The Ripple of Smiles

3040 Waialae Ave, Honolulu
(808) 354-2572

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Raagini S.

WOW. The house special with vegan meat is one of the best things I've ever had in my life. It came in a sizzling pot and was served with the best soft rice. It was super flavorful. I also really enjoyed the banh mi (or tofu baguette sandwich) which came with a nicely warmed baguette. It was delectable - my husband and I couldn't stop eating it. We also dipped the baguette into the house special pot which was AMAZING. Spring rolls were quite good but I could have done without them. We didn't like the tempura much because it was quite heavy. And the fake meat curry my husband thought was only OK. He said he wants to come back and get two of the house special! It really is that good!

Amberlie R.

I would definitely eat here again. Parking was probably the only downside. The lot is entirely small and on a Monday night around 8:00p it was completely full. Since we were just grabbing our food and leaving, we illegally parked in the City Mill overflow parking lot across the street (sorry, HPD). We ordered from door dash and chose the pickup option because there was 30% off pickup (nice deal!). For two bowls of pho, we paid just a little over $20 which I thought was a decent price. The pickup was extremely easy and quick. Our food was hot and ready to go. Doordash even gave me a notification when it was ready to pick up! We got the rare steak pho and the seafood pho. I quickly noticed that they really give you a good amount of food and a great amount of whatever meat you choose. The seafood pho had a great variety of shrimp, squid and onion. The rare steak had the perfect amount for each bite too! I've been sick lately so that nice warm bowl of pho can really make the tummy happy- and it indeed did. Even enough left over for todays lunch. I definitely want to eat inside next time because the ambience in this restaurant felt cozy, relaxing and right up my alley! Overall, aside from the whole parking situation, I would 100% recommend Ripple of Smiles to anyone that asks for a decent place for pho!

Brandi B.

So so good. I love the atmosphere and welcoming staff. I can't get off the vegan spring roll and noodle combo long enough to try anything else. I've only done take-out, which is always fast. I'm going to have to branch out and try their homeade meat alternatives. Everything looks really tasty

S M.

Came here for the 1st time & I def already want to go back & try more menu items. The staff was super friendly & my vegan spring roll vermicelli was so tasty!! Their dipping sauce that came w. It is good & so is the homemade chili sauce, you can definitely taste the difference between the freshness here vs. other places who use the jar. The vegan Thai tea was also tasty! My bf got some salmon dishes & pho, we were both thoroughly impressed. Looking forward to going back again!!!

Fran C.

If you say that healthy foods aren't tasty, then you probably haven't been to this little restaurant at the foot hill of Saint Louis Heights/ Kaimuki called - The Ripple of Smiles! This past weekend I was able to get together with my foodie friends - Sharon H., & Cathy I. for some healthy grindages. The Ripple of Smiles was the place of choice because this particular restaurant featured an extensive menu that could easily meet everyone's dietary needs. Covered outdoor, as well as indoor seating is available at this little restaurant, but the day we came here, we elected to sit outside in their covered patio area. Parking here can be a real challenge as the parking lot is very small, and there are other businesses within the complex, therefore depending on what time you come here to eat, you may have a difficult time securing a parking space. If the parking lot is full, here is available street parking a few blocks away in the Kaimuki/St. Louis Heights neighborhood. The grub - We ordered the following menu items. 1. Chicken Pho noodle soup ($12.75) - Chicken, Rice Noodle, Onions, Beef Broth, Cilantro, Pepper, Beansprouts, Basil, & Jalapeno. 2. Stir-Fried Noodles with Mushroom ($13.00) - Cabbage, Broccoli, Bean, Carrot, Beansprouts, Garlic, Onions, Pepper, served w/our Soy Sauce. 3. Papaya Salad ($13.00) - Shrimp, Salad Sauce, Pickles, Vinegar, Sugar, Fried Onions, Peanut, Basil, served with Fish Sauce. And for an appetizer, we got the - Fried Chicken Wings - ($11.00) Chicken Wings, Fish Sauce, Onions, Black Pepper, Garlic, served w/ Pickles & Garlic Sauce. My friend Cathy also ordered a single Spring Roll. What can I say about the grub??? I was the one that ordered the pho, and must say it was really good! They had a very generous portion of shredded chicken, as they provided a generous portion of veggies with the soup. The soup broth was very flavorful, and delicious! As for the Chicken wings, although the taste was there, the texture of the Chicken Wings was a failure, as the wings came out soggy and was not crispy at all. My friend Cathy I., was totally not satisfied with the wings, so she had to order a single Spring Roll to have something crunchy to her meal. As for my friend's meal, it appears they enjoyed it, but I did not sample, so I can't tell you how it tasted. In the mood for some healthier fare? Give - The Ripple of Smiles a try!

