Lucky Strike Honolulu

1450 Ala Moana Blvd Ste 3260, Honolulu
(808) 664-1140

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Not a bad place to spend an evening with friends. Drinks are decent, service is fine. I think the floor could use a little bit more staff. Bartender was completely slammed with orders and the wait time was long, but it wasn't the bartenders fault.The hours are a little early for my liking, but I understand that a business is a business and it's all about profit margins. But a big bar like that should probably stay open until 10 every night.A lot of the games were not functioning right and eating credits, but if you took the card to an attendant, the points could be put back on. I did that a few times, but just got tired of doing the same thing over and over, so eventually I just gave up on getting 8 credits back.Oh well, it's still fun.


We visited on a Wednesday afternoon, around 3pm and the place was not crowded. We waited only for about 7 minutes. There are only 4 lanes so there may be quite a wait if going at a busy time. Although the place was clean and well-kept, I feel the price is on the high side especially since you are paying by the hour and not per game. Not a place to go if you intend to take your time or relax. The spaces are quite tight if you go with a bigger group like we did. It may be great for date night with just the couple, but not really ideal for a family.

Justin Rabun

Lucky Strike is a fun place for children /most young adults to enjoy themselves. They have an endless array of arcade games. The menu is incredible as well. The staff is very friendly and accommodating.

Melvin Dizon

A great spot to have a bite to eat with the kids and then play some games afterward. The food was delicious, particularly the sliders. They provide a wide selection of foods on their menu, including kid's meals. The service was excellent, and everyone was kind and helpful.

Belia Turley

Roz gave us the absolute BEST customer service we have ever experienced in our lives. If there is such a thing as OVER and BEYOND she fits it all. Your establishment is blessed beyond words to have such an employee,treat her good always,we will be telling everyone we know to seek her to experince what excellent service is. Thank You Roz. Hope I got your name correct and Lucky Strike Never strike out on this one?

Allyssa P.

My husband really wanted to go bowling during our vacation and this was the closest alley to us...I'm not sure you can really call it an alley though. Lol, the space is really small. There are only 4 lanes and the lanes aren't that great. It's definitely not a serious bowling alley. It gave me "Punch Bowl Social" vibes. They charge by the hour and it's $22/person and then shoe rentals are $5/person. It's absolutely overpriced but when you're the only "alley" in the busy city, I guess you can charge that much. The service isn't all that great either. There were a total of 2 or 3 guys working on a Tuesday night? Drinks took awhile and I'm pretty sure the bartender was also the server you go to for food orders. At one point, I saw one of the workers hanging out by the window with a friend! While myself and another person were waiting to be attended to at the bar...smh. Oh, and it's HOT inside. They have open windows all around, so there wasn't an AC. There were 2 large fans blowing in the back near the lanes and that was it... Save your money and your time!

Kai T.

Great selection of local craft beers and ciders. Interesting crafted cocktails as well. We had the salad and burger and they were delicious. We will definitely be back.

Michelle J.

This place is a YES! The food was surprisingly delicious; I was shocked at how good everything tasted! I had the Cajun Pasta and it was beyond yummy, I heard the pizza is also good and they have some amazing seasoned fries The main event was the arcade and it was a bit underwhelming, the overall game selection isn't the best though I did find a few games that I enjoyed so it was not a complete disappointment. I did not partake of the Adult Libations on my first visit, next time I will definitely try one of their signature drinks.

Caryn Cuesta

Super friendly... had an employee assist us so we could get a wheelchair from floor to floor. He went above and beyond to be sure we didn't get lost or turned around. Bar made awesome drinks and the food was delicious. Will visit again!! Mahalo- the Cuesta Girls

Marisha Haskins-Hall

It's a great place to take kids and the family it was a fun time as always


overpriced food. the games I tried to play were mostly broken and just ate my points. nothing really good to pick as a prize. the food was good but way too expensive.. $13 for 10 tiny Mac n cheese bites isn't a good deal

Mar S.

Food 0/10 I would eat before coming here. Food was lacking in flavor. Tasted like box Mac and cheese. Loco moco gravy was not it Server 10/10 I forgot his name but very nice moved quick. Too bad the food didn't match the service Games 8/10 Great place for family night. We all had fun. Just not the food.

Kevin L.

Lucky Strikes. What can I say??? It's another game room but it's very different from Jungle Fun (owned by fun factory) as it's attracts an older demographic. They are usually crowded and have a lot more games but the token to $$$ is way more expensive. What do you expect it's Ala Moana lol. They have a fine in food area, lots of game (the king fu panda is one of my favorites), and way more prizes to redeem. Tho the amount of tokens these prizes costs and the amount it takes to play to win tickets. You might as well buy the prizes at a regular store lol. It's a fun place with nice people but again just beware of the cost.

Spencer Jorgensen

Terrible bowling alley. Ungreased, completely dry lanes. Pins have ropes attached to them instead of a proper pinsetter, so sometimes pins that were supposed to fall don't and vise versa. Only 4 lanes. This place would be better off ripping out the alley and putting more arcade games, pool tables, a boxing ring, I dunno - just anything other than this sad excuse for an alley. If you take bowling seriously, don't waste your time at this alley.

Jasmine C.

Really enjoyed the food and service here. I Finally found a restaurant/hang out spot with Cold AC that's hard to find these days. Delicious food and i love when Kea is working Shes a awesome waitress. Definitely my new spot for Awhile. We loved the blue cheese salad with walnuts extra walnuts please and Poke nachos + spicy Sriracha boneless bites. That's are favorite pick on the menu.

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