Aloha Confectionery

1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu
(808) 943-8550

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Allen Leong

Great place for high quality deserts. Good selection of macarons and cookies.

Kimberly C.

Conveniently located at Ala Moana Shopping Center, this bakery has a variety of sweets and treats! I've come in many times before to purchase their pre-packaged shortbread cookie boxes. Sadly they don't carry those cookies anymore, but I was able to find other delectable treats. I ordered a box of cupcakes to share with my family. I got cotton candy, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate cream cheese, and red velvet. All the cupcakes were beautifully decorated. I tried the cup chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting and it was so decadent! My family really enjoyed the other flavors of the cupcakes too. As I was paying for my cupcakes I noticed the trays of huge macaroons in the display case! I will definitely need to come back to try some macaroons and cookies! Happy eating!

Nori Z.

First off, when you walk into this small shop, you are hit with a delicious smell that already makes you want to buy whatever they have. Aloha Confectionary has so m different flavors of cookies every day and I they make it fresh that morning. If you want a specific cookie, I suggest you look at their instagram (they post for the next day after they close every day) and find out what flavors are going to be available. Then, go in the morning because once they sell out, they don't restock. From Aloha Confectionery, I got two monster cookies: the brown butter chocolate chip and the matcha Oreo cookie. They don't look too big in the display case, but once they hand it to you, they look HUGE and they're HEAVY. The brown butter chocolate chip cookie is filled with SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE. It was very decadent and rich. The matcha Oreo cookie had a good, strong matcha taste that a was happily surprised with. It also had so many Oreos in it! All in all, Aloha Confectionery was very tasty and I would come here again!

Faye S

Their cookies are too pretty to eat and they're huge ? great place for cookie monster like me ????

Chelsey C.

My new spot for delicious goodies!! everything from their cookies, to their chubby macs and cupcakes. Everything has been a hit in our house! I can't pick a favorite because everything has been amazing. You can place an order ahead of time through their DM's on IG. They're always so courteous and friendly which is just the icing on the cake. I love this local business and will continue to frequent them in the future.

Rob B.

There are some real treats here like the Churro Cookie that is the size of a childs head! Some of the overgrown sweets are "a but much" if I can say that with a straight face. But the Churro is so well cooked and evenly made, it's difficult to stop eating. The diminutive by comparison, cup cakes can't entice me. The Mega-roons make a big splash as well. I am going to dedicate myself to further research.

Patricia B.

I love love love this shop. Their chubby macarons are everything! They have a rewards program so be sure to get a stamp card because you will be coming back. The cookies are huge. If there was a negative it would be their hours are very diverse so it's hard to get but that might be what makes them so desirable.

Katherine L.

Their cookies are AMAZING! Perhaps the BEST cookies my bf and I ever had. They are located by Ala Moana Target on the 3rd floor.

The cookies are HUGE and BOMB! 1+ inch thick and PACKED WITH YUMMY GOODIES. Definitely worth the price (I think about $4.55 per cookie).  We got the:
*matcha Oreo cheesecake
*chocolate churros poptart
* caramel s'mores
ALL were ONO, and worth getting again. SOFT and a bit GOOEY in the middle, and the sweetness is WELL-BALANCED.  

Service was super friendly, and they are dog friendly as they let me bring my furbabies in (I asked beforehand). They post on IG their cookie, cupcake and scone flavors the night before, so I preordered via IG Message and my cookies were ready in a nice box for me (it was way heavier than expected). The individual packaging is cute and simple, but effective.

It's now our absolute go-to spot to get our cookie fix. Definitely check this place out!

Teiya-Rose D.

Let me just say that Aloha Confectionery is hands down the most tasty confectionery you will find on Oahu!! Out of all the bakeries, dessert places, candy shops, I will start religiously stopping at Ala Moana just to fulfill my sweet tooth.

This year, Aloha Confectionery made my birthday very very special.

Their cupcakes are TO DIE FOR... their flavor is on point and their icing??? Let me not even get started with that. I don't know exactly how they do it but it's MAGICAL. So creamy, so tasty, and not that overwhelming sweet that most people dread about icing. Their cookies are so creative and the perfect texture.

Also their staff is just as sweet as their products. I absolutely love Aloha Confectionery and I just can't wait to get my hands on some more sweets at their shop again!


I placed a surprise order for my niece’s birthday and boy were we both blown away by how amazing everything looked! I’m in Houston, Tx so obviously all I could do was salivate over FaceTime and pictures. My niece was in love with the cupcakes! She stated they were to die for and the best she ever had! The macaroons were perfect and full of flavor! Cookies and scones were so yummy too! Mahalo nui loa Aloha Confectionery for going above and beyond to assist me in making my niece’s birthday a sweet one! I am definitely paying y’all a visit on my next trip home! May God bless you all!

Karen C.

I truly found joy at Aloha Confectionary. I'm a huge fan of matcha, and they make the best matcha cookies I've ever had! My favorite is their matcha cheesecake cookie, but they also have winners like: PB chocolate cheesecake crunch, cinnamon roll poptart, Azuki (red bean) matcha crumble, pumpkin cheesecake (a popular fall flavor) or valhrona chocolate.