Holly Ann Holcomb

Horrible experience, not only won't I go back, you shouldn't either. Tried calling to make a reservation, it rang and rang. I showed up and the place is packed to MAX capacity inside and out. I waited in line for what seemed like forever with no aknowledgement. Then some guy said sorry they were busy as he walked by. He asked if we had a reservation. I said no. Then he walked off. We waited some more. Finally he came back and said he could seat us inside. I said I wasn't comfortable with that considering there was NO space between tables and it would be impossible to socially distance. He said outside was for reservations only. I said I tried to make a reservation. I asked if I could order to go. He said it would be a 30 minute wait. So, I left. Also, if anyone needed clarification, this is not a vegan restaurant. They offer vegan options, there is a difference.

Irene B.

Nice healthy food. Rice serving is large. They have white, brown and Thai sticky rice. The menu is extensive. There are a lot of vegan choices here. They also have chicken shrimp and salmon. The food was very tasty. Sunday night was very busy with dine in as well as pick up. We had reservations luckily. During COVID time we try to make reservations where ever we go. We will try to go again when it's less busy. By the way they have all kinds of signs everywhere! I've never been to a restaurant with sooooo many signs! They're all well meaning, but it's kind of different! I posted photos, but didn't take one of the spiced chicken that my husband had. It was very good.

J L.

Best pho I've ever had, I like it that no MSG is added to the soup. The portion is huge for the price, and the staff is friendly. Will definitely come back for pho again

Colleen Suzanne

Amazing food, lots of vegetarian and vegan options, friendly service, beautiful dining area!

Gina Beauchemin

Everything about this charming place was outstanding. Spent 2 weeks in Oahu and this restaurant was at the top of our list. Delicious healthy food, great atmosphere, friendly attentive staff- it is all here. Add this to your list of places to eat. You won't be disappointed.

Kent Ellgren

Great Vietnamese food with great Vegan/Vegetarian options. Great Vietnamese coffee too. Can't wait to get back.

Angel C.

Vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, omnivores, and carnivores unite! I love The Ripple of Smiles! Unique and awesome concept led by a head chef who cares about quality of food and the health of diners, beautiful atmosphere without feeling pretentious, outdoor dining only, reasonably priced expansive menu with vegan, vegetarian, and meaty Vietnamese dishes! I felt bad for my friend who was on a Keto diet while dining with us as a lot of Vietnamese sauces contain sugar. What my husband and I have ordered the two times we dined here: - Small beef pho; DELICIOUS - Spring rolls; can't go wrong - The House Special with chicken; tasty and pretty spicy! - Vegan lemongrass sautéed tofu with sticky rice; server offered this as a substitute for one of the lemongrass meat dishes my husband originally wanted. It tasted good and we didn't miss eating meat! I'm someone who doesn't say all pho tastes the same and I have fairly high standards for it, eating it quite often in Orange County's Little Saigon and San Diego's City Heights. The pho broth, beef, and noodles were all excellent! Having more beef options would make the pho would make it a perfect 10/10, but the pho is 9.999 to me. ;) The grilled pork chop with rice seemed to be a hit with our friends. Service is attentive. Parking is pretty tight though as it shares one lot with Oahu Mexican Grill and a future Vons Chicken, so carpool if you can. Beware parking across the street at City Mill; you may have to jump the fence if you're parked there after hours! I would come to Ripple of Smiles more often if I lived in town, but it's nice to see an outdoor restaurant with delicious, filling, affordable dishes!

Ruby M.

I was a little skeptical about getting food from here because you rarely hear about vegan/Vietnamese food joints. I opted for their pho while my friend got their vegetarian spring roles. I've gotten the pho twice since my first order and tasted just as great as the pho places up the street if not more flavorful. I have four stars because the hot broth is in a plastic container that feels like it can't handle the heat. They also gave me summer rolls once when I ordered spring rolls.

Jo C.

Absolutely wonderful outdoor dining spot conveniently located in Kaimuki! Free parking however it can become crowded. Perfect for groups or intimate dining, nice cool breeze and outdoor lighting. Although I made reservations we showed up at 5pm opening and was able to choose where we sat, by the time we left it was beginning to get crowded. The menu is extensive but has so many options for vegetarians and non vegetarians. The food is delicious and generous portions. The servers were really nice and made really good recommendations since it was our first time. I would recommend going with friends and ordering a bunch of dishes to try. Highly recommend the House special dish (dine in only) that comes out sizzling in a hot pot you can choose your protein (chicken, pork, salmon, tofu, vegan meat) it is a little spicy but absolutely delicious! That was our favorite for the night. Everything else was really good too but that was the winnah! Great dinner in Kaimuki check it out!

Patricia R.

This place is amazing! They have so many vegan options. The food was delicious and the service was spectacular. We did, however come on a bad day. It was raining and the power went out. Luckily we got our entire order before that happened. The staff kept going to each table and asking how everyone was doing. Definitely coming back.

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