Kickin Kajun Kapolei

91-5431 Kapolei Pkwy #401, Kapolei
(808) 784-3993

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Luz Money

Plastic gloves are provided so you can get knee deep in the seafood. My preference is to use my hands without gloves. The gloves just get in the way. We ordered the 6 lb platter...we were not disappointed. We chose the signature sauce which gave the dish more than enough flavor. Extra butter does not need to be purchased.

Nikela Atkins

We order for pick-up so I can't tell you about the atmosphere. The food was flavorful and plentiful, I wasn't stuffed but it did the job. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture but I had the 20 shrimps and corn. Give it a tryFood: 5/5

Hau'olilani Hiers

Ok this place is great, but get ready to get dirty!!! I love crab legs, potatoes, corn, all the good stuff in their food, but the whole sucking fingers deliciousness for me is an at home experience, but that's girly me man. Their food is great!

Melvin Dizon

A combination of king crab served with truffle fries, prawns, and spicy garlic butter. Gloves, scissors, and of course the required bib were all given to the participants. The order was ready in approximately 15 minutes, which is quite rapid. I felt it went rather quickly taking into consideration how crowded it was. The aroma that greeted us when it was served at our table! Aromas of garlic butter and seafood may be smelled from a distance! I could hardly wait to get started. I have to admit that after it was opened for examination, there was a significant quantity of seafood contained therein. Crab, mussels, clams, shrimp, maize, potatoes, and sausages are some of the ingredients in this dish. In addition to that, you will get a portion of rice. This fish was swimming in a delicious marinade that really brought out its flavor. I wanted to put it on practically anything I could get my hands on! The truffle fries were incredible and packed with a ton of flavor. T

Joseph Libasci

Never again. I thought maybe the first time was just an off day. Nope. Service was horrible again and everything fried was just fried coating. I took apart an entire gator tail play and 80% was just empty breading. The other 10% was maybe…skin? Idk. But that’s enough to make me make the drive to town if I want seafood. This place is garbage. I wanted to get the big plate to take home but there’s no way I’m spending any money here!

JesusMonica P.

Definitely a must!! Professional waiters, food nice and hot! I highly recommend this place to all!!!!thank you.

Ann P.

Kicken Kajun in Ka Makana Mall has been relocated in the mall to a much bigger location in front of the theaters. Beautiful modern updated floor layout. Spacious and offering private party, enclosed glass booths. Food was quick and tasty. They even serve crocodile. Our waitress provided excellent service. She knew the menu and types of beer. I had a very nice birthday with my family. Thank you Kicken Kajun

Darilyn L.

The new location is beautiful, but seems it went downhill after the renovation.. We made a reservation and got seated 15-20 min after our reservation. There were 4 of us and they seated us at a little table with 4 chairs. We asked the hostess if we can get a bigger table (we saw folks of 2 sitting at a booth). She said we couldn't cause all the seats were reserved. We were waiting for someone to come back (took a while). Later the dude came over and moved us to a bigger table. Our waiter was kind of a douche. Food and drinks took a while to come. Manager on duty was super nice tho! Need to fill the restaurant with more people like him! We miss the old location and service a lot, seemed when it was smaller, everything was better.

Elvie Q.

Today is my father in law's birthday and his request was a crab boil. So we hit up Kickin Kajun in Kapolei. They were always located in the Ka Makana Alii mall, but moved a couple stores over to a bigger store front. They added private booths and the restaurant seems more spacious. Overall, clean and the staff were on it as far as service. Food came quick and was delicious. We got the 6 pound pan which included an array of seafood including lobster, crab, shrimp, mussels, and craw fish, corn and sausage. We had 3 different fries, chowder and white rice for our sides. TY Kickin Kajun for your hospitality and great service.

Donna Lyn B.

I went on a double date with my husband and our friends to have an early dinner here. I prefer making reservation online, but the website said to call so I did the day before and I was able to get my preferred time. I'm really loving the new decor at the new restaurant that just relocated around the corner from their smaller space. We got to sit in the booth near the windows with the fanciest chandelier above our table. The booths are very spacious, maybe you can fit up to ten people comfortably in the booth. Besides seafood, there's chicken options in the back of the menu book. Our friends got the lobster combo and I got the snow crab combo. My husband is allergic to shellfish, but he enjoyed the sausage, corn, and potatoes from my bag. All the crab legs, shrimp, and mussels were mine and I finished all of it by myself. The garlic butter sauce was really tasty. I've seen people just dump the contents of the combo bag on the table, but I think that's too messy. My method is removing the exterior bag to use as a trash bag for the shells, then fold down the interior bag to make it look like a bowl so I can easily scoop out things. The service was great, we had several servers come by to check on us. I'm really looking forward to going back to KK again.

