New Liu's Chop Suey

1620 N School St, Honolulu
(808) 841-8668

Recent Reviews

N H (Natkat)

Perfect spot for affordable, authentic Chinese takeout. I spent 6 years living in Shanghai and the food here really took me back. A Diamond in the rough.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 5

Service: 5

T K.

We were excited to eat here since we haven't eaten here in such a long time. No one was out in the front and even waiting for 20 mins in their HOT restaurant, we left.

Pete Aliifua

Don't waste your money here food was horrible salt n pepper pork chops were tasted like they use the same old oil to cook everything!!1st and last time dining here..It was bad enough to make a review dine at your own risk.

Lawrence N.

I've been going there forever and haven't had a bad experience yet. Emily is terrific and remembers my name.

J Risherdsan

there are tastier Chinese restaurants near by but you can’t beat the prices here.

Edmund G.

Food was very good and price was cheap. Ordered the salt at pepper pork chops and it's very tasty. Place closes at 8pm so get their early or call in your order. Aunty is very friendly and helpful.

Emily Simmons

We placed an order for the seaweeds soup and found this worm in the broth. They probably didn’t rinse well on the cabbages. Please pay more attention on your job.

Emily S.

We place a take out order for lunch yesterday and I found a little worm on my seaweed soup while I almost finished it. They probably didn't rinse the cabbages well before cooking. Please pay more attention on your job.

Mike N.

I've been coming here for the past year, on my way home. Great spot for take out, especially if you need to grab groceries or something else in the shopping center. The pork chops, minute chicken, and pork with ong Choi are my favorites. It's not the best Chinese food, but not the worst also. The woman who works in the front always remembers me, which is another reason I like to patronize their establishment. They also have much better food than what's available in most of kaneohe.


Gives me 90’s vibes. I love it. Great place and great service! Very reasonable pricing. Thank you

Mitchell Q.

It was alright but the beef broccoli was kind half flavorful and the cake noodles were a little too soft overall the food was alright I was kind of disappointed with mostly some of the food it shouid improved a little but my food was a 50/50 mostly

Sade P.

One of those hidden gems in Kalihi that can sometimes be overlooked. Today I ordered the stuffed eggplant and salt and pepper porkchop. Both of these specials are my go tos when i come to Lui's but today i was just a little disappointed . The stuffed eggplant usually comes with pork and a nice sauce on the eggplant , but today it was just the eggplant and no pork! Aside from everything being fresh and hot that was a huge let down . The salt and pepper pork chop was also another let down , the portioning of it was the size of my hand! Again flavor was there but portioning and original recipe was not . The prices of their daily special plates have also gone up from the usual $5.25 to $7.25 , I love lui's , and aunty is so sweet whenever you order . But please stick to the original ways .

Josh D.

Cheap meals and great tasting dishes, go check them out if your near we go all the time and love it

Maritess C.

Hubby, daughter and myself came here for dinner. Hubby ordered for us. I got beef broccoli with noodles underneath. The sauce tasted like gravy. It was actually pretty good. Just enough for my dinner. There wasn't too much beef but more broccoli. The noodles were hot underneath the gravy making the noodles soft. Not bad. Hubby said for 3 plates, it costs him around $22 which still isn't too bad. However they closed earlier than their time for their hours. We just made it right before closing. Hubby was the last customer to order and receive our orders. This location is take out only. There's plenty of parking right in front and across. I would definitely come back to try other items. Come early as the close a little before 8 pm.

Josh Farris

Very clean restaurant and food was really good for the price.Also the lunch special is omega 5 star

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