SXY Szechuan 蜀乡缘 川菜馆

Second floor Mall level, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd #2870, Honolulu
(808) 942-8884

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Winnie Huang

Really great service! Staffs were all very friendly and even offered house special hot sauce. However, the dishes were all quite mediocre. The hot boiled fish (水煮魚) tastes way too fishy, as much as we love this type of dish and have pretty low standard, we could only eat half of it (or less). Tantan noodle is very soggy, and the broth is lack of umami and no signature peppercorn flavor at all. (I ordered mild spicy that’s why the color seemed a bit bland, not their fault). Even though I asked extra chili oil for the noodle, its still lack of the numbing taste and flavor ? String bean was pretty good, but the quality of the string bean itself wasn’t the best either.Overall, I would recommend this place to add more peppercorn and cinlantro to dishes to make it more authentic and flavorful.

Jacie F.

3.75 rating! When is help gonna do .5s?! Anyways, I think this place was hyped up a little too much for me. The reviews made me excited. I thought it was ehh. I'd rather go to a more hole in the wall Szechuan or Chinese place. If you decide to go, I would definitely recommend the Kung pao chicken. It starts off sweet and then has a little spice at the end. Really good, and not too bready. I always love string beans like this... da thicc kine. These werent that crispy, but they satisfied my craving. I could eat string beans alll dayyyy. Twice-cooked pork... pretty dry.

Corina Q.

Amazing Szechuan food located on the second floor of Ala Moana's Ewa Wing, next to Jamba Juice and Zara. My friends and I had a reservation for 10 people at 6pm, and when we got there I saw a few tables get turned away because it was so busy! The waiter was quick to take our order, and the food came out insanely fast. Our first dish, the mouth-watering chicken, came out in about 5 minutes after we ordered it, and the rest of the dishes rolled out one by one. We had all our dishes within 12 minutes of ordering. For all of the dishes that required spice, we went with the medium heat, which added the amazing tangy spicy Szechuan kick to the dishes without overpowering it with too much heat. Here's what we got, in ranking of my favorites to least favorites: Pork Dumplings in Szechuan Chili Sauce $11.99 Mapo Tofu $16.99 Kung Pao Chicken $17.99 Fried Lamb on Toothpicks $21.99 Stir-fried Green Beans $13.99 Fish Filets in Szechuan Chili Sauce $21.99 Szechuan style pork salad $14.99 Fried Rice Mouth-watering chicken $17.99 The pork dumplings were my absolute favorite. The chili sauce that they use is tangy, bright and flavorful, while the dumpling itself had a nice soft & chewy skin filled with meat inside. The mapo tofu isn't your traditional one with ground meat, but instead was similar to a Japanese agedashi tofu with the cornstarch making it gelatinous. Generous portions of sauce, soft tofu and leek. I'm usually not a huge fan of lamb, but I loved this one because it wasn't gamey at all, and was fried to perfection on a bed of (kind of oily) fried potatoes. I think I'd wanna get all the dishes again EXCEPT for the fried rice and mouth watering chicken. The fried rice was pretty average, nothing special, and I couldn't enjoy the mouth-watering chicken as much because of the gelatinous skin still attached and the amount of bones that it still contained. Service was great - the servers came to check on us often and refilled our waters, and the chef even came out and chatted with us for a few minutes which was super cute haha Portions were rather small for the price in my opinion, but the quality of the food was definitely up there. I'd suggest coming with a big party like we did, so you can try more things without completely breaking your wallet. They do charge an automatic 16% for parties larger than 5.

Catherine W.

