Da Crawfish & Crabshack

590 Farrington Hwy, Kapolei
(808) 260-1934

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tony roni

Seafood feast with hospitality! We loved this local place. Staff very friendly and food was great. We had a large group and the had a large serving for us. Try a place off the tourist path. You may find another local spot just as good.

Paula K.

Would of been 5 stars if they had alaskan king crab. (Sold out) of course on the night we tried it! Otherwise we got combo 2 which was a buttery tasty garlicky delight! Lots of laughs as we picked our way through the bowl of crustaceans corn and potatoes. Service was excellent, lots of tvs like a sportsbar to take your focus off the slippery mess. We will return! Give it a try, just...ask for a bib.

Mimi H.

Paid for delivery because I had a really strong crab craving Was disappointed by the portion when I first received it but after eating it I realized -- it was enough to fill me up. Like I'm full and me and my fiancé had one cluster each. Just a little frustrated for the portion to price ratio. Like maybe they could be worth $25 for the two clusters but $40 seemed steep. The only reason I'm not mad mad is because the flavor was Soooooo freaking good. That sauce slaps so hard.

Seth R.

Great location they are doing an amazing job with limited staff... The Service food came quick. management actually comes out to help if there is a problem...Mahalo to Richard our server and their manger Trevor! Mahalo nui loa

Xaundria K.

I love this place..... the carb is always bigger then your head and the drinks is not watered down. I've gone there at least once a month and I love my server her name is Ash!! You better be respectful! She is super friendly, fast service, and knows what we like (if u frequent)! I don't take pics but this is definitely a hidden gem. Be kind to your servers and respect the locals .....granz you going have one good time!

Melvin Dizon

The atmosphere here is so vibrant, and the food is out of this world! Amazingly fresh food, and the most attentive and friendly service I've experienced on the island. My wait staff was wonderful to work with; they were polite, attentive, and made sure we had everything we required and desired. will most certainly be returning as frequently as I am able to!

Melvin D.

The atmosphere here is vibrant, and the food is out of this world! Amazingly fresh food and the most attentive and friendly service I've experienced on the island. My wait staff was terrific to work with; they were polite, focused, and ensured we had everything we required and desired. I will most certainly be returning as frequently as I can!

Kealia S.

The food is amazing and the prices are really good. Great portion sizes and options. The service here was the best. Every waiter checked on us .

Siara B.

Heard about this place from so many of our friends We decided to have date night pulling up to the parking lot, it was full but when we walked in only had 4 people anywho greeting was nice, atmosphere was simple sport bar feel. Darn I forgot our waitress name but she was awesome. Gave us suggestions helped with the menu and told us no kings crab and no cheese sticks bummer. Well we got combo #1 with mild Cajun sauce and butter garlic sauce on the side. SO ONO!!! Mussels and shrimp yummy!! Crab to much work lol but it was good. Kamaboko dip Ono Next time we will try more.

Kodomo Beauty

Listen...this is the first review I've ever posted of any place but I was SO DISGUSTED. Found LEECH EGGS on the snow crab leg. It was on almost every single leg. Went into the restaurant and was told that this is commonplace and they just serve it how they bought it...yes with leech eggs on the legs. Went back and they denied me a refund and just left me standing there...I get that yes crabs legs get leech eggs on it but it was absolutely horrendous just how much eggs where on it. Do not come here unless you enjoy having the leech eggs on your evening meal.

Lorrieann Unruh

I gave this restaurant two stars for the great customer service and convince of making a reservation. However to be truthful the food was way over priced! It also seemed there was only one chief and he could make one thing at a time because the food came out one at a time so my family didn't really eat together. The food did not have a good taste for various reasons including too salty, previously frozen and just too greasy. I would not recommend this place. Sorry to the staff because they look like they try really hard!

Bryan B.

Wonderful. Delicious. Outstanding. Make sure to ask for Ashley as she rocks with great recommendations and service! Make sure you get the spicy Cajun sauce on the side. We will be back!

Katelyn K.

When my friends and I came here, we were hoping it's going to be similar to Boiling Crab in LA. Here's what we ordered: 1 lb of shrimps - scampi, cajun and butter garlic sauces, medium spicy, add a side of corn 1 lb of shrimps - scampi, cajun and butter garlic sauces, mild spicy 1 lb of clams - butter garlic sauce, mild, add a side of corn Side order of garlic fries Side order of rice My friends and I were shocked that food didn't come in bags but on plates instead. The sauces don't look like they have strong flavors either. It was very different than what we thought but this restaurant was filled with customers. This restaurant is very loud. I can't even hear my friends talking and I was so relieved when I came outside. The flavors are not what I was expecting and I can't say I like it. Perhaps the local preferred this type of flavor.

E C.

We ordered the combo #3 Cajun spicy with Dungeness crab and switched out the crawfish for more shrimp. It had a nice heat to it but not too spicy. We thought it was a bit greasy but flavor was great and the seafood was all super fresh. The crab had a lot of meat in it. We will try salt and pepper next time.

Yuri R.

Ordered medium spicy Cajun crawfish and definitely did not get it. It was more like butter garlic. When I called to tell them my order was incorrect they said they could fix it with a free sausage or rice. I'm sorry but that's inexcusable. It's not cheap so I definitely want what I pay for. As you can see the bag shows how little seasoning was on the food.

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