SXY Szechuan

1450 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu
(808) 942-8884

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Kevin A.

I enjoyed the spicy change but first time I've ever seen my wife's eyes perspire. There was some difficulty communicating with the wait staff. Just know you can order light or not spicy if u like. Another couple was actually trying to send back their dishes because they felt it was inedible. I liked it tho and beyond the spice food 2as tasty.

Darren Y.

Good spot for Sichuan in Hawaii. Got the mapo, spicy fish soup, pepper chicken, tofu soup, and Dan Dan. All were spicy and yummy

Diana S.

My friend and I stopped by for a late lunch on a Saturday on 8/20/22 around 1:30p. We wanted to try some spicy Szechuan food. SXY Szechuan surely delivered that! We ordered some cute drinks, a sweet milk drink and a sweet white gourd drink to pair with our meal. We ordered the lamb dish and ordered it medium spicy and the beef dish with vegetables medium spicy. The lamb dish was fragrant and tasty. The beef dish came with a heated candle that would keep your dish hot throughout the meal. The beef dish had some fried lotus roots, onions, green peppers, and anise, mixed in. What I can tell you is that the medium spice level is extremely spicy, for us. It was so spicy that I told my friend let's order something else to eat with less heat and hot peppers. Therefore, we ordered the cold chicken dish paired with chili and chili oil and asked for it to be the least spicy as can be. This dish was the spice level that we were used to. Overall we loved the flavorings. The servers will make the spice level tamer if you are not used to heavy spice. Although, it was spicy, we loved it! We will definitely come back and try the noodles and stews as well as increase our spice level endurance.

Gene H.

今日 ランチに行ってきました。 2人で行ったので 料理は二品 四川料理の定番 麻婆豆腐 それと青椒肉絲を頼んで、ご飯を注文しました。 料理の味は 中国醤油臭さも無く、大変美味しく頂きました。 ポーションの量は米国サイズで、2人で食べ切れなかったです。 4人で、3皿ぐらいが適量かと思います。 場所柄 ちょっと高いかなと思い星4ですが、お勧めのお店です。

Ryan Fang

Looking for SPicY food? Then come to SXY Szechuan. They have amazing spicy food like pork ribs, pigs large intestine(sound Disgusting but REALLY yummy) and they also have rice to eat. They also have wine, cocktails, and sodas. The service here is also great, they are so friendly and fast getting your food. And the most important part is if you are a a non spicy person, don’t worry, they non spicy dumplings you can enjoy.

Ryan Rupley

AUTHENTIC!Been many places around the US and SXY Szechuan in my opinion is definitely top 3. They keep to their recipes and dont try to “americanize” (i mean no disrespect).I could tell by just the smell of the food how good it was gonna be and they did NOT disappoint.Shrimp fried rice- 100000!Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs- 100000!Stone bowl mapu tofu - 100000!the staff were Very polite not rushing us but still attentive to our needs.We even brought our service dog and they had no issues (many places in HI still havent been informed about service animals and their/our rights).We are just passing through HI but for sure we will come back!!!Thank you for the great experience SXY Szechuan!

Eldon Ngo

Good for first timer. Lots of pepper flakes after we were done eating. But the food is interesting

Randy S.

Shǔ Xiāng Yuán Sìchuān. A very comfy restaurant to experience one of the 8 great cuisines of China - lots of parking, good a/c, clean tables, attentive and helpful service if you're unsure about what to order. Right up front you know you'll be experiencing the palate numbing tingling of má là - the sichuan peppercorn and fiery chili combination. Then there is the depth added from aromatics like garlic, ginger, green onion, plus fresh/dried/pickled chili, fresh and preserved vegetables, oil, wine, and sugar. The cold appetizer, Mouth Watering Chicken, is a good way to start getting acquainted with mà lá. Mung Bean Jelly Noodles, Liángfěn, is another good start. Stone Pot Mapo Tofu is an easy addition. If you want a hot pot go for the Szechuan Flavored Hot Pot w Beef. If you do, order some sides like Fried Shredded Potato or Stir Fried Lotus Root. Get a Green Onion Pancake to tear and dip in the hot pot liquid. If you need noodles then the Dàn Dàn Miàn is a dry version that's sharable and not too messy. Sticky Rice Cakes w Brown Sugar, Cíbā, is steamed then fried before being covered in soy flour and brown sugar syrup. The location in Ala Moana Center makes it a convenient meal stop with lots of post-meal dessert options if pounded glutinous rice isn't your idea of a sweet ending. I like the helpfulness of the staff and they're receptive to requests for add ons or substitutions.