They release their flavors on instagram the day before, and to guarantee that you get the one you want (because they do sell out), I recommend pre-ordering by DM-ing them on instagram! They always come out with new flavors and rotate flavors periodically. Sometimes I've only seen a flavor come out once (which is why when you see a flavor you want, don't wait!) and sometimes they bring back a flavor.

Why I love these cookies so much: so big, with good cookie crunch on the outside and super soft and melt-in-your-mouth goodness in the middle. It's a similar to cookie dough usually in the center. The cheesecake flavors are rich and creamy.

Super convenient to head to the rooftop parking to go in and out!

The owners is so nice and started recognizing me! When she's there I don't even have to say my name or anything; she'll just grab my order. I love this place so much.

Rachel W.

I find myself trying to get to Aloha Confectionery randomly during the week just for a pick me up. And every weekend because, well... I deserve it! And we all deserve those little pleasures that bring happiness right now.

If I were a snack, I'd be a Chubby Macaron. Sweet, colorful, pillowy bites of perfection. You know how one macaron just isn't enough? (Am I alone here?) Well, one Chubby Macaron is enough. They're definitely worth the price (but you might as well walk away with two or three since you're there?) My favorite flavor so far has been Banana Pudding.

I'm also a big fan of the Monster Cookies. The s'mores flavor is just too sweet too handle -- in the best way possible. And even their tamer, more classic flavors, like the Chocolate Chip Walnut, are delicious. And huge -- as big as your head. Definitely lives up to its name!

I always drop in for a Chubby Macaron and a Monster Cookie and it runs me about $7. Not bad at all! There are also individually packaged scones you can pick up too.

The shop is adorable and the staff are always friendly -- despite seeming to be short-handed. It always looks like there's only one person working, so be patient while waiting in line! You can even place pre-orders on Instagram @alohaconfectionery.

tania s.

Long overdue update to my initial gem discovery.  I visit Aloha Confectionary each time I'm in the islands.  Most creative confectionary, constantly batching unique concepts made to perfection.  Even the taro chips are a must try.  Cookies sell out quickly so direct message via Instagram well in advance.  I would say this is my all time favorite cookie shop in the USA.

Rhea A.

Cut back on the sugar for the New Year? Negative. I made no such resolution for 2021. Why would I, with Aloha Confectionery around? They are located in Ala Moana, on the 3rd level near Target and their treats are to die for. Walking in the store alone and taking in the smell of the fresh baked goods is one of the best things about going there.

They sell cookies, macarons, scones, gummy candy, and so much more. I've only had their cookies and macarons, and Delgona Crunch Latte, but frankly, they're all I need. I have no doubt the store would do well selling those alone.

Their cookies are huge, heavy, and SO decadent. The weight of each cookie has got to be at least a pound, possibly two, and the cookie is large enough to share between 2 or 3 people. Well, normal people...not sweet-toothed gluttons like myself.

My favorite cookies are Triple Chocolate, Brown Butter Chocolate Chip, Crème Brûlée, and Cookie Butter Fluff.  If you're a chocolate chip cookie lover, the Triple Chocolate is for you. It's basically a chocolate chip cookie on steroids and is so, SO good. Brown Butter Chocolate Chip is basically a chocolate chip cookie (not as many chocolate chips as the Triple Chocolate), with chunks of brown butter in the middle. The Crème Brûlée is filled with cream and topped with the crunchy topping that's found on the normal crème brûlée. They created a great flavor combo with the Cookie Butter Fluff because the cookie is filled with chunks of crispy cookie butter, and topped with marshmallow fluff. They have a bunch of other flavors that I plan to try.

They don't only do their cookies big, but also go big on the macarons. Hence the name, "Chubby Macarons." They macarons are exactly how they should be, crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. The filling is a bit over the top, but in a good way.

They rotate the flavors of their cookies, macarons, and cupcakes often and post the daily flavors on their Instagram account. On another note, they also have savory items on their menu like Avocado Toast, and Korean Style Chicken Toast, and Garlic Cheese Bomb. I hope they stay open for many years to come. Hint: Go and pay them a visit, support local, and keep them in business during this COVID season and beyond.

Irene M.

If you eat with your eyes these beauties will capture your heart with fresh baked cookies, cupcakes and macarons you just rarely see in the convenience of the mall. Aloha Confectionery is located on the upper level at the Target wing area and is open daily except on Monday's.

The flavors of their baked goods to rotate from what I understand and you can keep updated on it by following them on Instagram. I did pick up a scone for a friend but did treated myself to chubby macarons (Omg I'm excited!) and iced tea.

I got 5 chubby macarons (Caramel Macchiato, Lilikoi, Ice Cream, Green Tea mochi and Cinnamon sugar). The shell or feet they call them was more for looks with the color to represent the flavors it's presenting and the cream is where it all comes together. The cream is not what I'm used to it's more stiff and thick but incredibly delicious for sure. It is on the sweet side which is why I decided on a iced tea to balance it all.  I decided on Blue Hawaiian (pineapple, coconut, passion tea, sparkling drink, and butterfly pea flower tea) well it was absolutely refreshing!! It looked like a gorgeous sunset with purple and yellow gradient colors my eyes and heart was definitely smiling.

Staff seemed overwhelmed which I felt horrible so I shut down my indecisiveness and stoped asking questions. Cute place wished it had seating to take it all in since there really isn't any out around the mall but lovely treats for sure, thank you!!

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