1450 Ala Moana Blvd Space 1330, Honolulu
(808) 798-7328

Recent Reviews

Rosanne Guglielmo

Love the Black Iced Tea!!

Kinipela-reiko Dickinson-niihau

I still must get over the fact that spending over $6.00 per drink is normal. I always order the iced hazelnut frappacino...although they have basic iced coffee that hits my wallet less brutally.

Lorelei Young

I ordered mocha frappuccino and they gave me iced mocha the person I ordered from didn't pay attention to what I wanted

Debe Lilly Wood Dunn

Loved Starbucks ... my mornings were spent there grabbing a nice hot cuppa . We bought the ventay think that?s how it is spelt ...(The big cup)... Also had a hot muffin or two .. and mmmm the lemon slice was to die for . I had way to many of those in my Hawiian trip . Pity Australian Starbucks don?t sell these .,, Thanks

Mina Mcbride

I love Starbucks. Especially caramel frappuccino. I also purchased gift cards for raffle.

Dominic Bardenas

The service was amazing and my beverage was made just how I liked it.

Blaise Babineck

Great service, friendly staff.

Anh K.

Had the worst customer service today at this location. Me and my friend was helped by a younger looking man named Joe (never seen him at this location before). He took our order with an unprofestional customer service, his body was moving almost like shaking all the time. My friend ordered a Venti Pink Drink and he wasn't sure what she meant. We had to explaint to him what is Pink Drink. And I ordered a Matcha Lemonade but turn out for some reason he thought that I order a Green tea with extra lemon inside. And I asked another employee that my order was a mistake and If they could make me a new one. That employee ran to the young looking man and ask him about my order. And this started to get worse, he called out my name in the store. Can you believe it, how embarassing was that. It's sad tho because my friend and I always love to come this location while we shop at the mall.

Koonfai Young

Went there for Dl. Espresso. Was hot. Not bitter at all. Service was good

Dennis T

slow and long line. got my order wrong too

O'Connecting Worldwide

It's always an amazing experience!

George Junior Paco

Awesome location, staff and friendly environment.

Elena Settler

Starbucks never disappoints. Coffee ,especially the house brand is my favorite,just black. Of course they always have their specialty lattes , etc

Samuel Curtis

Their customer service has sure come a long way. Bathrooms accessible Number One requirement when drinking coffee sales clerks very helpful even brings coffee to my table

Steve Ostlund

What's not to love about Starbucks? This particular Starbucks actually has outlets can charging your phone or laptops. Trust me in Hawaii that's a huge luxury.

Hoku Hu

Clean, friendly service, wall Outlet was convenient to recharge my cell.

Ryan O.

I frequent every Starbucks on the island but this one more than the others. The staff is always friendly and has always made sure my order is done quick and right. They're personable and knowledgeable about their products. To be honest sometimes the lines are incredibly long but I haven't to date waited longer then 10 minutes for my order. To the negative reviews below about mobile app ordering, we all KNOW you ordered it less then 4 minutes from the store hoping that the app would cut the line of the people standing in line waiting. I'm guilty of this, so please don't rate a place just because you were mildly inconvenienced. In any case, no i'm not an employee of starbucks just a really loyal customer. Probably drink between 3 - 5 a day mostly from this location. I'm happy to have met them and i'm glad they're there. Also, Alexa; is pretty cool... very earth conscious

Laura Kinard

They are starbucks. Too expensive for me I like mine hot . Is always cold & like half cup full cuz foam. But the place is small and inviting. I come from washington. Home of coffee on every corner.

Ronald E Iwamoto

Good frappe. Fast friendly service

Richard Green

Great service and friendly

KeAlii D.

This location is perfect for early mornings when I work. Alot of parking and love the selection of nitro cold brews.

David Duncan

Just tried the Avocado spread with my bagel. good. I love my avocados. Not too busy here today.

Rose Gold

I love love Starbucks.

Marie Mills

Beautiful staff and have kept up with demand of English Breakfast Tea. Can't thank you all enough


Sometimes this place will get busy especially at lunchtime and weekends. Other than that it's pretty fast service.

G D.

WTF! These high school dropouts can't even get an app ordered house coffee order done right. Walked in to pick up order and told not ready yet... After 5min past app telling me order ready went back to "brista" yeah sure... my order that was sitting on the counter getting cold was given to me... only a "sorry"... whatever.... Let the ignorant tourists use this locale, find the other Starbucks on the second floor of the mall, instead.

Sophie H.

Update: Much improvements overall since my review 8 months ago. I enjoy visiting this Starbucks.

Vincent Y.

