Tita's Grill

99-500 Salt Lake Blvd, Aiea
(808) 293-2225

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Esther S.

When in Oahu, this is a great place for gift buying. Lots of vendors. Mostly the same stuff at each booths, but the prices differ and you can also bargain. It's a dollar to enter per person and there is plenty of parking. Bring cash. Most vendors only take cash.

Jean T.

Such a cool place to shop. Lots of deals. Here is where you can find anything you're looking for. From snorkel gear to cloths and jewelry. Opens at 6:30 am. Go early to beat the crowds. $1 per person to enter.

B Z.

This is the best place to get inexpensive tshirts, sarongs and dresses. There seemed to be less vendors when I went yesterday (Wednesday). I was able to find what I was looking for quickly. There was plenty of parking and the stadium was easy to access. Bring a hat and some water because it gets pretty hot!

Veronica V.

So much fun to go to.. lots to see, buy, eat! Definitely recommend for all your souvenirs, snacks, and just to have a fun time shopping and/or window shopping.

xiya l.

I love shopping at a bargain! Hawaii souvenirs can be really expensive in waikiki so if you have a car it's totally worth it to go and stock up on souvenirs. be sure to shop around as prices vary. i find that the shops towards the back have better prices than the ones closer to the gate. for example, my gf paid $15 for a coconut close to the entrance and i waited and only paid $6. on sundays it opens at 6:30am. it is a mixture of vendors and people just selling their stuff like at a yard sale so theres something for everyone. it is $1 per person to enter.

Anna Arts Neumiller

This place is amazing! The food is delicious and the people are so friendly and kind. There’s lots of parking and seating and it was one of my favorite meals on the island.

Jill J.

Lots of vendors and it was fun to browse/buy from the locals. I was able to buy gifts to bring back home with me.

Sam M.

Any time we do Hawaii we plan our trip around this swap meet. If we go during the week we make sure Wednesday is left open for swap meet & if we go on the weekend we make sure Saturday is left open for swap meet. We stop here for our favorite tent, LINS lol. The candy they sell in the chain stores be really robbing us so we come to swap meet for all our Li Hing Mui Needs LOL they won't let us come home without it. Lin's use to be in the first row like middle area, and so when we went this time I couldn't find them I got hella sad, we walked the second row going back to our car and boom almost near the beginning where we started we ran into them!!! So so happy! There are two tents that sell Samoan motif patterned ofus & material, they're both in the second row lol. I really am saying this to encourage more Samoan business vendors to get out there lol. The middle has some food options. We're from San Diego so it was funny to us seeing a tent sell nachos and it was simple compared to what we're use to. I really encourage the owners of that ten to visit a Swap Meet in San Diego where people I personally know and I, go to swap meet just for nachos! It's such a good idea! The best thing about the swap meet is you could bargain. You never have to settle for the price given & to all the tourist, please stop getting your souvenirs at the ABC stores, cause they ain't got shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiznit on Swap Meet!

Chanel M.

Definitely a must visit for both tourists and locals. I went by on Wednesday to find some souvenirs and gifts. In these post-COVID times there weren't as many vendors as I recall them having when I last visited a few years ago but it was still a good selection. The entry per vehicle was $1 and I suggest coming with some cash in hand since many don't accept cards, however, there are ATMs on-site. There are several food and snack vendors/trucks as well. Great place to find bargains!

Janelle D.

I've gone here a few times as a kid but as an adult I like to bargain with my purchases to get the best of what I'm buying. Also the swap meet will have most of the same things so if you see a booth with a lower price bargain! Here's some tips to help you get the best out of your experience! It's a must to come in right when they open! Shop with a souvenir list ready and cash enough out for Exact prices for easier purchases. Talk to the vendors and ask questions. Most likely they'll like you and will give you a good deal. Jewelry is a place you can haggle prices especially if you're doing a bundle. Buy a souvenir bag or backpack, or a luggage to put all your souvenir purchases and personal items in for easier buying. When buying coconuts from a vendor you must go back to the same vendor that opened your coconut ( other vendors find it offensive when they have to open another vendors coconut) Definitely sunblock and shoes for a comfortable walk in the market.

Klemens T.

I still love coming to the swap meet since I was a little kid. I loved the Kam swap meet the best, but they closed down a few years ago, but a lot of the same vendors practically moved to the Aloha Stadium side. Aloha Stadium will give you the flea market experience for tourists who can buy cheap basic local clothing and souvenirs like what you find from an ABC Store or the garage sale type where everyones trash is someones treasure or even a few farmers market-like tents that sale food and/or produce. On a sunny day, it'll be hot so either put sunscreen on, bring an umbrella, or just eat the sunburn lol. They do swap meets on weekends, holidays, and Wednesdays, but I find that Sundays is the largest and busiest. The best times are between 8am-12pm otherwise depending on the vendors, they'll pack up and leave for the day. The parking lot is of course huge so you'll never have a problem. Everyone that I ran into are friendly and they'll bargain with you if say something.

