soft drink. I say it's a pretty good deal. Their summer rolls are really good too. The brisket was nice and soft, not too chewy. The portion size is pretty good, I could have honestly shared with another person. For those with small-medium size appetites, a combo meal will suffice greatly. My waitress was very welcoming and fast.

Bernice T.

We usually order and pickup from this place because my husband loves their pho, but today we decided to dine in. Pho Five-O has been around for years, but I'm wondering what's with the fly traps hanging everywhere. And not sure it they were mosquitoes or nats but we were surrounded by them. Food was ok, papaya salad was bland, lemongrass chicken was good, and off course my husband and son enjoyed their pho.

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