Thai Bistro Suksabay

Ste C2 98, 199 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea
(808) 488-2881

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Johnny J

Not the fanciest of places (a lot of the dining area is used as storage and many smaller tables are unusable)…but the food hit the spot. Great portions (had to take some home) and flavors were spot on. Fast service and friendly staff. I ordered the Spicy Pad Ped which is flavored with chili, garlic, onions, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, long beans, and fresh basil. Got the summer rolls as well. Slightly disappointed that you had to order the rice separately.

Shanelle Sutherland

Placed my takeout order over the phone. Food was ready pretty fast. Lady at the counter was polite and friendly. My green curry and mango sticky rice was super delicious and enough to feed me and one other. SUPER YUMMY, MUST TRY!

Javier Vieyra

Let me start off by saying. If you’ve never had mango sticky rice, you’ve yet to live. Fly from Wisconsin for some mango sticky rice and this place is far from disappointing! Also ordered some chicken pad Thai and beef pad see ew. Both dishes were delicious. 10/10 would recommend this place. The staff is on point. Beautiful and clean inside. Great service all around.

Teri W.

Excellent service, our waiter was Van. He was in it all the way! Their food was very tasty and delicious! We shared family style. The eggplant tofu was the BEST we ever had! The panang and green curry had just the right spice and we loved it. I would recommend this place if you want Thai food! Generous portions and BYOB with no corkage fee! A must try! Sorry we ate the eggplant before photo could be taken.

Sidney L.

Tried out a few take out dishes and was disappointed. The house fried rice was bland. The pad thai tasted weird. The chicken satay was dry and tastes weird. The food was below par of typical thai food. Will not be returning again...

Jacklyn Zacher

Had a bit of a wait, but not bad for a Friday evening. Was a bit awkward walking in as it felt like we were at someone’s house. Service was fantastic. Had the drunken noodles. Delicious! Great amount of spice. Would go back!

harvey n.

awesome papayas so good first time having papayas won't be the last. the food was good... enough for leftovers . awesome owners. good tables... felt fancy. spiffy. GOOD WATER SERVICE OH MY LORD MY WATER CUP WAS ALWAYS REFILLED. bathroom review: not a fan of the toilet paper, good smelling soap. clean counter. nice and cozy.

Boedi Didiet

The wait was only couple minutes for them to clean & setup a table. Friendly staffs. The service was very quick. The food was definitely very ono. We ordered the crispy fried chicken and vegetarian spring rolls for pupus. They were plenty and tasted very ono. The main course was the house fried rice with seafood and chicken fried noodle dish with extra tofu. We definitely will go back here.

Kaliko P.

It's more like 4-stars for the food, but it's 5-stars for the service. LOCATION: Pearl Kai shopping strip mall, two doors down from Ricado's Italian. It's in the same space that the old Champa Thai used to be. Food is nothing like Champa's though. I really miss Champa Thai. Lots of free parking on a Friday night. Just be aware that the parking spaces are narrow as heck, but free is always good. ATMOSPHERE: T-shirt and shorts kinda place. Moderately warm due to the amount of people in the place and smallish split level A/C. SERVICE: Our server's name was Van and he was lightning fast, like some kind of mythical creature. Also very funny. Very attentive. Food came out faster than fast food, and now I see why other Yelpers said the same thing. It was less than 5 minutes that our appetizers came out, and another 10 minutes before the main dish came out. FOOD: Gone are the days of "old school" Thai food, where the food presentation was equally as good as the taste; for instance, our fish patties came out on a bed of crudely chopped cabbage, and served with sweet Thai chili sauce straight out of the bottle, same for our fried chunks of calamari, served up identically. "Old school" fish patties used to be served with a side of crushed peanuts, nuoc cham sauce with shredded carrots, fresh mint sprigs and butterleaf lettuce to wrap it all together. Nope not at this place. You can't have speed and quality, and to tell you the truth, not sure if any place even serves quality like I am talking about. If anyone knows, please send me a message or mention it in a compliment. FISH PATTIES: superbly delicious and you can taste the lemon grass, but thin patties and on a bed of crudely chopped cabbage. Sweet chili sauce out of the bottle. CALAMARI: we will skip this next time. Fishy tasting chunks with thick heavy batter. On a bed of cabbage, sweet chili sauce straight outta the bottle. MASSAMUN CURRY WITH SCALLOPS: We ordered hot and boy, was it hot. I was paying all day the next day! I was hoping it was like the curries of yore, with lots of veggies and thick sauce. This was thin and watery, with a few green beans tossed in with scallops, was more like a soup. I threw the chopped cabbage from the two appetizers into the hot curry to make it more like a curry and less like a soup. The heat from the curry cooked the cabbage enough to make the curry more substantial. Taste was good, but the consistency was disappointing. Not sure if we will order this again. STICKY RICE: pretty good, came in smallish bamboo steam baskets. BEEF FRIED RICE: Take out with a large amount, very flavorful. Loved that the restaurant made sure the oil from the rice (vegetable oil BTW, not peanut oil) didn't soak through the paper take out container by lining it with foil, which was thoughtful! BOOZE: You can bring your own booze, which is very nice. No "corkage fee" which I think is totally stupid anyway. BILL: About $61.00 without tip, for two apps, two sticky rice, one curry and one takeout fried rice. RETURN FACTOR: yes, but without the calamari this time. May want to try a noodle dish vs a curry dish next time. And will skip the very spicy stuff unless I'm not working the next day and have quick access to Pepto Bismol and a bathroom.

