Kuhio Grille Honolulu (Kaimuki)

3036 Waialae Ave B-4, Honolulu
(808) 732-2336

Recent Reviews

D man Holzman

The lau lau is awesome

Laura M.

Kanak Atak was so delicious and a lot of food. We will definitely be back for more! The one pound laulau was full of pork that was so moist and tender. Oh my goodness! The poi was so fresh. Everything was so good. Mahālo Kuhio Grille for our Mother's Day lunch (and dinner from the leftovers)!

Celina L.

The laulau plate is super delish. So juicy. Chicken long rice on point. Hated the parking but customer service was fast and friendly.

Mark Obatay

awesome service and ono food

Kimberly C.

Located in Waialae in the same lot as OMG, a great hidden gem for delicious local favorites! My husband and I got take out last week. We called first to check out their daily specials. I got the chicken cutlet with fried rice. Generous portions of chicken cutlet and a huge scoop of fried rice! It was so yummy! My husband got the pork cutlet and he enjoyed it. We shared the banana cream pie for dessert. Overall, prices were reasonable for the amount of food you get. We will definitely be getting take out again soon and hopefully we can dine in sometime in the future! Happy eating!

Janice N.

AMAZING lau lau! I was so excited when I heard about them opening up their Kaimuki location. This place doesn't disappoint with great local food and desserts (and if you're lucky- peanut butter mochi). The lau lau is HUGE and you can buy it warm or frozen to go. Their kalua pork cabbage special was also just as delicious. I am not a big fried rice eater- but theirs was just really good (I got it as a meal with the lau lau). Staff there is super friendly. I have been going during the whole COVID19 period- and make sure to follow them on Facebook or instagram to get their daily specials! Located on Waialae (close to City Mill and in same cluster of restaurants as where the Big Fat Greek used to be). There are about a bunch of parking spaces that they share with their restaurant neighbors - but getting in and out of there on a busy day can be a little tricky. Can't wait to go again!!!!!

Grace Kane

Steak was out of this world! Friendly staff and food given to me on time. French toast was so good I didn’t even need syrup.


Nothing to share from 7 out of 9 of us 2day for lunch! IDK maybe it was just a bad day? And I guess there were others? Sorry!

Takaichi Tanaka

I recommend trying their famous laulau. It was so good. Their fried rice is ono too.

Tiffany K.

Such friendly service. Understandable to have a wait-time when we called for take out and time given was spot on. Got something for everyone, breakfast, lunch and dinner items. Katsu breaded just right. Burger homemade; not some frozen bland thing. Plenty of onions with hamburger steak. Glad to support local.

Kris K.

During this time of social distancing, I'm trying to continue to support local businesses! And I'm glad my family and I tried Kuhio Grille. What a truly delicious meal. I ordered the Kanak Atak (laulau, kalua pig, rice, poi, lomi salmon, pickled onions, haupia). I thought the laulau was solid, and not too much fatty pieces and mostly meat which I appreciated. The kalua pork had a great smoked flavor to it, but was WAY too salty. I had to eat it with a lot of poi, but I gotta say that poi was my favorite part of the meal. So fresh, so delicious. I could eat an entire bucket of their poi, no joke. And my dad said the lomi salmon with that poi was probably the best he's ever had. The haupia was also super good--very creamy and rich. My sis got the chicken yakitori with the special fried rice. The chicken was tender and flavorful--not dry or tough. The fried rice was good but not the best I've ever had. Parking is in the small lot, shared with other establishments like Oahu Mexican Grill and Ripple of Smiles. During this time of Covid, they are open for takeout. We called in our phone order and picked it up 15 mins later. Super easy. Staff was friendly and helpful. Altogether, this was a super tasty meal and satisfied my Hawaiian food craving. Next time, I need to order an entire side order tub of that poi!!

Akemi O.

