The Ripple of Smiles

3040 Waialae Ave, Honolulu
(808) 354-2572

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Tina B.

Ever since I moved to O'ahu, I've been terribly homesick. This place hit the spot for me because it resembled a lot of traditional dishes that my Grandma made. I would totally recommend.Delivery: Yes - there's various food delivery apps that you can order from.Parking: Yes - small lot...but it's FREE!Cleanliness: Yes - they take this very seriously. Freshness: SUPER fresh produce. My favorite dish was the Vietnamese Curry. They used to have baguettes that could be a side order, and eating that with the curry was D I V I N E. I've had many of their other dishes and they're just all VERY VERY good. For the price - I think it's definitely a good deal! Overall - I've always felt very happy eating here.

Ana T.

I'm glad I decided to take a chance ordering take out from here. I like the fact that they have vegan options, although I am not vegan it's great to have options. Many delicious sounding items on the menu so I had a tough time choosing what to order. I ended up ordering a ginger lemonade, oyster mushroom tempura & lemon grass chicken with vermicelli. Honestly it was a lot of food just for me but I enjoyed portion size. The ginger lemonade hit the spot, I tasted more ginger than anything else but I got it for that reason. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, doggy friendly outside of course. I'd love to go back and try their spring rolls and Vietnamese coffee!

Kahea R.

Nothing like their ginger (lots of fresh ginger) lemonade and tofu lemongrass vermicelli on a hot summer evening. Their vegan pho is excellent, so is their stone pot veggie dish. And the vegan banh mi. In fact, everything we've had is excellent. And if anyone deserves to stay in business through this pandemic, it's these people who make an enormous effort to make you comfortable and keep you safe (at what must be significant cost) while still being cheerful about it.

Wendell Hosea

The combination Pho with broth was awesome. Also, I loved their choice of Jazz tune selections. Though I'm not a vegan fan, the menu selections will overwhelm vegan food lovers. Enjoy!

Kathy C.

I was delighted to find a Vietnamese restaurant that focuses on vegan dishes. For those that prefer meat, don't worry, they also have meat options. I had the lemongrass tofu sauté with vermicelli. It came with raw vegetables and herbs to mix in. The flavor of the lemongrass tofu was fantastic! I have had this dish at many Vietnamese restaurants, but this was by far the best. My husband had lemongrass chicken with rice and he loved his dish too. I am definitely going back.

RokZ Tanaka

Wonderful place with both indoor and outdoor seating. We choose to sit outside in the covered lanai where there were tables more than 6 feet apart. Though we were outdoors, we could hardly hear the busy traffic on the otherside the fence.

Katchina M.

Really great Vietnamese food with plenty of vegan options. If vegan isn't your bag, don't worry. There are plenty of options for carnivores as well. I was in the mood for something spicy, so I opted for the lemongrass tofu and it was delicious! Perfect amount of sauce of the tofu, which left it flavorful but not at all soggy. The salad on the side was also really good. They have these lightly pickled, very thinly sliced carrots that are unforgettable. Everything we ordered was excellent and Ill definitely be back. You can dine in, if you are comfortable doing so, or of course order your food to go. All of the staff here are really accommodating. Our server was so friendly and we never had to wait long for anything. The restaurant has a very nice outdoor seating area, surrounded by plants, that provides a really cool ambiance when its not too hot. You could easily forget that you're sitting right in the middle of town because of all of the plants, its a pretty cool little spot for some great food!

Ed L.