Product good, hours convenient, ambience good, TOBEY as barista was cheerful, efficient, accurate and RIGHT ON the keeneepopo Lucy gets 5 stars today! She is EXCELLENT! Kat was EXCELLENT filling my mobile order! 5 STARS FOR HER, too! Reid is a 5-star barist

Haha H.

Very friendly workers! I usually come here on my 10 minute breaks to get the pink drink when work is not treating me well and they are always very nice and friendly. None of them are ever snobby or make you feel bad for ordering a more complicated drink like at other starbucks locations on this island.

Veronica L.

This one is a toughie for me to review. Facts: Located on the ground level of Ala Moana between Vitamin Shoppe and Foodland Farms. As with a lot of Starbucks, this one is quite small and can become very busy. The Oli Oli seems to have taken over the sidewalk fronting the store as a sort of depot station. Now, for the most part, the employees have been nice and usually friendly. My distaste is for the mere fact that on at least 4 occasions when I have placed a mobile order, I arrive at the store only to be told that an extra ingredient I added (and paid for) was not available. They never offer to refund me or compensate me so I end up paying for something I never received. And I would be fair in saying that they rarely offered a heartfelt apology. Nonetheless, since they are the closest location to my work, I still frequent them quite often and will continue to do so.

Austin H.

Really slow and there's so many people working. They sound like they are still asleep, and they got my order wrong a couple of times! If you can or have time I'd prefer to go to the Starbucks in Ala Moana!

Sekea Murray

I love this Starbucks, they are always so pleasant. No matter when I go everyone is so nice and they always go above and beyond. They always have my order right.

Lorrie Chung

Outstanding service by all of Starbuck's associates/baristas. They even rinsed my personal cup after I finished my beverage as requested. In addition, they served me my breakfast on a plate, and a glass of water (in a glass cup). Outstanding! :D

Harry Hale

Quick, efficient and friendly service. This store was slammed because of the free Xmas cup giveaway. Yet the servers managed perform with a smile. This is a store that practices ALOHA that one would expect in Paradise.

Lily F.

Collect 20 stars when you get a handcrafted holiday espresso beverage until November 24. At this location in target, customers can collect stars or get discount with target red card. There are many tables where you can rest after shopping. My 2nd beverage for the day was grande caramel brulee latte iced drink $5.35 . The flavor was nice.

Vincent Y.

Been coming here for a long time and they have improved to 5 stars! Kat and other baristas are very friendly, helpful, cheerful and efficient. They open until 11pm which is great and they keep a clean restaurant and restroom. Absolutely NO complaints, only KUDOS! Coffee tastes excellent as usual too BTW and free refills when using my prepaid SBUX card gives me EVERYTHING I want in a SBUX. These guys in Hawaii TOP the baristas in SEA where I have lived for 11 years so far. Hawaii STARBUCKS no ka oi! Da best!


The cafe is conveniently located on the 3rd floor of the Ala Moana shopping mall. Itâ??s clean and bright and the service is friendly and efficient. Coffee is served in a cup and saucer, as itâ??s served in Europe, and is delicious. The pastries taste homemade. Breakfast isnâ??t served here, but quiche is available. I highly recommend stopping in.

Nohe C.

They don't have everything available (they don't sell the quinoa salad), which was OK but they couldn't even add thai walls to my ice tea. I asked to use one of my rewards and I was charged $9.21 (for a Grande strawberry black tea and double smoked bacon sandwich), double checked with the barista and she said the reward was used. $9.21 for tea??? I even tried contacting Starbucks customer service and they confirmed that a reward was used and pretty much said they can't do anything. Never been to a Starbucks where tea was that expensive.

Debe Lilly Wood Dunn

Mmm nice. A nice place to sit n chill. Love visiting Hawaii to get a shot of Starbucks..A perfect way to top off an afternoon. Thanks

Maressa M.

DONT GO TO THIS STARBUCKS. I'd recommend going to the other ones in the mall. Even though this Starbucks isn't as busy, maybe there's a reason why - for instance the service and the drinks. I'm giving 1 Star because I did not like my drink or the service. I ordered a Iced Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte and for some odd reason I could taste Peppermint. So, I told the barista and so she dumped the coffee and made a new one (but used the same cup) and it still tasted like peppermint. I didn't like her attitude or the way she handled it, she didn't even say sorry... so I just decided to walk away and try drinking my coffee BUT at half way, I just decided to throw it away. I wasted $5 on a coffee that I did not like. Also, when I asked for a small cup of whip cream, the barista said that "Next time, you need to order it at the register because you'd usually have to pay" BUT when I go to the other Starbucks they don't ever charge me for a cup of whip cream even when I ask for it at the register. It just says "Add Whip Cream $0.00" So, I don't know what was wrong with that barista. Bad day? Well, don't take it out on your customers.