Eggs 'n Things

92-1047 Olani St #1-101, Kapolei
(808) 312-3447

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Courtney Johnson

Very, very good! We were there around 737am and had a 25-minute wait time, but it was worth it. Their service is quick, and Jianna was our server, and she was amazing and kind. The food was well prepared and delicious. Nice breakfast spot, bit definitely get there early or prepare to wait. I believe you can wait list yourself through yelp.


We ate at Eggs 'n Things three times in Feb. 2023. It's a small breakfast place at Ko Olina. The good things: The food was really good. The Mochi waffle with strawberries and Nutella was probably the best waffle I've ever had. So yummy! The rest of my family enjoyed their food, too. And the POG was some of the best I've had. The bad things: 1. We had to wait 15-25 minutes to get a table each time. We could see empty tables in the restaurant but apparently they didn't have enough staff to take care of things. 2. When we ate outside, the woman server did a great job. When we ate inside, the service was SO s-l-o-w. They didn't bring water and silverware until we asked for it. And then, they didn't bring the food for one of our people. We had to ask for it twice, and he didn't get his food until 15 minutes after the rest of us! 3. When you sit down they direct you to use your phone to find a menu. If you want to paper menu you have to ask for one. It's so inconvenient. 4. The birds. When you eat outside on the patio, the birds are a problem. The first time we ate there, I got hit in the head with bird poop the minute I sat down. Birds wander around in the plants around the patio. Then, as soon as people leave their tables, tons of birds swoop in and eat the food left on the plates. It's really disgusting.

David McMonigle

Great food and great service… get on the waiting list via internet before you arrive..


Very busy place near Ko Olina golf course, very friendly staff, we had a wonderful waiter Ty that was so kind and friendly, we were able to move us to a table outside in the garden with the birds signing, it was really a treat. My sister was visiting from Alabama and loved it! Thank you so much for making our drive out to Ko Olina a magical experience. Nothing beats coconut syrup.

Ilona Maria

The waffles are awesome! Love the coconut syrup

Chad Booth

Birds, bees, and chickens.The food was pretty good. The mochi waffles were the best of the three breakfast dishes we tried.We checked in online but when we got there it was confusing if we were supposed to check in again on the kiosk outside the front door or not. When we were trying to figure it out, the manager came out and said he had an available table in the outdoor area, so we went with it.The waitress came by quickly and was nice to answer questions. And at the end the paying of the bill was fast and right at the table. The food came in a reasonable amount of time and we pretty good. We battled a few bees and the birds, including some chickens were very quick to go after any food that was dropped or when a group would leave their table.The most disappointing thing was the condiments containers. They looked like they may have never been cleaned.


Easy checkin at outdoor kiosk. Friendly and fun staff. Delicious eggs Benedict. Cant wait to return and try the pancakes ... they looked yumptious!

Sheila L

This was a great little place for breakfast. Food was good. We are somewhat breakfast aficionados, so we have had better, but this was good food and different experience. The place is tiny, you eat outside or in, you wait to be seated and they carefully control that. We also had a party of six so that was a bit big for them. The coffee was great. The food good. When my order came the waitress was unable to control a small cup of butter from tumbling off the plate onto the tray into my hair. Not sure what was up with how she was holding it but it was behind me.... anyway. That was kind of an odd experience. She might have been a bit over worked. Anyway they are worth trying especially if you have younger kids as the foot is a feast for the eye and sweet. I saw a little girl gobble up her tower of whipped cream on her pancakes and polish them all off!! Enjoy!


The food is a little pricey but it tastes delicious. We really enjoyed eating breakfast here. The pancakes are awesome!

Tricia P.

Expensive cheap food. Also in the past year they charge for parking! We did not know it was paid parking and came out to a $39 parking fine for parking while dining. We come to Aulani every year and we will PASS on this crappy expensive experience.

Dar L.

Great food! Lots to eat for breakfast. When you order though make sure you know if "sides" are extra.

Terry B.

Great breakfast and excellent service. Large portions. The pancakes were very fluffy and the omelets were tasty. Recommend reservation otherwise it's a 30-40 minite wait

Kelly B.

We ate at the one across from the Disney Aulani. Small coffee shop. Super friendly staff. How could anyone not be happy with the over the top meal I had? The fruit was fresh and a good mix of tart and sweet. The pancakes were more like cake than any pancake I've had before. They were twice the height of other pancakes. I only ate one pancake because it was so filling! But I ate all the fruit. The whipped cream was fluffy and homemade and so over the top that it still makes me smile thinking of it. I ate about half of it. I've found my breakfast place! They had several other pancakes I want to try.

Kristine Watanabe

Super busy place, but so worth it! The Hawaiian Loco Moco hit the spot!! The French Toast had a ton of whipped cream, a little bit of an overload but all good! The staff was SUPER friendly.

Jules R.

Food was delicious. I recommend the eggs Benedict or an omelette. Nice option to substitute pancakes instead of potatoes on the side. The coconut syrup is the best!

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