Fook Lam Seafood Restaurant

100 N Beretania St, Honolulu
(808) 523-9168

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Davina Sanders

Simply wonderful Had any easy check-in with my vax card while my niece uploaded their convenient vax Q scan code (quick and simple) ? The ladies were hospitable and amazingly helpful despite the language barrier ? We ordered delicious dim sum and more...chives dumplings, chives pancake, tripe, spicy chicken feet, and rice noodle roll (look fun) ??? Felt like I was transported to Hong Kong ?(Note: Park in the leveled parking - it's safe and affordable. Let the parking gatekeeper know you're a first time visitor and you may get 1 hour parking for free. Also, remember to get your validation card from the restaurant before leaving for a discount parking price ($1/HR) ? Enjoy ???

Curtis Lee

In my humble opinion, best dim sum spot on island of oahu.Fresh selection of dim sum ranging from chicken feet, ha gow, siu mai, char siu baos of course.Ladies are always quick to bring out the newest items so don't hesitate cuz they will sell out quick.If you're not feeling it, just politely say no thank u and they'll move on to the next table.Best xiao long baos. Aka 'soup dumplings'Order this first when u get there cuz sometimes it takes a few minutes.

Trever Wolverton

Clean, friendly authentic seafood dining, special respect was a bit shy, but everyone was wearing masks. Asia is different on spacial distance respect. Us westerners are more aware of our bubble, its bigger as were not super overpopulated as the east is. Its called birth control. But a anyways, it's a fine experience otherwise.

Brenda L.

Definitely my FAVORITE dim sum place ever. I've been coming here ever since I was a little girl and love the food. The service is amazing. I love the owner as she is so sweet and friendly. The food is always fresh and delicious every time. I highly recommend this restaurant to everyone!

Howard Nguyen

The service is quick and they will have your table full of food within minutes. The servers are nice and will accommodate you and your group well. There aren't any lines in the morning and that is a huge win if you're in the mood for dim sum.

Amanda O.

Not much to say, but yum! Make sure to make a reservation if you can. We had a group of 8, most of whom had never had yum cha. They speak English well for those that don't know about the food cart options. My fave are the look fun, shaomai, ba bao, xiao long bao. Next time I want to try the sheng jian bao

Toni R.

Now , that I've given up on Jade Dynasty, I'm on the prowl for a new dim sum place. I decided to persevere through the hassle of driving from Mililani to Chinatown just to satisfy my craving. I figured I would treat this day as a gastronomic adventure and sample dim sum from Fook Lam, cake noodles from Lee Ho Fook, and manapuas from Royal Kitchen all in one trip. After parking at the cultural center and traversing the pee infested stairs of the parking garage, I made my way to my first stop, Fook Lam. When I first walked in, a server asked me if I wanted a table. When I told her I was ordering food to-go, she abruptly turned around and left. I thought she was going to grab a menu for me, but she never came back. After waiting for 5 minutes, the hostess walked to the front and I was able to flag her down. Remember, Chinese restaurants are not known for their social graces, so rude customer service is to be expected. I placed an order for 3 pork shumai and 3 hargow. Each order now come with 3 pieces. I was told there would be a wait so I told her I will come back. I had to hit up the two other places on my list anyway. My food was packaged in a styrofoam container and outfitted in a tightly sealed plastic bag. It was packaged so nicely that I never even thought about opening the container to make sure they got my order correct. Unfortunately, when I got home, I realized that they shorted me one order of shumai (3 pieces). I double checked my receipt and sure enough, I was charged for it, but just never received it. Well, that sucks. On to the food... The shumai was a tad too sweet for me. The hargow was good, but not anything special. Conclusion... The probability of me returning to this establishment is slim to none because when I tally the hassle of driving to Chinatown, coupled with rude customer service, just ok food, and being cheated out of 3 pieces of shumai, it's just not worth it.

Gail U.

