Mina's Fish House

92-1001 Olani St, Kapolei
(808) 679-0079

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We made reservations during sunset and the food, service, and ambiance did not disappoint, it was an amazing night. We ordered the Ahi Tuna Tartare for appetizer, had steak and shrimp with garlic rice for main course. Everything was prepared and cooked perfectly. Service was very attentive and knowledgeable about menu items. We will be back here when we visit Hawaii again.


Great dinner and evening


our server emma from nebraska was fantastic

OpenTable Diner

Great service, food was delicious, best seat in the house for romantic anniversary dinner.

John N

My wife and I went there for a romantic dinner while we were staying down the road at the Beach Villas. We generally go there once on each trip, as we like the location, evening view, and general vibe of the place, though we can only afford to eat there once per vacation. The best part of the place is the wonderful views of the lagoon, ocean, and sunset. And, of course, you are at the Four Seasons, so the service is impeccable. We got a great table outside and it was quite lovely. The drinks are uniformly great, though like everything here, expensive. I ordered oysters on the half shell that tasted great if you like that sort of thing. My wife got Thai beef lettuce cups that she really enjoyed. As for the main dish, my fish was good though not exceptional. The fish expert there (fish sommelier, they call him) told me that it was the best fish they had and really pushed it, and perhaps not coincidentally because it was the most expensive in the section on the fish menu from which I am choosing. I was not so much unhappy with it as feeling like I could have made a better choice. (And this was in total contrast to last year when we were there, when I had a whole fish that was simply the best seafood I think I had ever eaten, so maybe some of this is just luck.) I have to note that the fish came with a giant pile of baked, I think, green beans that were simply delicious. I mean, it sounds strange to even write that. The green beans were better than the fish. The most disappointing part of the meal, sad to say, was my wife's main course. She doesn't like seafood so ordered the beef fillet. For about $70 she got a small steak that was cut down the middle, length-wise, so that it was really just two absurdly thin beef medallions. Seriously, I can't thank of a quicker way to ruin a fillet. It was dry and tough, which is exactly what you would expect when prepared this way. And to make it worse, the dish did not even come with potatoes or a side dish. All I could do is offer her some of my delicious green beans. Two bites in and my wife wished that she had just gotten a couple orders of the Thai beef cups instead. If Michael Mina was a judge on Top Chef or some other cooking show he would excoriate a chef for ruining beef fillet like this. And if he was a contestant on Chopped, well, he'd be chopped. There just is no excuse for this kind of culinary malpractice at a restaurant like this. Yes, it is a fish restaurant primarily but their "land" section of the menu makes it clear that they also take their steaks seriously. If I had it to do over again I would have sent it back. The truth is, you can get much better steaks, for less money, down the road at Longhi's. Their steaks, by contrast, were big and thick and uniformly good every time by comparison. I should, to be fair, include that the two desserts we got were both excellent. We also bought a bottle of wine that was, predictably, over priced. I bring that up because, between the starters, main courses, drinks, wine, and dessert we spent something like $500. It is hard to see how it it was worth that. Again the best part of the place is the outdoor location. You'll have to decide for yourself if the rest is worth the money.


Awesome atmosphere, exquisite dishes, and great services with smile. Definitely recommend to anyone!


This was our second time and it was again fantastic. Gabriella (Gabby, sorry if I missed the spelling) was amazing and steered us towards our best meal of the week. She was incredible.


It's an unforgettable taste. The server staff are very kind.


Incredibly great. Our wedding Anniversary Fabulous staff who accommodated and found us a wonderful table even though rain had seriously disrupted their reservations. Waitress Brittany and Mina GM Kathrine were so great and the “fish Sommelier” was so informed and showed us the fish he had caught the night before! Perfection!

OpenTable Diner

They were able to work around my son’s allergies. Very extensive so it’s always a plus when a restaurant can do that

Giselle Sofia

Came here for our anniversary. Service was impeccable and staff was incredibly outgoing. Food was delicous. Had to come back for a second meal since we enjoyed the first time so much


Exceptional service, ambience and food. The addition of an excellent fish sommelier to guide your choices was outstanding. A fantastic waitress added to another wonderful birthday dinner.


Wonderful restaurant with Ocean views. Food is amazing, on the higher side but everything was wonderful!

OpenTable Diner

Everything was over salted. Returned salad as was covered in salt. Replaced with still salty salad. Not edible. Sauce with grill Oprah was dark green and salty. For $65 really is criminal they would serve this. Kitchen staff is obviously not properly trained to serve items like this at high prices. Had better food at Island Gourmet Grocery store across the street.


The food was delicious and the staff were very friendly and helpful! Glad we decided to eat here!

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