Ramen Bones

4850 Kapolei Pkwy, Kapolei
(808) 674-9898

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Saadia Elahi

The service here was excellent! I accidentally ordered something that had an ingredient I can’t eat (my own fault for not clarifying) and the restaurant made me a new dish free of charge. Great food and great service.

Kristine Watanabe

Super friendly staff and outstanding ramen! I didn't take a picture but we had the egg rolls and they were just as good! Service was super fast! They were crowded when we went (6pm on a Tuesday), but the wait wasn't too long. Glad we waited it out!


My husband once lived in Japan and this place is the best ramen he's had since he left japan !! Very fast service, hot food and pretty atmosphere. We ordered ramen, fried rice, chicken, and gyoza which was delicious. 10/10 recommend!!

Aaron S

Really pleasant surprise. FAST service, and so tasty. Closest in taste I've had to ramen in Japan. Staff was so nice and price was $13.50 a bowl, which is reasonable in any state, let alone Hawaii. This will probably be our go-to ramen place.


I was enjoying the meal and then all of a sudden she brought dumplings out!!!!!Everything was freakin delicous. There wasnt a noodle or a drop of soup left when i was done.


Ramen bones used to be the location of diich ramen years ago and I wasn't a fan. But in June 2022 I came back and saw the new name ramen bones and decided to give it a try... I have been back 10x since then. Consistent tasty food and the chef dude have amazing execution. If your near kapolei check them out. I get the mini set 2 choice with pork fried rice and chicken katsu. But I've had other items like the veggie crocette also great. The broth has flavor and the noodles have a desirable mouth feel. Some places fail in even basic broth and these folks have been consistent. Their regular bowls are pretty big and they have large plates of various other items. Friendly staff and quality consistent food. Gives them the win over the ramen of the area. They have good to go. And eat at a near by beach or park. I will be coming back. They also have snack size items which looked like 2 pieces of katsu chicken for under 7$ so if you love to dunk your katsu in the ramen check it out. I had the katsu cold and the fried rice still good cold. Ramen bones aru is worth the hunt or Google search. They also have quality disposable chop sticks not the cheap junk that gives splinters.

Melvin D.

The ramen, udon, curry, and fried plates at Ramen Bones are served up in a flash and are bursting with flavor! They are nice people who keep a very clean environment.

R T.

Love Ramen Bones! Our go to ramen place when dining close to home. I think the workers knows our orders when we come in. My husband and I usually order Won Ton Min Ramen with Tan Tan base and extra noodles. We like to share so we don't eat too much noodles. Love their Tan Tan broth and the noodles are just the right texture of al dente. Also, their won ton (5 pieces) is yummy!! We usually order a side fish katsu which is nice and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside and a good size to share. My son orders their spam katsu, curry on the side with no vegetables. Someday he will eat the veggies. My daughter loves their char siu fried rice as it has that wok flavor that makes it so yummy! Overall, we are always satisfied to eat here for a quick meal. The workers are also very nice! My family ends our visit with choosing a Dum Dum lollipop to go.

Dee Dominici

Wr have eaten here many times this time I was truely not happy. My noodle was hard and I have to wait to eat. My order was messed up to start with so they rushed to bring out my food and that explained the hard noodles. Today was a 4 out of 10

Jimmy M.

The service was fast and so was the food. We both enjoyed what we got my boyfriend said this was the best calamari he ever had.

Michael L.

Not only good tasting food but they have big servings. Excellent value for money. Clean place and superb service.

KaViKz I.

Service Sucks!!! Showed up at 830pm, restaurant doesn't close till 930pm but was told after waiting for quite sometime outside for a table that "were only accepting take outs". When we questioned the Asian lady and gentleman at the front they just excused us as if we didn't exist. We returned in because at this point we were IRATE. We explained that when we showed up there was a party of 3 waiting for their pickup order, we advised the Asian man who was being very sassy and short that he should have said something to us when he brought out the take out orders. Again he excused us and carried on with his duties. I explained to them that they just lost loyal customers and we will NEVER eat at their business again. The Asian lady running the register rolled her eyes and carried on as well. Such a disappointment as we've been eating here for years as regulars, we're not newbies.

Good E.

We had the spicy Tutsu, hard fried noodles with shrimp, and tempura calamari; all were fantastic. Also had fried rice, tempura shrimp, and lobster balls; all were great. The service is good and attentive. There is plenty of parking but the spots are a bit tight. There is also a charging station in the parking lot. Also have had the beef curry, which I wouldn't recommend. It was ok but they load up with rice and not a lot of beef or veggies

Kim G.

This place is very conveniently located right near Foodland, has lots of variations of Ramen definitely would recommend!

Kyra R.

Portions are way above and beyond Love coming here for a family meal my favorite is the miso ramen combo

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