7-11-2021 Dim sum for breakfast? Truly delightful! Thanks to Yelp Elites Jo and Rod for enlightening us to Fook Lam. We arrived just before 8:30 a.m. and there was no line. We were seated immediately, the lady said middle table and pointed in that direction. Right away plates, tea cups, napkins and chopsticks were brought by another lady who had a rousing Good morning, how are you? Nice reception. Two ladies especially were very polite and said Thankyou to us when we ordered a dish and when we replied Thankyou. We only had to ask for mustard dishes. The best part was every time a new item came out from the kitchen we were offered it pretty much the first- still steaming hot, and so fresh. We got to taste it before they were put into a cart. Their bun offerings were so soft. The shrimp filling was dense and good. The gin dui was cut as soon as it arrived allowing the steam to escape. Service was speedy. They asked first and were not offended at all if we said no to the next arrivals that kept coming out of the kitchen. I did want to try the booke tripe but was already quite full. Next time. It's great that they provide hot tea. Why not 5 stars? Sad to say but No char siu bao, just chicken bao. The turnip cake arrived without XO sauce. I ordered 2 mochi dishes- one wrapped with lotus leaf and one with meat filling that never arrived. Also the soup dumplings from another lady that didn't arrive. They informed us coming but to no avail. Not sure what happened since we told the lady who brought the plates in the beginning. She wrote something in back of the card they stamp on when you select an item. Unable to understand, speak or read Chinese we were at a loss. Nevertheless, Everything tasted good only the beef chow fun noodles looked great but was a bit bland. When we arrived, Several tables behind us were already filled. By the time we left, the restaurant was full. There were also patrons picking up phone orders or waiting for walk in orders. Validation of your parking ticket is available. The restaurant faces the river by the tall structure the pigeons call home. We need to come again. Their menu is extensive. I'd chose dine in again so everything is enjoyed hot and just out of the kitchen.

Chris Y.

My favorite dim sum stop hands down. It's located in Chinese Cultural Plaza on ewa-makai side (entrance faces river). Validated flat rate parking available; lot entrance on Maunakea Street. You must order XLB, taro puffs, harm siu gok, mochi rice, short ribs funn. For dessert, get the jin dui, especially if it's available when freshly fried. My dear friend nominated it best jin dui for good reasons: puffy, crispy outside, and not greasy. It was quite crowded on my most recent visit. Glad to see FL has survived the COVID shutdown.

Siliala C.

Our 1st visit... Excellent Flavors! We arrived before the lunch rush and was seated right away. We had a rush of waitresses offering many kinds of dim sum. I felt so rushed our table filled up so fast and I didn't get to order their hot pot and the custard bao and I didn't take much photos. I'll definitely go back for my top 3 dishes this visit: shrimp & chives har gow, pork bean curd roll, pan fried look funn w/XO Sauce. I'll pass on the siu mai & the half moon. Oh and that cucumbers that I don't have a photo of is a must. Always support local... Happy Eating!

Buddy Zach

Delicious fresh dim sum! The best congee in the world though! Soupy Shanghai soup dumplings too that have the right salty level for me.

Denice Keliikoa

Yummy dim sum. Tried the soup dim sum, like their pork hash better.

Jayde Le

Coming from California I had low expectations since we have dim sum all the time here however we were pleasantly surprised at how good everything was

Crystal R.

Looking for some legit dim sum? You found it right here! Tucked away in the Chinese Cultural Plaza of Chinatown, is this amazing destination filled with delicious savory dim sum. My friend and I came to this place on a weekend and unfortunately, we faced the hard truth of why this place is a favorite spot as the waiting time was over 30 minutes. Since we unfortunately were unable to attend that day, our craving for dim sum carried over to the next day which was more convenient for us as the wait time was only 10 minutes. To reserve for a spot, you'll need to speak to the hostess at the door and she will issue you a number. Once we got in, the servers where there ready to feed us with what they had to offer. And as usual, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs; every chance the servers were at our table showcasing what they had, we couldn't decline their offer and took what they had. One dish I had my eye out for was the xiao long bao (soup dumpling) and lucky for me, they had it as a special that day (score!). Once it arrived at our table, I couldn't help myself but to taste this delightful dish. Although I may have burned my tongue from the soup (note to self: patience is a virtue), it left a wonderful savory taste which was balanced out by the sauce. Another favored dish was the ha gau (steamed shrimp dumpling) as they were cooked perfectly with the right amount of savory. Now we couldn't finish off without some desserts which included custard buns and jin dui which provided a light sweet note and paired well with the house tea. Overall, I can see why this place is always busy with the locals and tourists. The service was on point; always making sure that we got food on the table (although it was extremely hard for me to tell them no because everything looked good). And the food is super delicious! Moral of the story: Be patient, come with an empty stomach, and you'll leave happy (and most likely with a bag of left overs).

Ling Lo

I have tried dim sum at several restaurants in this China Town. This is the best dim sum of all. They serve mostly locals and have the real dim sum, by pushing the little buggies around. The food also has the best flavor of all. While the lady servers are not the friendliest of all, that is not an issue for me. The little steamed buns (小籠包) is the best I have had for a very long time! Note that the restaurant decoration is just OK. If you want nicely decorated restaurants, you may prefer somewhere else.

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