Simply Sichuan

100 N Beretania St #107, Honolulu
(808) 524-6877

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Solid service and phenomenal food. Had chili wontons and the Dan Dan noodles. Out of this world!!!

Randy Lester

The food feels authentic and the leftovers were killer! If you know and like sichuan youll love this place. The garlic pork fried rice is bomby, same with the greenbeens

Jim C

Now that's the stuff. Mapo tofu with enough Sichuan peppers to make your mouth numb enough to change the taste of water.

John Boone

Great food!

Smee W.

One of the under appreciated Chinese restaurant on Oahu. The foods are super authentic and affordable. If you check in on Yelp you'll get a complimentary spicy wonton appetizer which is very yummy. The food portion is pretty big. We only ordered this one entree and it's big enough for two person. Their menu selection is great. It's nothing innovative but you can probably get anything you can think of from this place

Shayna R.

We really enjoyed our takeout from here, and we are already excited to return! We just shared a couple of dishes on our first visit - the spicy won tons and the boiled fish in hot sauce. Both were very tasty and not overwhelmingly spicy. There were a lot of won tons for $9, and I loved the sauce so much that I saved the little extra remaining for some soba the next day! The boiled fish was a generous portion too, about $17. It's similar to a chain restaurant's version of the dish but without the tofu - but secret tip, it was super easy to just open up a block of soft tofu in the fridge and pretty much double the dish! The fish dish ended up totaling about 4 servings. I love that it is a small business and will definitely be back to try more of their dishes (and probably order the fish again!).

Jerry E.

Need to give this place well deserved five star!! It really earned it, based on their outstanding dim sum, both taste wise & price, although commendable services should be mentioned. Their other Sichuan style dishes also fabulous, too; little bit on the spicy side for me. If you like dim sum and never tried this eatery before, give it a shot. You will be pleasantly surprised, not be disappointed.

Tin Lung C.

Simply Sichuan is the old Won Kee with a twist, same owner, new name but add new style of food choice. The owner also owns the dim sum restaurant next door. We ordered some dim sum, but let's not talk about that because nothing much changes, however, the Sichuan style cooking is a nice additional to the menu, we ordered the couple's sliced beef with chili sauce (a cold dish), poached chicken with chili sauce (this is a cold chicken dish), Sichuan Spicy wonton in red oil. To be honest, the food is average, I found the other Sichuan restaurants taste better and more refine. The spicy wonton taste a bit off, it does not taste right. (I try many many spicy wonton before). On the day of our visit, the water boiler broke, people have to wait a long time to get hot tea. Parking is another issue. You may ask - Why? Isn't Cultural plaza has a lot of parking? The newly installed parking system caused a huge back up. I parked at the second floor, it took me 30 MINUTES to exit!!! I am not kidding! I hope this parking issue will improve over time, if not, this may deter many customers away, including me. Thank you for reading my review :-)

puion Cheung

Very favorable northern China foods with a little bar, good for friends talk ! If you love spicy things .

Peter Y.

Finally got to try this new restaurant and they are Simply Awesome! Me and the wife are still lamenting the loss of the original Maple Garden, and Spicy Pavillion did not quite match up. We really hope that business picks up - maybe people are still afraid of the COVID effects but there were only three other groups of people in the house besides us. We ordered, and devoured: Sichuan Eggplant Stir Fry, Lotus Root Stir Fry, Spicy Crispy Chicken, Twice Cooked Pork, and Sichuan Dried Fried Green Beans. We also ordered serving sized bowls of jasmine rice. The waitress offered a fruit drink but I didn't catch the name except that I heard "mui" and recalled reading in another review about this and it was delicious - like a li hing mui drink, made by the waiter himself who also served us. Tremendous service upon entering the restaurant until we left. But don't forget to get your parking ticket validated as well. We will be back.

Sabrina Charles

Very good Chinese food, tried others nearby and they don't compare.Not super spicy, just right. The beef kung pau was fantastic, the shredded pork fried rice was awesome and the service was perfect.We came from AZ where Chinese food is a joke. This place compares to some of the best places in San Francisco's china town.

Google user

Very good Chinese food, tried others nearby and they don't compare.\\nNot super spicy, just right. The beef kung pau was fantastic, the shredded pork fried rice was awesome and the service was perfect.\\nWe came from AZ where Chinese food is a joke. This place compares to some of the best places in San Francisco's china town.

Steve Z.

Read a few positive reviews on this new place and decided to try it when I saw they served lamb. Ordered the wood ear mushrooms, spicy eggplant, and an order of lamb to go. The mushrooms, spicy eggplant (one of my favorites), were quite good and so was the lamb with the minor irritation that the lamb was way way over cooked. I prefer my lamb at 140 degrees and still slightly pink inside. Good food but I probably won't return. All in all a decent place to go if you're looking for some different Asian fare. Mahalo for reading my review.


Food was great. Had don don, spicy wonton, green beans, crispy chicken and a beef dish. All were excellent. The staff was very helpful, super friendly and appeared to really appreciate our business. I highly recommend trying this great new restaurant. Prices were reasonable.

Akemi O.

Went on the Saturday after Chinese New Year to pick up lunch for me and the hubs. My eyes are much bigger than my stomach, so 6 dishes and 3 days later, finally finishing everything... They are located where Won Kee was, next to Legends. They just opened in December and on this day, they 2 people dining. Yikes...hope business picks up. The workers are suuuper nice. Her eyes got really big when I said I was getting food for 2, maybe 3, people so I should have known. While I waited for my food, she brought me some fruity drink. It was kinda lihing mui-ish...flavor was good but a little bit too sweet for me and the hubs. Maybe some vodka and ice to tone down the sweetness? Food was pretty fast and the other worker threw in a free order of garlic cucumbers. I had 3 very heavy bags of food and they even asked if I needed help carrying. Stupidly I walked 4 blocks from my office but figured I could manage without completely cutting off circulation to my hands. Food was hit or miss... Yangzhou Fried Rice - lots of shrimp and lup cheong but other than that had no taste. Plain rice would have been better since everything else was very flavorful. But other than having to fling out peas onto the hubs plate, it was okay Lamb with Cumin - I don't eat lamb but hubs said I woulda liked it cuz it wasn't too lamby. But I left it for him since he really liked it. Tasty and super soft. Fried Green Beans - my fave. Soft but still had the crisp to it. And tasty. Spicy Crispy Chicken - tasty but was all kines of funny kind of bony pieces. Some the bone was little crushed so in multiple tiny pieces. Just made for a lot more work than I wanted. Kung Pao Shrimp - good but more peppers than shrimp Spicy Wonton - I think the sauce was a little too sour for my taste. Would have liked more of a kick instead. But the won ton itself was good. Free cuc dish - mild taste was a perfect compliment to all the flavors. Cucs still crunchy too. Still few more things I want to try so will be back but other than beans and lamb for hubs, probs won't order the same dishes again.

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