I've always wanted to try SXY (I call it sexy not sure how to pronounce it lol) since the day I saw the sign up and when it was still under renovation. I've heard mixed reviews about this place so I decided to try it myself to see if it really delivers some authentic delicious sichuanese dishes. And I have to say I was quite disappointed. First of all this review is straightly for takeouts. And I think the food would've been better if I ate them at the restaurant. I ordered 2 appetizers: cucumber salad with garlic sauce and mushrooms with sichuan sauce. I was expecting different flavors because one was sichuan sauce one was garlic sauce. Annnnnd they tasted the same. Cucumbers were not crunchy at all and were soaked in red oil. Wait that waa garlic sauce?! Did they use the same sauce for 2 different dishes? Luckily the mushrooms were quite fresh and crunchy. For entrees we tried the signature dishes: fish with sichuan sauce and stir fried lamb. Lamb was not bad it was very tender and it had a different flavor than the other dishes so a dish that I actually enjoyed. And the fish was extremely disappointing. It didn't look appetizing so I didn't even post the picture of it on yelp. There were only a few pieces of fish. So instead of fish with sichuan sauce I would have called it veggies with sichuan sauce. It was literally a big pot of veggies swimming in the red oil. All of us had the same response after the dinner: something's missing. I think what's missing is the essence of sichuan cuisine: xiang (aroma/flavor) and la (spiciness). Ok I take it back actually all the dishes tasted very spicy but that's not what sichuan food is all about. There was no flavor/aroma at all. I could not taste the peppercorn, garlic or cumin, etc. I'm no expert when it comes to sichuan cuisine but I always have the wow moment when I eat their dishes. And sxy was not able to make me wow. Still I love to see more Chinese restaurants on the island and I hope they will continue to improve and do well!


The flavor was quite good but it was surprisingly not spicy! Didn't get the mouth numbing at all and my nose wasn't even runny. I imagine they need to cater to Western tastes. Got the fish fillet in spicy sauce dish.Also got the mouth-watering chicken appetizer that was not good. It's served cold and it was very hard to remove meat from the bones.

Klemens T.

Ate here for the first time with my wife lunch. We ordered the stir fried green beans (super delicious with a slight hint of spiciness), stir fried beef with scallions (flavorful and filled with veggies), and the Dan-Dan Mian (little bowl of cold noodles in hot and spicy chili sauce was pretty delicious). Overall, the prices were very reasonable for the portions served. We didn't even know this place existed because it's located at the top of the Piikoi Street ramp next to Jamba Juice in the Ala Moana Shopping CenterIf we didn't need to use the restroom located right next to the restaurant, we still wouldn't have known this place was here lol. The staff were fast and friendly. They're not the kind of Chinese restaurant that I'm normally used to. The menu is limited and specific so checkout the menu before coming here expecting roast duck or orange chicken lol. Still worth the try nonetheless.

Corbett Stern

Had to try this place after driving and walking by it several times. It did not disappoint. We selected the green beans, the Kung Pao chicken, and the mapo tofu. The food was all so delicious and the Szechuan peppers added such a nice flavour and kick to the dishes.We also had a wonderful chat with the head chef/owner?, Amy, who talked passionately about the dishes and was truly a delight to talk to. We felt incredibly welcome and the service was very attentive to our needs and flow of the meal. We will be returning often!

Robert C.

We came here Sunday at 5pm, and place was virtually empty. Very clean, great lighting, and nice decorations on the walls, with floor to ceiling glass on the outside. Ordered the $16.99 kung pao chicken and the $16.99 twice cooked pork, along with two cups of $1.50 white rice. No brown rice available. The twice cooked pork came with thin slices of pork along with vegetables, including red bell peppers. Not everyday that you see $7 /lb red bell peppers in Hawaii. They usually use zucchini. Not here. Very tasty fresh pork went well with the vegetables. The kung pao chicken came with cut up cubes of chicken and shredded red chilis. No vegetables. The chicken was subsequently exceptionally spicy hot. Even my wife, who loves spicy kung pao chicken, couldn't handle the spiciness. I drank three glasses of water. Ate all the rice and about half the dishes, both excellently presented with large portions. Would cook brown rice and steamed zucchini to mix with the leftovers for a large dinner at the condo. We paid $16.99 for each of our dishes, compared to the $24.99 prices listed on Yelp and the take out menu, a good value, even with my lips burning from the spiciness of the chicken! We asked for the bill as soon as we finished our meal. The place was packed with a line out the door waiting, due to limited capacity due to social distancing of tables. Common courtesy to leave as soon as you are done, and not linger when others are waiting. A team of three waiters cleared the table and processed my credit card on the spot in record time!

