Aiea L&L Hawaii BBQ

Next to Starbucks, 99-115 Aiea Heights Dr #145, Aiea
(808) 486-0577

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Brice B.

Got the chicken Katsu curry. Barely any curry inside, chicken katsu is soggy from the curry and the rice doesn't taste fresh. Losing faith in this place, next time I'll just go to curry house.

Maritess C.

Hubby, daughter and myself came here for a late dinner to go since there's no dine in here. I parked right in front. There's a few spaces and it's right next to Starbucks. Hubby got me and daughter a saimin burger. The burger consisted of a meat patty, lettuce, an over easy egg that was cooked fully and a bbq sauce drenched inside. The outside is consisted of saimin noodles. This was filling and delicious. I would definitely order this again. I do enjoy their French fries. I'm so glad it's located close by. Hubby didn't wait too long for his food.

Sach T.

My husband loves Beef Stew. He tried it at different places but likes it here the best so when he tells me he feels like eating stew, I know it's this L & L. Their stew is very tasty, they're generous with the meat and they add 1 potato and 1 carrot with lots of gravy. For me, I order different items because I haven't found a favorite yet. This time, I ordered the Beef Curry. It was good but a bit spicy...never had spicy curry before. It's like the Beef Stew where there's a lot of meat with 1 potato and 1 carrot with lots of gravy. It's not my favorite so will keep trying to find one. FYI: I'm posting pics of their menu but the prices changed except the specials on their board.

Allen Funtanilla

More selection than other l&l's

Brian Saul

My first time to Hawaii and I wanted some local food. L&L was amazing! Great food and friendly staff. I'm definitely coming back to try other dishes.

Sierra Roath

Loco moco was soo good also their chicken katsu was amazing!

Sharon S.

If you put Mahi-mahi on the menu, please put it in the plate! I ordered and paid for mahi-mahi but got Swai... upset about paying 15.65 for this crap! BBQ chicken and swai for 15.65 what a ripoff! First and last time!

Nayeli Ortiz

Horrible service!

Barbara D.

My loco moco was bland. The hamburger patties were thin like Mcdonald's burger patties. It had no flavor and was just smothered with gravy which also didn't have much taste. For paying over $12, I expected more flavor. The mac salad also was plain. Maybe I won't order the loco moco next time. The only plus was that they give you a cute bag to put your meal in. They have a variety of dishes to choose from so maybe I chose the wrong one. I like how they have a healthy menu so I'll choose that if I ever come back.

Kazu T.

Garlic shrimp healthy choice is really good. Tasty and very filling. Shrimp has great taste and has no butter. More a fried with garlic vice a sautéed butter garlic taste. It should come with a free drink but a few times I was charged for the medium drink. Maybe if you don't eat the brown rice or use dressing it will be low calories.

Dirk Waldrop

Great local food. Quick service and cold drinks are a bonus. If you come visit the USS Arizona memorial, stop by here on your way out of the park.

Dan T.

I picked up a quick lunch from L & L a couple of days ago. I ordered the mini Lemon Chicken plate with all brown rice. I was trying to make my order just a bit healthier. Hindsight being 20/20 I should have ordered it with brown rice and a tossed solid instead of all brown rice... maybe next time. It's been awhile since I had lunch at L & L, so I was surprised at the amount of food you get for the price. The lemon chicken was very good. My go to back in the day used to be their chicken katsu, but I prefer the battered chicken they use for their lemon chicken to the breaded chicken they use for their chicken katsu. I also prefer their lemon sauce to their katsu sauce. I don't mind the sweet lemon sauce, because the acid from the lemon cuts through the sweetness a bit. However, when it comes to katsu sauce, I prefer a a more ketchup based sauce and not the sweat sour one they serve at L & L., so I guess the lemon chicken will be my new go to going forward.


Their price is cheapest ong L&L store in Pearl City and Aiea area. For example, small pan of chicken katsu is about $1.50 cheaper than the Pearl City one.

Eric Leung

This particular L&L was a disappointment to order from. There was no one in the restaurant during CV19 but I ended up waiting over 10 minutes for a lemon chicken plate. It had a lot of batter on it.

Michael Aho

A Hawaiian Locals staple. Check out the chain at any of their restaurants.

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