Mai Musubi

1636 Liliha St, Honolulu
(808) 277-9863

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Keiko Hiraoka

The best miso butterfish!

Celina N.

We ordered three miso butterfish plates and received three salmon miso plates. Although we messaged the place with just an "FYI" message so that they know going forward, they did not even ask if we wanted to exchange the plates for the correct ones. We used to order from here a couple of times out of the month, but probably will not be ordering again.

Terry K.

CoViD 19= Review # 19 "NEW" TAKE OUT Dining ExperienceAuthentic Japanese preparation and taste at its best for comfort food and easy lunch and snacks (thank you Brian M for turning me on to this place)Cute little unassuming eatery located on lower Liliha Street a block north of the Liliha/School Street intersection (if you pass McDonald's you've gone too far) is the place for you to stop for a snack, lunch or even a decent dinner....Parking is available at the rear side of the building (Holokohana Street entrance) and is clearly marked to prevent you from parking in other merchant's stalls.The CoViD norm for Mai Musubi is Phone Orders ONLY. You need a mask or you will not be served. The window to purchase is at The Bus stop so the steps you take to get to the window is clearly marked with social distance separation.They are closed on Monday'sPrices are REASONABLE. Do stop by for their musubi bento snack. Or, preorder for a decent teishoku meal for pick up the next day. You will not be sorry as the quality, quantity and price is FANTASTIC.

Hera K.

I don't know why I've taken this long to write a review for Mai Musubi. If you have not tried their musubis or bentos, you are missing out! Every single item has been amazingly fresh, delicious, and authentic tasting. But also, it's presented and packaged so perfectly! It reminds me of the food I've had during my visits to Japan! My go-to tip would be to follow them on Instagram, because they will sometimes change their hours or update if anything is sold out. I also use their Instagram to look at their latest menus and specials. Text or call in your order. I've only texted and I get a response with an estimate time of when to pick up right away! Another tip is to text them in the morning if you know you want to get their musubis, as that's usually what sells out first.

Neal Suenishi

Didn't know that food had to be pre-ordered (Text or Phone) only. Walk up service is not available.

Wes L.

Wow! I just called to place an order, and was told 2 items we wanted, karaage and shoyu pork don is out today. Then told mid conversation, when you decide 3rd call us back, so I said, "ok we'll take a oyaku don." Told it'll be ready in about an hour and half, so I said, nevermind as that would be too long and hung up on!Very disappointed because a simple, I'm sorry we can't make it sooner or even a "thank you, bye" would've been nice.

Sarah L.

There is no better time for a takeaway bento shop than right now. Even with things opening up, I'm still hesitant with dining in at restaurants. Thankfully Mai Musubi is here to save the day! Located in the seldom ventured Liliha neighborhood, Mai is a tiny hole in the wall shop selling takeout bentos and musubis. Once a walk in shop, they now only do phone and text orders. We've been there twice so far in a week. SHOGUN BENTO: a weekend only special. Comes with two choices, prices depend on your selection but runs about $12-15 dollars. Bentos come with miso soupKaraage mayo don: my favorite. Karaage is not crispy crunchy like usual Japanese izakaya but the breading is delicious and the kewpie mayo goes great with itWe also had the miso butterfish, salmon konbu, unagi, salmon mentaiko and spam musubis. The rice they use is delicious but I do wish they would season it a little. Certain musubis like the unagi and butterfish seem a bit bland. They have one dedicated parking stall in the back but there should be a decent amount of metered street parking right in front. Call or text phone preorders only!Check out their Instagram for daily specialsThey accept credit card:)

Craig T.

This small hole in a wall place is located on Liliha right next door to New Mui Kwai Chinese which is no longer there they moved to Oneawa St. I ordered their Oyako Donburi it was pretty good can't go wrong for $8.00. It was on the plain side only Onion, Chicken, eggs, but the dashi (sauce) was good. A little tip need to pre-order your food because they made to order their food. I called my order in and they said I it will take about 30mins. Luckily I waited because their prices are reasonable and very tasty.My co-worker had the Salmon bento which it was moist and very tasty also for the chicken karaage.I'll be back in the future because they also sell Musubi and side dishes like potato croquettes and shumai.During these times support local

ty m

So much detail in their bento for the price. Always great service. Call in your orders. Look on Instagram for their page and specials. Parking stall in back or on Liliha street.

Cyd Asakura

The best bento's in town!

Lillian T.

chicken karage musubi is my fave. so good. haven't tried anything that I didn't like. two thumbs up. make me happy bring me musubi!

Craig S.

Quality food, kind people, reasonable prices, open early. What more could you ask for from a legit bento shop?

Brian M.

During this Covid-19 times.. We decided to stop by Mai Musubi on a Sunday morning and check out what they had to offer. We were hungry and wanted something to eat for breakfast. Mai Musubi has a very simple menu which personally I love because I'd eat everything and made narrowing my decision quicker. We ordered the Oyako Don and the musubi pack which contains two musubi's of your choice. My other half wanted the Spam Musubi and the Miso Butter Fish Musubi (. 50 extra, so cheap). The Oyako Don was filled with lots of chicken pieces. It was like an Umami Bomb Party on my mouth! Love the flavors of the soy and ginger marinated into the chicken pieces along with the egg, Oishi! I like the rice they use, it's excellent, nice, fluffy and perfectly cooked. My wife whacked those musubis's one after the other, it must have been really good because she didn't say a word. Wait she didn't say a word? .. more musubi's please.. J/K. Mai Musubi is located on Liliha St next to the Chinese Lutheran Church of Honolulu, across the street from Youngs Noodle Factory. Parking is on the street or behind the building via Holokahana Lane, stalls are marked.

Asdaq W.

Great Japanese Bentos. Butterfish, unagi and salmon bentos are outstanding. Very reasonably priced, too.

Jen D.

Delicious food all around! The bentos are made to order. However, the musubi's run out pretty quickly, but you can call ahead and reserve some, or after 1pm she'll have a 2 for $4 and its made to order.

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