Sidney L.

Really really like the food at SXY Szechuan! Besides Chengdu Taste, SXY has really good sichuan food on the island. The food are so damn flavorful and delicious. In terms of flavor, you can't really go wrong with any of the dishes on the menu. Sichuan food always have good flavorssssss. I liked everything I have tried so far. My personal favorites are: flavored hot pot with pig blood, flavored hot pot with chicken meat, garlic pork ribs, stir fried eggplant and green beans, and dan dan mian noodles. I also tried the Roasted Fish as it is one of the popular dishes. Not my personal favorite as I am not a huge fan of fish. I highly recommend it as a good dinner spot with friends and family.

Clay Y.

It can be spicy... they also use numbing peppers in the dish, my daughter loves this. Entries can be orderd and shared family style. Ordered a dry pot and wet pot as well as a noodle dish. Food was good but pricy, I guess that they need to pay rent to Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Kathy Y.

Sxy Szechuan Restaurant in Ala Moana Shopping Center featuring Chinese Szechuan dishes. Spicy dishes at your heat level. I suggest family style so that way you can try several dishes. So many yummy dishes like noodles, mopu tofu, chicken, pork, lamb, veggies and many more. Wide variety of exotic dishes like pig ears, pig intestines, heart, gizzards, stewed pig feet and frog legs. Flavors very delicious so check out this place.

Toma C.

Someone told me to go here and they raved about it but maybe I don't like the extra spicy food. If you like it very spicy go here. The hot and sour soup was good. The chicken wings was good too. It was crispy and full of flavor. The eggplant and green beans were yummy too.

Tan H

I ordered the Szechuan Beef. (Dry Pot) It was amazing & I loved the presentation. Lots of spices in the food, which gave it tons of flavor. It was served with a bowl of rice & the added bonus was the candle burning underneath to keep the food warm.

Eric A.

Parking: Ala Moana Center has tons of parking. The restaurant is located on the second floor, Nordstrom/Bloomingdale side of the mall, or enter through Piikoi street. Experience: We went during the opening of their dinner service as walk-ins. Hostess quickly welcomed us. It wasn't packed at all; maybe about 3 or 4 parties inside the restaurant and we were seated pretty quickly. The vibe in the restaurant has a modern feel to it, yet retaining its Chinese roots. Food: I'll caveat by saying that this is my first time trying out Sichuan food, so take this review for what it is; a first time experience to this style. Our appetizer was the minced meat eggplant dish. Aesthetically, I really enjoyed that that eggplant retained its purple color. The minced meat was fried. The dish made a tasty appetizer. Both the Mapo Tofu and the Szechuan hot pot were both very delicious. You're able to adjust the spicy level. By default, they rate the dish at a "level 3" spicy level. We asked for a "level 2"; still had a lot of kick to the dish. Both very flavorful and like the other reviews, full of spices. Lots of Sichuan peppers in both of the dishes. Our sides were the Garlic Fried Rice and the Jiangxi noodles. Garlic Fried Rice was pretty good. Not oily, not crispy. Could taste the garlic Flavor. The noodles were also a good addition and like the fried rice, not crispy or oily. By the end of the experience, we definitely took a lot of the food home and ended up finishing it for leftovers. Still as delicious as it was when we were first served it. Overall: I would recommend this place as a casual dining spot and somewhere to go if you're craving this style of food. After this experience, I do plan on coming back here and definitely want to try the other dishes they have.

Maki K.

First time trying here. My 2 of Chinese coworkers recommend this place. Tried spicy garlic pork ribs $19.99 Pretty good!! Next time love to try spicy shrimps

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