Jack In The Box

4510 Salt Lake Blvd, Honolulu
(808) 487-2423

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Tony Combs

Monster tacos are great. Very expensive for the triple stack hamburger. The burger patties are very small. The sauce is good. But, you want a fill of meat. Get the McDonald's double quarter pounder fries and large coke. Hate the curly fries. You always get a few good fries and get the rest is of burnt odds and ends.Food: 3/5

Jim Hayes

The southwest chicken salad is surprisingly good.

Russell Minobe

Carry out orders take long.Food: 4/5

Trey K.

Today while I was ordering my lunch they missed up my order and the lack of communication was terrible the lady the gave me my order was hard of hearing I kept saying medium drink I repeated it many of times I got upset and then she gave me my medium drink

Sheila D.

I ordered my food and remember that I don't want any cheese on my taco or sauce, the cashier seemed to not like that and proceeded to talk about me I let that one slide then I was placing my drink on the table lost my gripe the soda went all over the place and it was at that minute she really talked about me called me stupid in her language I understood her I let her know too and I told her it was an accident and that she needed not talk about me. I shall never buy anything from this Jack in the box again, there are other fast food that will gladly take my money and treat me right.

Kathy R.

Stopped here recently on my way home for breakfast. This review is mainly about their app. I have been using their app for awhile & like the ease of use, which is what I did for this order. The best part of the app is the Prepare Now button once you pay. That way your food is sitting there under the heat lamps drying out or on the counter getting cold. I also like when they have exclusive offers. But lately, they've very few or not any. They used to periodically have a 10% off but now that comes far & few between. Also, sometimes the app is down for that location & the app doesn't tell you until you're ready to pay. Service at this store is hit & miss, especially on drive-thru. I like when Alba works because she's gives great customer service & has been there a long time. Most times, I've enjoyed the food, much better than other fast foods. I love their breakfast menu & on this day, I ordered a couple of Supreme croissants & the app had an offer for free mini pancakes. Any of their croissant sandwiches are great, so tasty. I thought the mini pancakes were going to be hard as rock but surprisingly wasn't. It was actually pretty good & hit the spot

Mark Y.

My review is on the service I receive at this Jack in the Box location. If Ian takes your order, expect STELLAR customer service from this young man. Every time he has served me, he's been spot on in getting my order right, polite and cheerful and always says, "Thank you. Have a great day (or night)" . My wife and I stopped in last night for a Sourdough Jack with onion rings combo and loaded fries and I could tell from his voice that he was the exceptional young man. I had to embarrass him too by telling him that. Lol! But hey, these days with employee shortages at fast food places, I have to give a shout out to where credit is due.

ShOrty B.

I don't know why I even bother. I like the Portuguese sausage platter. And if made correctly the food can be good. I always come here and the rice is ALWAYS soggy. Today it was extra wet. Not even edible. I tried but it WAS JUST MUSH. They didn't have any soy sauce packets and they don't have Tabasco packets either. A couple times they gave me burnt Portuguese sausage. I've also had mushy fried rice. Money gets wasted. If it's not right, don't serve it.

Kaylah Tucker

Lady at register kept looking past us when we was trying to order. Took everyone else's order but ours Seemed she was being rude on purpose. She set my drinks on her side of counter and was like here. Won't eat here ever again

Gary Hicks

Great fast food place! One of the few places on Oahu to get breakfast at any time, day or night.

Chantal Smith

Went to this location and so dissapointing when you get home with an incorrect order. I waited in drive thru line for at least 5 minutes with only 1 car infront of me and almost another 10 minutes at the window. By the time I got my order my milkshake was halfway melted..my #14 and tacos were correct but I ordered 50/50 popcorn chicken and it was all dried up meatless spicy chicken when my order was correct on the screen... I had to ask for dipping sauces 3 times...lady was so flustered, look like she needed a break

Kaylyn B.

Not only did they give me a broken cup holder that broke and spilt my drinks, but then I open my food and now I have mold on my bun? Not to mention that when I told the lady I was missing something from my order she gave me a hard time about it. Overall this time visiting that place was terrible and I won't be coming back.


shoutout to the aunty who works overnight drive thru she always serves with a smile and works hard

Tiare M.

Ordered a sandwich for my lunch. Opened it up to eat and I am so glad I looked at it first because it was moldy. I had gotten the worst breakfast from them today as well. I ordered extra spam and they gave me only four super thin slices, approximately 1/4 cm thick. This place used to be decent but lately its absolutely disgusting.

Ashlyn C.

Never really cared for Jack in the Box til I was pregnant and craved those mini tacos, sourdough jack, chocolate shakes, egg rolls and small cinnabons. Even after birth I'm still loving Jack in the Box. The mini tacos come and go but when they are here OMG, they are a MUST have! Just had the croissant and macadamia coffee for the first time...Most definitely making my day!! The croissant was so fluffy and delicious most definitely going back for breakfast!! Also the chilli cheese curly fries!!!!!! BROKE DA MOUT'

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