Mid COVID so needed some food that I didn't cook. Love Kuhio Grille in Hilo so figured Kaimuki good too. The menu smaller but um helloooo chicken skin! Wanted 3 orders to share with the sibs, but only 2 left. Took those 2 and was talked in chicken bones. That sounded weird but is good! Not use why we needed to get fried chicken too...but we did. $13 for the chicken plate but I could barely finish 1 piece so still got a huge piece for later! Needs a little salt so I ate with ketchup. Fried rice is ono. Mac/pot salad also needs salt. Got the mac nut cream pie too...not my thing but hubs said was good. Good comfort food and the workers so nice. He seemed sincerely appreciative of the support from the community trying to help our local business owners. I'll go back...probs even before COVID done.

Taiarii John Marshall

Amazing food

Tomomi Nakashima

We saw a yummy banana cream pie at Instagram, so we went there for lunch. Then we found their strawberry mousse for today's special. And it was YUM, lots of strawberry chunks, and just the right sweetness! We will try to get the banana cream pie next time! Their service was really nice and food was great (crispy outside, tender inside), we really had a lovely lunch. Mahalo!

Lori F.

Place is small tucked away place across City Mill. Parking is super small. Craving for Hawaiian food we decided to try this place out. Workers are super friendly they can tell you recommendation if u can't decide what to order. They also have specials in dessert which u have to ask daily. The food was ono... I would go back for brunch too. Parking is small and tight, so best to go when they not busy, but that place is always busy. Lol

Tracy Y.

This place should have 5 stars. Never mind the limited parking or the extra wait for food prepared to order. This place has the best tasting plate lunches I have had in a long time. I had the 2 combo of Homemade Breaded Pork Cutlet and the Teriyaki Chicken. Both had there own unique flavors that was bomb. I have an attached picture that does not do it justice. Don't make the mistake that I made early because the parking is tight, but just try it and you will not be disappointed. Keep these good local places going.

Rachael O.

After another great show at Diamond Head Theater, we were hungry so we headed down to the home of the famous one pound lau lau. Whenever I go to a restaurant that specializes in something I like to have that. So I eat fish at a seafood restaurant and not a burger, for example. I only had lau lau once before and I was not a fan so I was not sure but I thought I would give it another chance. We arrived before the main dinner rush and the place was so clean and shiny it practically gleamed, from the tabletops to drink ware. The server was as nice as she could be and gave us enough time to mull over our options without having to wait. Two of us opted for the Hawaiian plate---lau lau, poi, lomi salmon, and haupia. I asked for chili pepper water, just in case I did not love the flavor. One friend got the Saturday special of boneless Korean fried chicken and fried rice and another got an omelette with two scoops of rice. Three of us also ordered the custard bread pudding. The food arrived pretty quickly and the Hawaiian plates were presented on a tray that looked like woven wood, which someone added to the good vibes I was feeling. But what about the taste? The first few bites were heavenly (maybe I bit into butterfish first?) with the ti leaves imparting a pleasing, earthy flavor to the meat. The poi was on the sweeter side, so maybe they add some milk or sugar. But its creaminess combined with the crunch and saltiness of the lomi salmon was sooo good. The bread pudding was chock full of creamy custard and light years away from the dry stuff you sometimes get. Our server kept our water glasses full and paying the check was quick and easy. Know before you go: The restaurant is tucked in a little shopping center that looks like there is barely any parking but there is more around back.

Kauanoe Beamer

Management removed my first comment.

Tina P.

I like this place. The only thing I order from them is the hamburger steak plate. I also get the hamburger steak plate katsu combo. Today I got the fried saimin very freaking salty as hell just like very salty blah. Overall hamburger steak plate combo katsu very good.

John Taimanglo

Service and food great.

Kent W.

Great place for local food. Lau Lau combo was Ono and the kids loved the locomoco. Reminded us of Hilo. Now we can get gravy burgers whenever we want. Food and service is awesome. Parking is the only challenge.

Joyce B.