That moment that you are craving Vietnamese cuisine but you'd want to try a place that I haven't been to yet. I've always heard about Ripple of Smiles, but sometimes, life gets in the way. Procrastination sucks sometimes.I finally got over here on a recent day in July 2020. I was glad that they open pretty late, but last orders of the night should be in by 8:30pm when they're open. I was reminded from a fellow Yelp friend of how this place is utterly amazing and that I should check it out, considering the restaurant is in Kaimuki town. Ripple of Smiles took the space from the Greek restaurant that was here at this space from in the 2010's. The ambiance is nice and the restaurant space inside was intimate and quite nice actually. The décor seemed dated, but everything was quite nice and seemed like this was the place to be on any given night to have Vietnamese cuisine. Due to the pandemic in 2020, I opted to get take out and get in my Pho fix at a new Vietnamese restaurant nearby that was new to me and needed to check out. For the most part though, I found myself enjoying this place, even though it was a take out affair. I really need to come back here and dine in to savor the full effect, but this experience at Ripple of Smiles got my foot in the door to deliciousness. It was quite good, although take out Pho doesn't have the same feeling as in a porcelain bowl.I found it a little surprising that their Pho options were a little on the light side. I ended up ordering P4, or the seafood Pho noodle soup, just to make things interesting. I also added one order of summer rolls on the side, as that's what I normally order when I have Vietnamese cuisine. The Pho itself - in a take out container, was a bit different, but contain the same hearty broth that I love with bean sprouts. I ordered the noodles separately, so I can mix it in at home. It was definitely a dinner that picked me up when it was a nice alternative to the norm. While prices here is a bit tinier on the expensive realm of things, it makes up for it in personal service and the quality of the food. The service here is very friendly and fast. Its definitely casual and a nice place to dine here, if you get a chance to. It's one of many Vietnamese restaurants in Kaimuki, but I feel like this is definitely top 3 in my book. Hope to be back sometime soon. It's a hidden gem for sure in Kaimuki town. Recommended if you're in the area.The Ripple of Smiles is located at 3040 Waialae Avenue at the bottom of St. Louis Drive in Kaimuki town, Honolulu. They accept major credit cards, which is always amazing, as well as cash. They have egan and vegetarian options for anyone who wishes to order these options. As far as parking goes, they have a small parking area there, but its very limited. Not sure where else to park other than residential street parking on Dole Street and walk on down. If you are like me, bus routes 1, 1L, 9, 13, and 14 come through the area and stops off at various locations nearby. Do yourself a favor and come and sample such decadence here at The Ripple of Smiles. I know I should have come here earlier before the pandemic, but life got in the way. I'll definitely be back when this pandemic dies down and get to fully indulge in my Pho fix. Best bet would be to come here early and secure the best parking spot. Enjoy!4.0 stars for the overall experience. 4.0 stars for the service and ambiance. 4.5 stars for the food, although 3.0 stars for the prices. It's a bit higher than the average, but its okay.Support local!B


Very relaxing and great food. The vegan pho and spring rolls are favorites.

Zurdar G.

Delicious vegan spring roll vermicelli Amazing and refreshing ginger lemonade Friendly and efficient service ! Coming back ASAP, love the vegan options!

Caroline P.

I love this place soo much. Awesome food and friendly service. I love all the vegan choices. During this pandemic they remained open for take out and it has been a wonderful thing!

Marcus Q.

Great spot (used to be that Greek place a while back). Good food and vegan options! Outdoor seating (following all social distancing, hygiene, mask wearing). Good Vietnamese food!

Anna A.

Can I give more than five stars??? Just wow. I had an awesome experience. That place was small and charming. Clean. Parking may be an issue if it's busy. But it would be worth it. My server was really kind and attentive. He updated me on how long my food was going to take when he walked by. Made sure I had water always One thing I did like is the simple paper menu. He also offered to look on the online menu which I think is very eco friendly. There's 2 menus. A vegan and a non vegan menu. Both with great Vietnamese options I had the vegan meat vermicelli and added on 2 spring rolls. Easily... the best meal I had all year. I over heard the server offering extra broth to the closest occupied table if they wanted it. That's nice to know. I'm going back tomorrow with friends who are meat eaters and I know they will like it. Just from one experience I'm very satisfied and will be recommending this place to my vegan and non vegan friends.

Christa R.

Im one of those individuals that 1) never leaves reviews unless the place is AMAZING and 2) legitimately never gets upset over things. All of that changed yesterday afternoon when I received my order from bitesquad. I ordered the Pho but I understand they were sold out already-- fine, I switched to the garlic shrimp with rice. Well, for the first time in a while, I find myself legitimately upset because I can't believe I ordered a #*%! Pound of rice with a few shrimp. Like what in the actual?! $16.50 for a LOT of white rice and a few shrimp. Might as well throw in an option for some fried rice or something. I've been robbed. I will say that my partners fried rice was phenomenal though.

Trisha L.

I absolutely love this spot!! Have been coming here for a year since I moved to Kaimuki, the staff is super friendly and welcoming and I've never had a dish that disappoints. I've been getting takeout on the regular, trying to do my part to make sure they get through these crazy covid times. Can't wait to sit on their lanai in a couple more weeks!!

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