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Hi I saw this on twitter and I posted this in the tips and answers but I'm going to share it as a review too! The twitter post said this was from aunty herself and to contact [email protected] if you guys would like to help support ! The tweet I found this picture on was posted Aug 1, 2019 btw

Everything was very clean! We loved the food and the size of the dish was huge. The price was definitely worth for that portion size of ramen. Also, when it comes to pricing, it does vary through the soup selection and toppings you select. In other words, it's dependent on the weight of your toppings and the soup of your price. Not to worry though! It's an easy and fast process! Service was fast and friendly. Aunty also gave us a complimentary dessert bowl , thank full review
Called 808-946-8686 Phone line disconnected, co-worker said that they are closed. [Aunty used to own Sweet Home Cafe and sold it...then opened Aunty's Ramen.] Got this info from fellow yelper LN. check her review too! "Hi I'm not related or associated w aunty's ramen but i just wanted to tell u that Sweet home cafe has made a lawsuit against Aunty's ramen. Last court date is December 9 according to a post made by Aunty. If you would like to show support full review

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