Their famous 1 pound laulau is so good. After Ono closed down I was so sad because their laulau was the best but the laulau here is so tender and perfect it's my new fave. I loved it so much my first time dining there was 5 days ago and I came back for more laulau because it was so good. Their fried rice is also amazing. I don't know what it is about it. It seems so simple but it really hits the spot because it's cooked perfectly. Sometimes fried rice can be dry but this one is done well. I have to admit I'm a big loco moco fan and I wasn't thrilled with the patty. The gravy is really good, a little salty but pretty darned good and over fried rice is spectacular. Still 5 stars because the patty wasn't bad, I think it's personal preference. I prefer a patty I can cut with a spoon. The patty is not bad but just not as tender as I'd like. Poi is in par, same with lomi but the haupia is so rich and creamy I loved it. I'm not a dessert person so it takes a lot to make me take more than one bite. Had the Mac nut cream pie and when it came out it was so ugly but in a good way. I knew it wasn't a slice from some store. I took a bite and it was that same super rich and creamy flavor. Had nice big chunks of Mac nut. You get amazing local/Hawaiian home made food here. With the daily specials, I look forward to coming back to try all the off menu stuff too. I eat like a maniac but rarely does a restaurant make me want to write a review nowadays. The parking here sucks but it's worth it! The service is good too. I'd still be back for the food because it's that good but friendly staff just adds to all the yummy reasons I'll be back. Pardon any typos. I felt compelled to write a review before I forgot so this is mobile as my husband drives.

Randy N.

I went to see what specials they had. I tried the lau lau and poke fried rice very ono. I am so stuffed from eating. I dont have room for dessert so I took it to go. I come to find out a regular customer bought my dessert i felt blessed. I just want to say thank u for buying me a dessert and was really nice chatting with u. Very friendly staff and relaxing.

T Squirrel

Food is delicious! My favorite is the Korean chicken special, but I think it's only on the weekends.

RokZ Tanaka

A cute restaurant located at the corner of St Louis Hgts and Waialae Ave. Parking is limited but there's a paid parking area across the street next to City Mill. Kuhio Grille is a branch of the Kuhio Grille Hilo, the home of the 1lbs lau lau . We had the Hawaiian plate which came with lau lau and I loved it because it wasn't salty and it was huge. The poi was just right and very smooth, love the lomi salmon with chunks of salmon (it's not like other places where you have to hunt for the salmon) , pickled onions which my hobby likes (sorry, I'm not an onion fan) , and haupia. I forgot to take a photo of our food but did take my friend's order. It's a great place to go for one Hawaiian food and friendly service!

Keli'i Makuaoke

Double loco moco! Das all i going say

Laureen T.

Great restaurant run by Hilo family! Mom & I dine here often and Love their yakitori chicken! Very flavorful. Portion is just right where we're not over stuffed. Mac salad is delicious, too! Service is always warm & friendly. They even cut the chicken into small pieces for Mom.Parking stalls are limited so we go there around 1:00 and it's easy to park. One of our favorite restaurants!

Mabel W.

This is what the teri loco with gravy on the side bowl consists of. One thin piece of teri pork. Almost $10. I'm dissatisfied.

S B.

My favorite restaurant in Hilo came to Oahu?! I was so excited! Initially, I was sad that they don't serve breakfast at the Kaimuki location. But, I wanted to try. As I walked in, I saw taro kalua hash on the board. It was a loco style, but the hash was really good! Since my fried helped to remove a bee from the restaurant, they gave us drinks free. Friendly servers.

Feb W.

Because today was a dang exhausted Monday running errands & adulting from bank/s to automative dealer cars to Ford back home and then back out again. We deserve to dine out but the thing is we're too exhausted to go somewhere else. So we hit the neighboring place of Premier Automative and decided to celebrate somehow for today's accomplishment. ~ Kuhio Grille located at Waialae beside Oahu Mexican Grill. Parking space is tight coz they share the parking lot with other restaurants and establishments, but car do come and go, nobody stayed half of the day anyways, so not a big deal. They got green placard. Inside the place is clean & pleasing to the eyes. Simple and cozy. Ambiance is good actually. Customer service is good by far. Shannon who served us the food is so friendly and checked on us once if everything is well served. Price though is a lil bit pricey. With $14 lunch plate you can have it more to other restaurant/s. ~ Food. We ordered plate laulau and chicken yakitori. To sum up, they're really good. Taro leaves in laulau is soft and moist. The beef and pork inside is dang tender and juicy. Chicken yakitori is tender. Taste a lil bit sweet and the meat is not dry at all. Love the texture too. It all came out so flavorful. We enjoy and leave the place with a happy and contented tummy. A lil way to celebrate today's accomplishment is satisfying though with them. ~ Will I come back? Definitely! Hope they put more serving on the lunch plate with the same amount though. The next time we deal with Premier Automative will hang on this place again. ~ Mahalo and HAPPY JUANDERING fellow yelpers.