Monica Y.

I'm glad I got to experience this Szechuan restaurant with my friend! I made reservations for a Wednesday night at 6:00pm... it wasn't super crowded but there was a good amount of people dining in. We already had a few menu items in mind that we wanted to order: stir-fried green beans, Szechuan dumplings with chili sauce, and the spicy garlic shrimp. But we wanted a meat dish to compliment our other dishes so we asked for a recommendation. Our waiter recommended the Szechuan roast duck hot pot with vegetable. I'm so glad he did because that was the best item we ordered! The green beans were my favorite too. The shrimp was good but there was a little more spice than flavor. And the dumplings were tasty. I'm not sure if it was the manager or owner who came by our table to check on us but she also mentioned that she's working on new menu items, so I'm excited to see what she adds to the menu. The taste kind of reminds me of a Chinese & Mongolian fusion. Lots of spices and spicy/heat to each dish, so just be careful is spicy is not for you. Most of their dishes seemed to be pretty spicy. Make sure to order some rice with your dishes to kind of help tame the heat. Overall, good restaurant and hopefully their new menu items will be more items with not as much spice because I feel like spicy is not for everyone. I hope to return once they add to their menu!

Richard Ampudia

Excellent experience from start to finish. We were greeted promptly and quickly seated. Because we arrived at the beginning of dinner service, our food was very quickly prepared. Everything we had was delicious ?cucumber salad, mapo tofu, beef stew and friend lamb cubes. You can tell the kitchen is well trained with all dishes perfectly balanced and every ingredient super fresh. We had the opportunity to briefly speak to the chef propietor who came to check on our table. It is so refreshing to be able to go to an authentic family owned restaurant, that is not just another big corporation in the Ala Moana Mall. You can feel the love here, plus the place is super clean and the service super efficient. The portions are very generous and for Honolulu standards the prices are very reasonable. What a great surprise ! Finally a place in Ala Moana that lives up to the hype. Sorry no photos we were enjoying the food too much to bother taking pictures...

Stacey L.

Everyone is trying out this new place and yes, it's worth the try! Easily accessible and located at Ala Moana Shopping center, this place is clean and a lot larger then I expected. They did a good job at social distancing and I felt quite safe dining there. My friend and I ordered an array of food... we not shy! Everything was good. The fried rice was kinda oily but tasted so yummy I couldn't stop myself. The lamb on sticks were a big surprise for me. They had a nice crispy outside and tender on the inside. Only thing is sometimes the toothpick didn't slide out easily and I bit on the stick and chewed it a little. Kinda irritating if you wanna chow down... but forces you to eat slowly and enjoy the flavor. The green beans. I could eat these everyday. Fo reals. So crunchy, spicy, and tasty... put in rice, noodles, wrap in bread... I no care... imma gonna eat it. Get it, you won't be disappointed. - overall really good food - clean and new establishment - they serve alcohol - serving sizes were generous - pricing is expected and fair Only four stars you ask? Cuz, l like Mian better but this place is a good alternative and right behind them!!!

Vallainy L.

My mom and my first time here. The ambiance is nice, what you expect from a Chinese restaurant but more modern I guess to say. Service is excellent. We were seated immediately when arriving and our server was always near us if we needed anything. Food is good! I guess our server was concerned if it was too spicy for us, which is nice of him to care, but honestly it didn't seem spicy at all to me. I expected a little more spice and would have preferred it to be a little more spicy, but it's very good! He even gave a couple recommendations that we enjoyed. We will definately come back.

Andy F.

