Lucky Strike Honolulu

1450 Ala Moana Blvd #3260, Honolulu
(808) 664-1140

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Katie A.

I brought my two son's to Lucky Strike to celebrate my younger son's 14th birthday. We purchased and loaded up the their cards for what we thought would be a fun filled night. About a half hour later all the games shut down but no staff informed anyone of what had happened. I asked the workers at the front what had happened and if they new when they games would be back on. They said the power in the mall went out for 2 seconds and glitched their system so they couldn't tell us when the games would be back on. I could understand that It wasn't their fault the power went out so we decided to wait and see if the games came back on especially since we spent so much money on the cards already. We waited almost an hour and by that time were pretty frustrated. I once again asked the front desk for any updates explaining to them that we came for my son's birthday and asked if we could at least get our money back so we could go somewhere else. They said there would be no way to reimburse us because the system was down. I'm sure they could have figured something out. This was one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever Experienced. They made absolutely no effort and could care less that we were celebrating my son's birthday. Lucky Strike turned out to be a terrible idea

Sammy Platt

Such a fun place for kids and adults!! Will for sure be back, anytime that were back here for a visit. Some of those games just hook you in!

Manny Aranda

Great place to play, I would need to go back the times I went, it was always closing and couldn't play any games or bowl.

Elizabeth M.

Great food and fun. In full swing of the festivities, Halloween month that is... you'll walk into the entryway and notice some cool and cryptic Halloween decor. It's nice that they took the time to do it up for the Upcoming holiday. We've all been vaccinated so we showed our cards and ID at the door Edie being allowed to enter. We then checked in and requested a booth. It was maybe a seven minute wait just for cleaning a and disinfecting the booth. We were notified by text We played a couple of games then sat down to order. We got the burgers and fries for the kiddos. They were very filling and made exactly how we ordered them. I can appreciate that. Hubby and I shared the steak and sautéed mushrooms atop grilled onions. The steak was perfectly cooked at well done as I requested. Get this. It was tender and juicy. I loved it. Most restaurants have a problem cooking a steak all the way through without drying out to the point of cardboard status. I wished I had a second stomach just so I could eat another steak. The seasoning and finishing of the steak was just perfect. I will be ordering this again. We also got casadillas. OMG delish!! Topped with fresh tomatoes and served with salsa. Tortillas were nicely grilled(no char ) crispy edges and filled to the edges as well. We ate up all the scrumptious food and walk through the arcade making our way through games. They have games for groups as well as individuals. We got to race together and compete in air hockey. They even have the old school ski-ball. It was a fun night with delicious food. Another great memory made with our family.

Christian P.

I came here with my friends and we had lunch. The food is good. Although I was a-little bit disappointed because there wasn't enough seasoning. I am looking forward to visit again Mahalo

Jason Simms

Great place!Good food and a great place to watch the game!Very accommodating

Ryan Nelson

My kids love all the games, if they let drinks out on the floor I'd love it too.

King R.

I haven't been to lucky strike since November 2019 pre COVID. It was easily one of my favorite venues! In fact, I'd prefer Lucky Strike over Dave N Busters pre COVID.

Keith Leong

Great place to watch Sunday Morning football. The staff is very attentive. Just wish there were more food options.

Jacy L.

Came here because my relative cant eat gluten and they had options so we decided to try it. When we first got there, there wasn't that much people it was right before the dinner rush. We were greeted by the hosts after they helped another party and set us up with a table right away. The guy who walked us to the table was nice but he saying how working there wasn't that great lol. I think it's funny because I used to work in the food industry and I get it, especially when your short staffed and overworked. Which seemed to be the case here, but he told us to enjoy! He also said it gets hot, which he wasn't lying because the second floor is open lol. Anyways we sit down and have a few beers waiting for the rest of our party, and ordered some pupus. We got the poke nachos and they were good! But they do have pineapple on it, so if you don't want it just pick around it. The bartender who was also our server forgot our beer but he was nice enough to take care of it when we asked for it again. As we're hanging out there's 2 workers talking about finding another job lol. Finally after our party arrived there were more guests at the bar so another server took care of us and he made sure we were doing good! I noticed he was kind of taking care of all the tables and his attitude was in good spirits. They forgot to bring out an item, but then again he didn't write anything down. But we had so much other food in front of us so it was fine that it came later. I appreciated his service for our party. But I think I'll pass on coming here again just due to the atmosphere and the food was okay. Nothing too special!

Jonathan P.

Had a great time here with my father and brother! Food was good and was not that long of a wait! The service was great! I would recommend getting The bowling lol

Mharie S.

Way over due on my review on this place but here it is. I made a party reservations for 8/24/19 for my husbands birthday party. Called and also went online to reserved the date ( 8/24/19) Recieved a voicemail that I was told they'll hold it for 24hrs and I'll need to confirm the date and payment within 24hrs to locked the date. I called the very next morning when they first opened, It was NOT 24hrs yet. I wanted to confirm my reservations and make my payment. Spoke with Karla B., I was told the date is no longer available. I was so furious and disappointed, with so little time to look for another venue for the party, I had NO choice than to choose another date which was 8/23/19 instead. I explained to the event manager at the time (Justine P.) that there must be a mistake and it's not right for them to do that to us. She wasn't apologetic or helpful and could care less of what had happened. She didn't even compensate for THE MISTAKE that the staff had made!! She only cared about their sales and NOT the customers. There's no point in saying to customers that "you'll hold the date for 24hrs" only to find out you'll just give it away to SOMEONE else!!!! WARNING: DON'T have your party here!!! Its not worth your time and money!!! TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!

Erika C.

Our experience there was alright. Food service was less than alright. We ordered our food, 4 simple kids meals, a salad, and a burger which took a minimum of 30 minutes. Maybe that's the standard for the amount of food? But 2 tables who were seated AFTER WE ORDERED(we were already seated) got their meals before we did! Our server barely came to check on us or do so little as to let us know when our food was coming even though she walked pass our table a bunch of times! Kids meals finally arrived; cold! Salad was bleh! Burger came straight off the grill! Games were good! Prize selection was sparse. Dave and busters has a wider selection, our kids could've walked away with more items there! BUT! The games were good!

Maritess C.

We came here to play games but there's a restaurant inside to dine in. It's similar to Dave and Busters but this was way better. Games are plentiful and spaced out. We went to go eat first. We got seated right away since it wasn't busy when we came. We got a booth. To drink I got a Diet Coke. Our waitress was super nice and funny. She refilled our drinks when she saw them empty. Now that's service! For my entree I got the fish and chips. Our waitress literally brought over my dish hot! I enjoyed my meal because it was hot and fresh. My fish was so light and flaky. I definitely like cod. So good! I only finished the fish. The inside was nice cause air conditioning was keeping us cool. A major plus! I would definitely come back again! Located inside the mall. Highly recommend!

Ola Kaahanui

They are very friendly. The food is good plus the games.

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