Indian Grill N Curry

The wharf Cinema Center, 658 Front St unit #140, Lahaina
(808) 661-1786

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Tanya Kumar

Excellent India food! We came based on reviews and weren’t disappointed. We ordered the fish curry and dal makhani - both were delicious. They had forgotten to pack the garlic naan but they followed up by phone text vm and offered to refund it if I couldn’t pick it up. Most restaurants wouldn’t bother. We will be going back to try their other dishes. Tip: when the menu is focused and limited you can be sure they are working on quality food.

Shreddan Gomesh

Wow an amazing place, but starts off when you enter the restaurant, it is an atmosphere of good energy and flavorful and delicious flavors and food prepared. I appreciate it every single time from the everyone there the staff, brother Javed and Marcelo. They are kind welcoming and friendly the type of energy you want while coming out for dinner and visiting Maui. Coming to the food…it is great and you’ll love the whole experience. Thank you to the team for working so hard every-time giving there absolute best. Everyone go enjoy this experience.

Rajbans Joshi

My wife and I have been vacationing for 8+ days now and so we wanted to eat some Indian food. Initially, we were hesitant to try out Indian food in Maui but we did try this place and we absolutely loved the taste. The employees and the owner were very friendly and the taste was to the point. Definitely a must try for anyone visiting Lahaina and Kaanapali beach!!

Mohita Sharma

Great great Indian food. We had Matar paneer and Naan. If you are craving for Indian food, this is the place you should definitely not miss.The owner is very polite and we had great time here. On our 5 day trip we had food from here 3 times. Food quantity is enough for 2 people and it’s not at all pricey.

Sail Bee

I got this Palak Paneer to-go & it was one of the best dishes I had in Maui!! I am not vegan or vegetarian but their palak paneer is so satisfying for all dietary needs, I promise!! The waiter & chef arranged my meal to be done by my departure time of the Maui Bus too. What a sweet touch of all. I highly recommend to all.

Shashank vedula

Great food, great hospitality. We have ordered dhal thadka, jeera rice and garlic naan. Tasted delicious, and again we went on Tuesday 27th for lunch. We ordered mutter panneer, it was good as well. And achaar is so good. I would recommend this place for sure. If you want spicy mention that, we ordered medium spicy. For me it was less spice, but ordered for the sake of my wife. I added achar as the side for spice, it was great.

sushma K N

The staffs are so unprofessional.We were here today with party of 2 and their staff turned us out at 8:00 PM saying they are closed. I even called them twice at 7:30 to place order but no response at all. How unprofessional it is to reject guests an hour before their closing time!Their staff was so rude to say they are closed, no apologies at all. There were 2 tables which were just cleaned and even though there were seatings they sent us out. If you don’t have interest to serve guests you should update your closing time rather than letting guests disappoint. It was a long drive to us, will never even think to come back. Such a shame to Indian custom.

Liam Ball

Delicious piping hot and flavorful. Cheese Naan was decadent. I will definitely come back.


Indian cuisine has always intrigued me, and it's something I rarely get, so I was happy to find out that there is actually an Indian restaurant right in my hometown. I ordered the palak paneer, my partner had their butter chicken, and we both shared a basket of garlic naan. Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed by the flavor of the palak gravy/curry. It was quite bland on its own with the rice, until eaten with the garlic naan (which was delicious and seasoned well). From what Ive learned, most palak paneer recipes use tomatoes to add acidity and sweetness. However, this palak gravy was screaming for more depth of flavor, such as sweetness and acid. In addition, the gravy could have been more fragrant; stronger with its spices/seasonings overall. Heat wise, I ordered a medium spice level, which was perfect, but the gravy's actual aroma and flavor was not quite there. Texturally though, the gravy was smooth and creamy, which was great, and ultimately I still ate it all. My partner's butter chicken was amazing too; creamy & rich, savory, and fragrant from the spices. Butter chicken is a must have when going to an Indian restaurant. The rice was also cooked well. But while my palak paneer was underwhelming, I'd still love to come back and try other things! Especially since the service and atmosphere was all fine. I hope I can make a 5 star review from my next visit!

Chandrika Lotwala

Well We came here party of 10. Three kids! No appetizers. Only 3 people work here. If you are willing to wait one hour for food when kids are going crazy!Come at 5 food will be served by 6 pm. Bit slow. But food was good! Same sauce in different vegetables!Well while in Hawaii some Indian food is always satisfactory.

Lissy Brown

We live on island and eat here several times a week. Such amazing food and amazing staff-great for takeout or dine in but the dine in is small and they fill up quickly. This is definitely a business you can feel good about your money going to- we are obsessed

Saunak Saha

Was pleasantly surprised to find Indian dining in Maui and I have to say, both the food and service were excellent. We loved the coconut shrimp curry, and the masala fish. The malai chicken kali mirch was also quite good. All the servings were of hearty quantities so make sure you have the appetite. From someone who tries a lot of Indian restaurants in the big cities across the mainland, I was surprised at how good and authentic the food felt here!!

Len S.

We live here and love Indian food! We are so glad to finally have good Indian food on the west side! We usually order "butter chicken" and saag paneer. Both are excellent from Indian Grill n' Curry. I noticed a number of reviews for this restaurant complained about the service. We always get take-out, so cannot speak to that specifically. But we can say that, having had our own small food service restaurant here, it was extremely difficult to hire enough employees even before Covid. I can't imagine how hard it must be now to keep enough staff to run efficiently. I hope things improve on that front, but it will always be *crazy busy* in the summer when families come, and during whale season (Jan.-- April). At one point people couldn't even make reservations at a restaurant or for activities unless they had arranged it weeks in advance! (For all I know this may still be the case.) Aloha and enjoy your stay on Maui!

First L.

We came here for dinner at 5:30pm on a Wednesday. We had two small children that were starving and grumpy from a long flight. I called ahead to make sure they could accommodate us before arriving. We also looked at the online menu and knew what we wanted to order. We sat at our table for 1.25 hours before we received our meal. I literally got up and walked behind the counter and into the kitchen area to see when we could get our food. The server was overwhelmed and I couldn't grab his attention to ask for updates. After an hour I asked for a piece of naan for my kids to share, but crickets and no naan. If I didn't have my starving kids I would have walked out, but I just wanted to get them a meal and leaving would have meant finding another restaurant. Every table waited for a long time for everything from water, menus, bathroom key and food. I saw a lady come into the restaurant three times to inquire about when her 'to go' order would be ready. Terrible service. I would never come back.

Anand B.

Slow service. Rude staff. Seems to be a common theme across Maui. Food was pretty salty.

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