"Authentic" What is "authentic?" I've seen many Chinese restaurants use this word on its menu or advertisements, and all of them are the Westernized/Chop Suey style restaurants which are far away from "authentic." But you're not sure what their "authentic" is. It may be that Westernized/American Chinese food IS authentic to them. Who am I to say what is "authentic?" My interpretation of "authentic" is the food is prepared as close as possible to the original without deviating too much with the ingredients, and keeping its core flavor is a must. I have eaten and seen food from its origin and other cities, including here of course. When I saw the huge bright sign saying "SXY Szechuan," I was pretty excited for having another Chinese restaurant open, especially a Sichuan cuisine. Well, I should've looked more closely and analyzed the name more as it's spelled "Szechuan." Blast! It's the romanized/Westernized spelling! Sadly, that applied to the food. For some odd reason, the theme of the food was garlic, and not Sichuan peppercorns and chili peppers. SXY is conveniently located in the second level of Ala Moana Shopping Center on the Nordstrom side. You can just drive up the ramp from Piikoi or Queen St, and you're already there. Temperature check at the door and need to fill out contact info. The inside is spacious and clean with a full bar. The menu offers the typical options if you've been to Chengdu Taste, and the photos looked authentic and amazing. However, the food was the opposite of the photos. We started the meal on a high note with the Mouthwatering Chicken. The sauce was tasty and flavorful. It was a mellow spice, and the dominant flavor was a sweet and savory garlic taste. The chicken was slightly over cooked as the meat was on the tough side. The odd part is there was a bed of scallions underneath. If you compare the photos from the menu to the real dish, it's missing the chili peppers and the brown skin, and the presentation is very different. Next was the Dan Dan Mian in Szechuan Chili Sauce. Another totally different presentation than the menu, the noodles came out way too fast. The noodles weren't even cooked all the way through. It was chewy and difficult to bite through. I'm not sure where the chili "sauce" was because it appeared to be half chili oil and the other half some brown sauce with regular oil. It barely had minced pork and it was topped with loads of garlic. Why?? The taste was bland, and very one note. There was no depth of flavors at all. No savoriness. Just the chili taste. I needed to mix in the sauce from the chicken dish. Lastly was the Fish Fillet in Szechuan Chili Sauce. It's a favorite dish of ours and we order it wherever it's available, so we know what it's supposed to be, and this was not close at all. The fish used here was Tilapia, which didn't eat right because of its lean and flaky texture and fishy taste. The flavor was just not right. It was predominantly doubanjiang (fermented bean paste). The broth was more on the brown side. It was quite bland and watery than savory. There were no dried chili peppers and no Sichuan peppercorns! Where was the spice? Where was the numbing sensation? There was the Crushed Red Pepper that looks like it goes onto top of a pizza. Honestly, it was depressing eating this dish. The bottom had a lot of Chinese cabbage stems cut into very large strips as well as celery and some garlic shoots. A bizarre combo. The vegetables weren't really soft and cooked through. It was like they just put all the vegetables on the bottom and poured in the fish and sauce on top. This was the worst Shui Zhu Yu I've had. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the food. It really felt too toned down and too much adjusted to Western tastes. The core flavors weren't there. For Mala, I barely got the La (spice) and zero Ma (numbing spice). I'm not sure why the menu photos are totally different tha

Chris Amendola

We had a great meal here, it started with a small wait even though we had a reservation but that was the people refusing to leaves fault really. I guess it was just that good haha. Once seated though everything was great, the server was very attentive and very helpful with all our questions. We ordered a wide variety of stuff and kept the heat level to standard as we were told it can get intense. Good thing we listened because the base line heat is great and just enough to be hot without killing the meal. Trust me we love heat and hot food and it was good. I have to include the drinks as well , sorry they did come first. The mixed drinks were very well made and didn't lack alcohol at all so feel free to get a cocktail as well. Overall it was a good experience, everyone on staff was wearing masks, some even 2. I never saw anyone take theirs off not even once. The owner or manager made her way over and was checking on everyone as well. Definitely give them a try.

Justine LaLa Story

We’ve visited the restaurant and we liked the food so we had take out order this time.Each dish tasted very good. The chicken was only issue... it had lots of bones and very little meat. (I guess it is the real Chinese style?). We were it very excited about it.I’d go eat at there restaurant again as we like shezuan style food.

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