Robert H.

Excellent food, awesome staff and great ambiance. This hidden gem has the best Thai food on the island.

Andy S.

Pleasantly affirmed the former Champa Thai is even better. Fresh and tasty with good service, ample portions and nice presentation. Owner and family are attentive and aim to please and accommodate substitutions and preferences. Vegan Summer rolls, eggplant and tofu, veg&tofu noodle dishes all very good and spiced to your desired level. Clean and nice. When in Pearl area, great place for great meal.

Lennon W.

I tried almost everything on the menu, and it was pretty good. I wasn't expecting my spring rolls to be... FRIED, but it was good. The pineapple fried rice is soooooo good. Only 4 stars though, because, the spring rolls were kinda flavorless (no offense) but, the sever guy was nice.

Ethan N.

I've got to say, this is probably one of the best Thai food restaurants that I have ever had in a long time. Great service from the staff and even greater food! I was on vacation from the California Bay Area and I have never seen a restaurant like this where I am from. The food is just so good that my family went there twice. It's also a 30 minute drive from our hotel so you can tell how much we wanted to eat it. On our first night when we arrived we ordered curry and noodle dishes. By God, that was one of the most flavorful and creamiest curries that I have ever had. Each bite was bursting with flavor. The noodle dishes were just as delightful. The noodles had a nice and smoky umami flavor that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It was so good that my family needed to have it again the next day even though we were on a tight schedule. We arrived at around 12:40 and needed to check in at a location by 1:30. The service overheard us talking about how much of a rush we were in and offered to get us our on the fly! I sat there wondering if 10 minutes would be considered fast or not but to my surprise, the waiter was walking to our table with our dishes FIVE MINUTES after we ordered!!! I was completely mind blown and in a state of shock and awe! The family was thinking about have fast food for lunch instead but decided that the Thai restaurant would be good. We ended up mocking fast food restaurants and how we not only got our food in the same time as a fast food restaurant but how the taste was at least 100 times better. This is my insight on this restaurant and a real "must try" if you enjoy a nice and authentic Asian taste!

Cencera M.

My boyfriend and I have been trying to find a good Thai restaurant close to home, and I'm glad we finally tried this place. We got the Pad Seiew, Yellow curry with sticky rice, and spring rolls. They were all super good! 10/10 would recommend for folks in Aiea and the surrounding areas.

F. G.

Totally worth it to drive from Kaka’ako.Friendly staff, clean and comfortable restaurant, but a mostly “ delicious “ meal.I order chili vegetarian fried rice and vegetarian yellow curry. I have a Thai restaurant favorite in the city, but this one is my “NUMBER 1” from now on! I met another happy customer who drove from Waikiki.I recommend this place to anyone who enjoys real authentic Thai cuisine. The prices are also very good!Bon Appetite ?

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