Jay W.

This place used to be in Waikiki, it is in a bigger location in Kapolei. The booths are large and private which is super nice. Our server Jordan (i think that's his name) was pretty good. He just forgot our sprite, and that was it. Other than that he was super attentive. I got the crawfish combo which is 45 dollars with an extra pound of shrimp. I wish i didn't get the shrimp because the combo alone was a lot of good. But nonetheless the food was good. We got the kick'in sauce medium. The downfall was i wish the seafood was saucy so i can put it in my rice. The corn was a bit over cooked. The truffle fries were the star of the show. Crispy and garlicky. The dessert tasted good! Fried Oreos were crunchy and soft. It complimented the ice cream very well. We will comeback here whenever w ever a seafood fix.

Deb B.

Fam wanted seafood so Kickin Kajun it was. Not many vegan options but I knew that going in so not a big deal. The dining area is area is clean, to include all of there many windows! Not a smudge, kids handprint's, nada. It's a decent size restaurant and they make good use of the space with ample room between tables. The hostess and wait staff were friendly. They said they celebrate local ingredients available and the freshest seafood possible. They have a lot of food their menu. Honestly, though... it's really overpriced. (The three boiled potatoes in the picture were $2.00.) Prawns are $22a pound with head on! Yikes!! Hubbs ordered the alligator po boy with fries, I ordered potatoes, and Uncle ordered 1 pound of prawns. The food was meh. The dry rub seasoning that I ordered spicy hot for my potatoes was bland and not hot, at all. I ordered some lemon to squeeze onto my red potatoes that I fork mashed. I really, really didn't appreciate them putting my potatoes in with Uncle's prawns. She said it was because they had the same spicy dry rub. Not cool. Uncle is convinced he didn't receive prawns, but shrimp and said his wasn't seasoned spicy hot either. Sharing the same bag that didn't surprise us, though. One last mention. On the way out I headed to the ladies bathroom and it was pretty dirty. They have their bathroom cleaning chemicals in a cart openly accessible in a cart type thing right under the sinks. (Not a good idea!) There isn't a cabinet or anything and it was toppled over. There were wads of wet toilet tissue all over the floor, the sinks had long hairs in them, and the first stall I went in was out of tissue, (I can guess why LoL!) and this restaurant doesn't supply disposable toilet seat covers. Dirty bathrooms are deal breakers for me. It just takes a hot minute for an employee to check on them, you know what I mean? I did give a friendly heads up to an employee about the bathroom needing some attention and about the state of the cleaning supplies. We went to the location at aka Makana Ali'i. Monday-Thursday: 11 AM to 9 PM Friday-Saturday: 11 AM to 10 PM Sunday: 11 AM to 8 PM

Kimberley L.

My husband and I went to Kickin Kajun in Kapolei for the first time on Father's Day ..Food was delecious , atmosphere was beautiful and the service was great! We had the sweetest bartender named Celeste who made us the best soju and the best waitress named Cami who was Awesome and so helpful to us. Definitely going back soon..

Jay J.

This place is so messed up using kids under 3 years old as a filler for their 6 person party that will result in an automatic 18% service charge. Least they could do was let us know ahead of time so we wouldn't be surprised. Also no refills? Charged $3 everytime!!!! No wonder they were happy with refilling our drinks quickly. Just can't believe they still charged us extra because of a child and expected a tip. Not happy at all, so now I'll be bringing my business, friends and family to the crawfish shack in Kapolei market place.

Evie C.

Another Sunday night family dinner and this venue was the selected venue. ATMOSPHERE Located at Ka Makana Ali'i this is a new space. We have gone to their previous space however this one is much bigger. I love the space and the very spacious booth that we got. We had a party of 5 adults and 1 toddler. They offer booth space for larger parties and also table setting for smaller parties. Because this is located in the mall there is ample parking. SERVICE Our server for the evening was Landon! He was very friendly and very attentive to our needs. He provided great customer service and made our evening comfortable. I love how I was able to put my name on the waitlist for reservations. Having this option is a plus ++ for me. FOOD There's a variety of items that you caterers to the number of people in your party. Tonight with a party of 6 we went with the 6 pounder. This includes 6 pounds of fresh seafood. We didn't want the crawfish so we were able to substitute it with shrimp. With your selection you can decide what type of sauce you want and your spice level. On the side, we got the parmesan truffle fries and clam chowder soup. For dessert we ordered the fried oreo with ice cream. OVERALL This was great pick for our family. Don't worry about getting yourself all messy from all the seafood - they provide you with gloves and an apron. I will definitely be back!

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