Pho & Company @ KMP

590 Farrington Hwy Ste # 514, Kapolei
(808) 674-1828

Recent Reviews

B. W.

Food is great and always consistent! Customer service is excellent and they have excellent choices on the menu. Sorry they moved from the old location as it was a bit closer to where I live but they are not too farther away.

Karen T.

My son suggested I get my pho fix from here today so off I went! First of all, the gentleman on the phone who I assumed was the cashier when I got there was very pleasant. I got the beef brisket pho and there was so much meat in it that I didn't even try my summer roll. I recommend this place.

Jonn H K.

Beef broth was refreshing but lacking depth. The veggies were very fresh, and the service was good. Wish the beef broth had more complete flavor. Also inflation must have impacted the restaurant as additional plate of veggies will cost you.

Jessica W.

The pho is delicious and always hits the spot. Also love the banh mi and spring rolls.

Rissa K.

We love coming here! Love their pho and banh mi sandwiches! Their garlic homemade sauce is amazing! They need to sell this sauce! This place always hits the spot for my pho craving!

Melissa S.

My favorite place for Pho. The staff is so awesome and I especially love their homemade spicy garlic sauce. I can put that on everything!!!!! I wish they sold jugs of it!!!!! I can never get enough of it. It's a condiment that I dream about!

Ericka M.

BEST PHO. MUST TRY GARLIC SATE. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE. After more and more years of eating pho around the island, I realized that the pho here is by far my favorite. The broth is my favorite. The flavor is rich and so tasty and savory. The customer service - favorite. The family that owns this store is always so welcoming. And the garlic sate? A absolute MUST! I mix mine with plum sauce but you can eat it plain too. I dip everything into it. Veggies, meat, noodles, spring rolls, summer rolls. I add it to my broth sometimes. It's amazing. Best of all this is a small family owned local business. So every time you come here you are supporting our local businesses! If you are ever in the area def give it a try!

Char D.

2.5 star rating. I like that the restaurant is clean and the employees are friendly. The food however isn't good. I ordered 2 bbq pork bahn mi's and a sweet potato tapioca. $9.55 for one bahn mi and $3.99 for the lil cup of tapioca. I imagined my first bite to get that crunch I'm used to when eating bahn mi..sadly no crunch. The bread was stale/old and I had to chew/rip it off. There was a thin piece of red meat inside with cucumber, cilantro and daikon. Is that char siu meat? I think so cause it tasted like a thin piece of char siu. I thought I ordered bbq meat...hmm a bit disappointed. The sweet potato tapioca was very sugary sweet. For $ golly. I was hungry for a bbq pork bahn mi so that's what I ordered, and I didn't get that. Even though it wasn't good, I'm still thankful for the food and I got to try it out.

Teri Y.

I was a fan of Pho & Company from back in the day when they were located by the movie theater. Even though they were located across from a close competitor, P & C won my business with the garlic sauce!! It's been a few years since I've made it out to Kapolei during meal time, and I think they've since expanded to two shops, downsized (probably due to the pandemic), and now moved a couple miles down the way. It was night time & a little hard to find due to signage not really facing the parking lot, but I finally found it! A few things have changed. There's a bigger menu, bigger abs brighter eating space, and no more condiments at each table. There's a cart and a server who comes around and asks you what condiments you'd like, dishes them out and hands them to you. I made the mistake of asking for extra garlic sauce--my loss. Some things haven't changed--the pho & garlic sauce were as good as ever. They still have the same loyalty cards & Yelp check-in deal--free soft drink with check-in. In addition to my pho, I picked up a banh mi to take for my lunch the next day. They packed the roll separate from the ingredients and suggested that I retoast the roll the next day. I didn't, but it was still an excellent banh mi! Part of me wishes that I lived closer to Kapolei, but it's probably better for my waistline that I don't. I'd be picking up from Pho & Company WAY too often.

Braiden J.

I like it. Relaxable environment here make me feel I am touching the Asian culture and I enjoy it .

Kershey C.

Love this place. This will be my go to pho place from now on. I haven't gone here for years and I can't believe it. Been always trying different pho places & it's always a hit or miss experience. I guess I forgot how good this place is, the food is undeniably delicious. The brooth...... Just different from other places. We really enjoyed all the food we ordered, satisfied indeed. Plus the service is awesome and their restroom is very neat and clean! thats a ++!


There was no wait time, the service was great, and the food was AMAZING!!!! FRESH french bread!

Jeff L.

Located in the Kapolei Shopping Center at the south end of the mall. RESTAURANT Very clean and well lit! Staff is great and friendly. Lots of free parking. FOOD The Pho here is always hot and delicious! Yes, I've had some luke warm Pho from some other places and ended up sending it back, but here, it's always been hot! Spring rolls are good, however they only give you 4 pieces. Basically 2 whole springs rolls cut in half. Kind of a bummer if you're dining with 3-4 people. Rice plates are nicely portioned out! Not too big and not too small. One of the best things we've tried here was the Beef Stew Pho. The taste is amazing! You gotta try it. If you need you Pho fix, come here!

May P.

To all my Pho lovers this is my favorite place to get my Pho cravings satisfied. My family and I have been going to this place since they opened by the old kapolei theaters. Staff are amazing, facility is clean and neat, my favorites are the spring rolls and Oxtail Pho. Everything on the menu is good but I promise you will not be disappointed! 4stars because every business has room for growth.

Erika C.

More like 3.5 stars. A little on the priceir side for the size and quality food. I wouldn't mind the prices if their was more food or the quality was better. Pho was average but nothing special. They also don't give alot of vegitables so of ur into veggies then ask for extra spring rolls are really good but kind of pricy for 2 small pieces. They have a nice Crunch to it. Thai tea is standard. I like they don't over load it with ice. Place is Clean and staff is friendly.

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