Season's Ice & Eatery

100 N Beretania St # 117, Honolulu
(808) 538-1978

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Sidney L.

Seasons has fairly good Taiwanese beef noodles. I can't say the noodles are impressive like those at Fooki, but they are not a bad alternative option if you are looking for some affordable beef noodles. The food at Seasons are decently priced. They offer a wide variety of beef noodles with different spicy levels. In addition to their noodles, their appetizers are worth a try as well. I really liked the Taiwanese popcorn chicken that are flavored with five spice and paired with fried basil. I really want to try out all their braised appetizer dishes. The owner is very friendly and cares about his food. During my last visit, he come by and asked if the food were fit to taste and ask for any suggestions/opinions on the food we ordered.

Ren M.

A hidden gem in the Chinese Cultural Plaza. Came here for lunch and enjoyed every second of it. The flavor in each dish is amazing. The Popcorn chicken is bomb! The staff and chef are personable and passionate in what they do. I even decided to add on to my order with take out to bring home dinner. Definitely will return and recommend others to try.

Fei Oktaviani

This restaurant is a good example of traditional Taiwanese food. Their beef noodle was as good and original as beef noodle served in any restaurant at Taiwan. My most favorite one is the popcorn chicken. They are airy, crunchy yet tender and very satisfying. They put a lot of fried basil too, I love that! You want authentic taiwanese food? This place is the one to go, try it and you'll know what I'm talking about. Sorry no photos, every time we just devoured the food without thinking to take the pics first (LOL).

Kenny Sung

Great Taiwanese food! Reminds me of home?

Ashley C.

Located near the center of Chinese Cultural Plaza Portions are huge and noodles have good chew Meat was tender Lots of sides and entrees If you go spicy, start at level 2 first I recommend the popcorn chicken Small seating area, about 5 tables in total Parking in Chinese cultural plaza or street parking


Great food, great prices and an amazing host and cook. I highly recommend going here the owner was super friendly and helpful

Sabrina L.

Good food! I was so young coming from Taiwan and always wanted to try Taiwan food since I cannot remember street food taste besides my mom's cooking. Definitely worth a try! If you looking for Taiwan food, give this place a try.

May Wu

Excellent Taiwanese food. We ordered the popcorn chicken, which was nicely seasoned, crunchy, and flavorful. The steamed eggplant was soft but not mushy. Topped with minced meat sauce, it's a great contrast to the chicken. We are so happy to find this gem of a restaurant.

Amy Y.

Family owned business that has been around for awhile. Located in cultural plaza and right next to the stage. For years I pass by it and never really thought about trying it. My bf seems to go there quite often and that's how I became a fan of it. It is Taiwanese cuisine with variety of dishes on the menu. Based on my pictures I been there quite a bit and have tried different food. I love so many of their dishes, I don't even know where to start. I'll share some of my favorites. I'm a huge fan of their popcorn chicken. It's sooo flavorful and crispy. The basil is also fried. Spicy level is always adjustable. It always comes out fresh and the meat is sooo tender and juicy. The beef noodle soup tastes so good! Noodles are chewy and thick. The soup is tasty and clear. If you want to sample a few of their dishes you should get the braised item combo dish which comes with beef, tendon, egg, tofu, tendon, and minced beef. I love the of my favorite in the combo. The dumpling is decently packed with filling, so good! I've heard it's common in Taiwan that they eat a bowl of rice and mix it with the minced meat. It's best if you dine in because it taste way better when it's freshly made. Friendly owner that really interacts with their customers. Side note: They have a spicy noodle challenge every year in October. If you can handle spicy, do it!


Super tasty food at a reasonable price.

E Y.

Got the retro beef noodles (Lv 2 spice), classic beef noodles, and popcorn chicken. They are were all really yummy. Noodles are perfectly chewy and the broth is hearty. Medium size bowls are still pretty large! The restaurant is clean, the owner is really funny and nice--he checked on us twice to see if everything is good--and you can get parking validation for the garage for the building. Prices are reasonable as well. What more can you ask for? I will definitely be back!

Barrie H.

Delicious, spicy goodness! This dish was perfectly cooked. The tendon was soft and melt in your mouth. The noodles had the right amount of chew to them. The soup was umami and spicy. I loved every hot bite!

Vivian L.

Found my new go-to place for some quick lunch. I've been here several times for takeout and this place has been consistent. I ordered the Retro Spicy Combo Noodle (M) and the Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken (M). Retro spicy combo noodle: The noodles were good. The beef and tendon were soft and tender. The soup broth was spicy but a little lighter in flavor compared to other Taiwanese noodles I've tried. Taiwanese popcorn chicken: Very good popcorn chicken. The chicken was meaty and juicy. The breading has a perfect consistency, light and crunchy. Honestly one of the best popcorn chicken I've tried. Very flavorful and cooked perfectly every time. The fried basils were also a nice touch and compliment well with the chicken. This dish also comes in original or spicy. Overall, a nice hole in a wall place in Chinatown. Definitely recommend to try out at least once. I usually takeout and the foods always come out hot. The service was quick and friendly every time.

Elodie M.

Love this place ! The owner/chef Bryan is really nice . Takes care of his customers, engages in conversations. It's a hole in the wall in China town but don't let that fill you! The food is amazing. Full of flavors. Authentic as it can be for Taiwanese food. Try the popcorn chicken . There is none like it. Oh the noodles are fresh! Every soup broth is delicious. The tofu is amazing ! My husband didn't like tofu at all but that changed once he had the tofu at seasons ice and eatery

rajeev mishra

Good food, nominal price and good quality and quantity. If you are not in the habit of eating hot food try be choose level 2 or below. If you level 3 or more you will sweat all the time. One of the best place to have Taiwan cuisine.

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