99-115 Aiea Heights Dr #125, Aiea
(808) 484-1488

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Wan Moke

Malu new?!? Probably one of the only unpleasant workers at this location. Hopefully he was just not having a good day today. If I order four drinks and ask for tray, don’t roll your eyes bro.

Rene Silva

Great Service?

Alyson Wong

The baristas get to know their regulars and are friendly to all.

Raquel Marin

I have been to this location because they make my drink to perfection. But there is one Shift Supervisor who I spoke to two weeks ago by the name of Mason. I witness him helping an elderly with her drink, she suffered from Parkinson disease and he gladly with the most imaginable attitude and without hesitation help her. Mason did not only make the moment right, he went back to the store to fix something in her drink. I applaud Mason, there are not many people who go the extra mile. I spoke to Mason, and he shared that he had just become a shift. Furthermore, I went in today, and he had the best attitude, greeting people. Good Job, Aiea Starbucks, on selecting wonderful individuals to guide others to provide the best customer experience.

Sach T.

As a whole, baristas here are very pleasant and it! My daughter introduces me to different Frappuccino's and Latte's to try. Yesterday, she ordered the Caramel Brûlée Latte for us...mmm mmm good! The taste kind of reminded me of their Caramel Macchiato. I guess I will have to go back to Starbucks today to order the Caramel Macchiato to determine the!

Jenilee C.

Yes I'm all about this drink right now. Tis the season and whether its regular or dirty(with espresso) its amazing!! This location i havent been to in a qhile but so friendly! Store set up so easy coz mobile order is right by the door. In the morning someone's basically meeting you at the door giving you yur drink or coming out even if it wasnt curbside order. Looks like many "regulars" come coz the gal knew already faces and names prior to them entering the store for pickups. Im Pretty impressed!!

Rosalia Borja

Friendly staff at this location. Drinks were good and service was quick.

Mike Morgan

All of our favorites are mixed with friendly excellence. Make sure you have a few minutes. The shop is popular

Lee-Mark R.

Really great location. Plenty of parking, super friendly staff, and not a long wait to get your drink. Highly recommend!

Victoria C.

Ok typically I wouldn't give Starbucks a review lol but I have to make one for this location because they always make my drink right and the staff is always so friendly here. This Starbucks is located in Aiea (same mall as Times) and I love that there is plenty of parking here. You would think all Starbucks are the same but I've been to a couple where my drink isn't the same. This Starbucks never disappoints so kudos to them!! Thanks for making my mornings brighter cause coffee is life lol.

April N.

I would give 5 stars everyday, since I come here everyday but today they deserve more than 5. I'm having a really bad day, just personal stuff going on and the staff here went above any beyond to deliver great customer service. My normal order is a venti iced caramel macchiato and an iced water for my hydro flask but since they were very busy when I walked in and I've worked at Starbucks before, so I know that just making that extra ice water takes up an extra 30 seconds that could go towards something else when you're busy, so I felt bad asking, but the girl making my drinks asked if I wanted my macchiato stirred, because I always get it like that, I just didn't want to ask this morning since they were super busy. And she also asked if I wanted an iced water even though I didn't order one. Since I'm having such a blah day, this extra step of kindness and service made all the difference. I wish I knew the girls name who was making the drinks this morning but I just want to say thank you! And thank you to this particular store for always providing friendly vibes !

Chez T.

I think this one of the best Starbucks on the leeward side. The store is always clean, the baristas are always helpful and friendly and the line always moves quickly. They are out of a few items and because they are a high volume store the holidays can be crazy. Located by Times, Hawaii USA federal credit union and L n L drive inn, it's a busy shopping center with lots of parking. This Starbucks is perfect for grabbing a drink while running some errands.

Jay M.

As a daily regular customer I dont appreciate your employee's rude response to an extremely minor request. I'll find another place to buy overpriced coffee. Hint - the high price is for the service and atmosphere.

Joy Roldan

Ordered 2 venti cookies and cream asked for no coffee but they put coffee i was ordering it for the kids were home when I saw it kids drunk halfway.

Dara Tabag

Good staffs

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