Yale A.

I love the Hilo location but it would seem that the Honolulu location is going through some grown pains I asked for a 1/2 order fried rice and 2 eggs easy over and my plated came with 2 eggs over hard. The hamburger steak came out raw and still bleeding. Hope it gets better

Franklin Souza

Ate there for the

Secret Agent

Good portion :)


Love this slice of hilo. But parking sucks!

Ken Sahara

Food is very good as servings will feed the hungry patron. Taste is very good and will not over power your taste buds. Clean and friendly eating place. Staff are great and service you with a smile. I have eaten at the Hilo location and Oahu's one is just as good.


Must have if you come to Hawaii! Great service and the 1 pound lau lau is to die for, definitely a great spot

Kayla Takiue

I had a burger and it was so ono

Elson B.

Before I start, I warn you. This post is a personal review of Kuhio Grille in Kaimuki. It will not be positive. Ready? Friday, about 445pm, we had planned to go to Kuhio Grille after hearing the excitement of having this well renowned restaurant from Hilo here on Oahu. And let me tell you, it doesn't stand a fighting chance against the other hawaiian food or local food offerings. Is this the best Hilo has to offer, I hope not. Thankfully it wasn't busy (one other table of two guests were there) and the service was cordial (this is not a good cordial, it was polite without being welcoming. A smile or some energy would've made the "cordial" to pleasant). I ordered the laulau combo, it includes their "famous fried rice" and their touted 1lb laulau. I also got a side order of the potato Mac salad. It looked promising. The fried rice was brown, a good sign of flavor, with some meat and egg cooked in. No green onion? I can live with that, it's okay. The laulau was very much bigger than I'm used to seeing, it glistened from it being freshly warmed in the steamer, nice deep green color. If I only ate with my eyes, I'd be satisfied. But alas, I actually have to eat it. The fried rice was nothing special, barely seasoned to which I added pepper and Tabasco to it. Nothing spectacular there, I can't believe they charge $6.99 for a half order of this. The laulau leaves itself were dry and leathery. It didn't fall apart easily, I had to fight with it by using my fork to cut it. Yes, I had to put effort into cutting the already cooked laulau leaves! The meat was dry. So dry that I needed to take a sip of water every time I took a bite. How do you make laulau dry? I don't know, but Kuhio Grille surely has the magic touch in that. And the potato Mac salad side order scoop was less than what you would get at Zippy's or Rainbows. It was manini - for $3.99?! I no believe. But I had to because I was there, eating my disappointment. Would I return? No. Would I recommend it? Sure, if you want to try it - everyone has their own opinions. Maybe they're still trying to figure things out. But if their long time staples from Hilo of fried rice and laulau weren't impressive, I am highly suspect that it'll improve. I'm sorry if you're a fan. I know I'm not. To each their own. For me, Kuhio Grille is cancelled.

Elizabeth L.

I am sucker for food so even if a place has bad reviews i still like to try even that it will cost me a ruined dinner... this is how i ended up here tonight. Seems like this place is popular in Hilo and this is their first location in Oahu. Here the reviews: -Ambience: where Taj Mahal used to be in Waialae. Its clean inside -Service: pretty good! -Parking: can get a little challenging since its shared with other restaurants but never had a problem finding a stall. Food: *Lau Lau combo ($14.99) (lau lau + half order fried rice): I really wanted to like it but the rice was cold and it didnt hav much flavor, the laulau was dried and flavorless :( I hope this is just a beginners mistake and they will get better... Sorry but #bellynotapproved

Owen T.

I have been to this place twice in the past month for their 1 pound Lau Laus and it has always been flavorful with plenty of meat, moist and not overly filled with leaves. I always pour the chili pepper water over to give it that extra kick. Parking has never been an issue, as I always find one in their lot. There is another paid lot across the street below City Mill. Value: 4/5 Taste: 5/5 Service: 5/5