The Mermaid Bar

Ala Moana Shopping Center 1450 Ala Moana Boulevard Level Two, Honolulu
(808) 951-3428

Recent Reviews

opentable dinner

Service could not have been better, the food was great & the view fantastic.


View of nature is awesome. Ambiance is elegant. Food was delicious. Environment set up was very safe. Enjoyable experience!


Love the openness, the fish was fresh and the service was good.


Could have more vegetarian options.


Mariposa never disappoint me. Once you step into the restaurant we always feel welcomed. So glad to come back here after they finally reopened. Their set up is timeless including spacious lanai dinning and endless popovers!


Always a treat to dine here—relaxed, inviting atmosphere, attentive service, good food and drinks. Look forward to visiting again.


My friend and I both ordered Saturday special: Prime Rib Dip. The dish was delicious, but I didn't realize that it was a sandwitch. I would have ordered a salad since I have a limitation on carb for my health reasons. The service and the atmosphere were as nice as before Corona.

opentable dinner

Waited for reopening, it was very good.

opentable dinner

Birthday lunch with my auntie, food and service is good. The view of ala Moana beach is super fantastic.


Great food, great atmosphere, awesome service.


We were thrilled to finally enjoy a meal at MARIPOSA. My husband and I shared our meals - split King Crab meat salad and the Blackened Ahi - totally delicious! The entire staff was very nice and attentive. I also love the beautiful fans. Oh, and we enjoyed the warm chicken broth and of course the Puff with guava butter! Yes, we will return!


Joey was too notch!


Only 3 stories from street level, but beautiful and relaxing views. Excellent service and very good food.


I was quite disturbed when I noticed a wedding party waiting to be seated. Not one of them was wearing a mask. When they seated the party at tables next to us, I hurried to finish so we could get away from these people. Very disappointing that the host/hostess did not ask them to mask up while they were waiting.


The pork chop that I ordered well done was not as I requested. I was given another pork chop and it was worse than the first one. I was told by the waiter that due to COVID, they could not recook the food, so that is why I got a completely different pork chop. For the 3rd try, I got back the same #2 pork chop (was I being lied to about not being able to recook the food?), but it was still undercooked! I was there to celebrate my friend's birthday and she was done eating by the time the 2nd pork chop came along. I had the same dish twice before on other occasions and there were no problems. The chef could not get it right in 3 tries. I was truly upset and disappointed.

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