Hoe K.

Brought some family here and the venders were just as cool as the products. Parking wasn't really a problem either--highly recommend this swap meet.

kent h.

It was really fun when we went. Got some great shirts and saw some interesting stuff. There's your standard junky swap meet stuff there too, of course. The shave ice we got wasn't the most authentic - more of a State Faire sno-cone. Fun spot though.

Hannah L.

Updated 1/3/2021: Still the best with UPDATED DAYS AND HOURS!!! Currently open EVERY SATURDAY, SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY FROM 8:00am - 2:00pm. Most vendors are fully set up around 8:00 am but you can come before 8:00 to check out the garage sale vendors. If you come at noon, you WILL NOT have time to leisurely shop. Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace is a MUST VISIT for tourists and locals alike. This is not your average "swap meet." Since the closing of Kam Swap Meet (Aiea) in March 2017, Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is now even bigger and better than ever before!!! Please be aware that on severe bad weather days like all day heavy rain (rare), there are fewer vendors. Days/Hours vary on Holidays, during Christmas and on UH Football days at the Stadium. Best to call for more info: 808-486-6704 TIPS: BRING WATER to stay hydrated - most days are really hot! Eat breakfast or lunch before or after you come here or you can bring food to eat here. If not, there is plenty of hot food, snacks and fruits/coconuts to keep you full and hydrated. Vendors are prohibited from selling bottled water. Best to WEAR SUNSCREEN. Most people will get some degree of sunburn with no sunscreen. Remember, this is outdoors so you will be in the sun and it gets hot! You don't know you have sunburn until the next day. A hat or umbrella is also helpful and wear comfortable walking shoes since you'll be doing a lot of walking. Avoid wearing polyester or black clothing since both tend to retain the sun's heat more. BRING A SHOPPING BAG or BACKPACK to carry all your purchases or buy one for 15¢. Hawaii's Plastic Bag Ban: "Effective July 1, 2018, businesses may provide, at the point of sale, reusable bags, compostable plastic bags, or recyclable paper bags for the purpose of transporting groceries or other merchandise provided they charge the customer a minimum of 15¢ per bag." Also, consolidate all your bags so you don't lose anything. It's easy to put something down and forget to grab it when you leave. BRING CASH! All vendors accept cash while only some vendors accept debit and/or credit cards. Just ask if you want to charge a purchase. If you need more cash, there are ATMs located around the marketplace and by section 7 near the bathrooms. BEST TIME to arrive is about 8:00 am. You can shop until 11:00 am or noon and then go get lunch. Yes, it can take you 3 hrs to complete the circle but 2 hrs should be enough time. An hour goes by super fast because there's so much to see and buy! DO NOT COME AT NOON (12:00 pm) if you want time to shop. Some people come as early as 5:00 pm to get the garage sale deals however, most vendors won't be fully set up until about 8:00 am. If you come after 12:00 pm, you won't have much time to shop and you'll feel rushed. Shoppers are disappointed when they come at noon thinking they can shop leisurely but most vendors are packing up, some are closed and others have already left. All vendors must be off the premises by 3:00 pm and it takes time to pack up. If you see something you really like or if it's unique, JUST BUY IT! After all, you are here to shop. If you miss it, it'll be hard to find again and especially not for the low price you first saw it. BUY WHAT YOU NEED and/or want while you are here - do not waste your time! Do not think you can "look around first, and then come back around to buy it." You may not be able to find the same vendor or you'll either run out of time to go back or be too hot, too tired, too hungry, too thirsty, too rushed, too irritated or all of the above! hahaha Trust me on this one. PROS: -BIGGEST and BEST "swap meet", flea market and open market -Other open markets pale in comparison to this one -TONS of free parking -Entry fee is only $1 per person 12 yrs old and up -Shops are well set up, very organized and clean -FUN and SAFE shopping experience -TONS of BRAND NEW and UNIQUE items -Don't be afraid to ask questions as vendors are happy to help -THE BEST and LOWEST prices compared t

Kathy A.

This review is for the Alohaland Christmas lights only! Got to the stadium Salt Lake mall side entrance which is where the check in and the drive through actually begins. Getting our QR code when making the online reservation, we were a party of four for this adventure. Reservation for 7:00 pm, rolled down the window with mask on, code scanned and we were off! The reservation states five but there were a number of vans with at least eight wee ones giggling and laughing all the way though. It was so delightful to see them glued to the windows and hanging out too. Doesn't move fast so there's plenty of time to snap photos on both sides of your car. No one honked if you stopped for a minute to get the best photo op. Everyone was here for a dose of holiday cheer. It took us 30 minutes to traverse the entire track. I believe you can go through twice if you like but check with the gate upon entering. At the end there was also a place to buy food but needs to be ordered on line I believe. Well worth the fee.

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