R. Field Wine Company

345 Keawe St, Lahaina
(808) 732-0791

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Carlos Thompson

Kendall knows her cheese ! Always grateful for some serious charcuterie knowledge.She makes the best Gouda spread this side of the Marianas Trench fantastic selection and even better prices for those hard to find gourmet items !


Save money, and go to Foodland! You can get any kine poke and souvenirs to take home that is cheaper than the usual tourist spots there.

Ariel A.

I only come here for the cacciatore salami. They have been out of stock for months but they finally got some back in. I always ask for them to slice it thin and walk around the store while I wait for my salami to be cut. Normally I see people sitting around the bar enjoying a drink and the workers seem to be very attentive towards customers. Seems like a chill hang out spot in the middle of a supermarket.

Alana K.

I also get cut meats in the deli. I wish I got her name, but she was working on sat 2/13 in the early evening, younger asain gal with glasses. She is always so friendly and helpful and remembered me tonight with my kids. I love the selections and how helpful she is. Because I've been there sometimes where some of the workers are a bit cold and seem irritated when I ask to get cut meats. Buy she was and always is so sweet and friendly


A busy place. But free parking while you shop. A regular grocery store with a very busy parking lot. A great place to pick up snacks, drinks, fixings for lunch, or cut up fresh fruit. It is nice to let some one else cut up the pineapple and open the coconuts!!


Great selection of donuts and pastries and good coffee. Friendly staff. We don’t go in for heavy pancakes or waffles with bacon and sausage, just a quick donut and coffee for breakfast. These were really fresh. .


We bought groceries for breakfast here a couple of times and noticed that the sale prices are only for locals and the regular prices were on the high side compared to the Safeway not too far away. However, they do put some of their baked goods on sale at the end of the day and they are a bargain.


We came here to grab some items to cook. Food here is very overpriced. You are better off going to Costco or maybe finding another store to shop. Would definitely not go back if we are ever in the area .

Aim T.

My partner and I LOVE their grand selection board. I've been getting it with a glass or two of Prosecco; he opts for a glass of Pinot (Grigio or Noir). Thomas has been our server thus far; he's awesome! There have been a couple times where customers near us have sat at the bar and only ordered water while they ate their food procured at the hot food serve-yourself-Bar. Seating here is limited and I feel like it's rude to take up these valuable seats to only order water. I sincerely hope they tipped exceptionally to make up for taking up such valuable seats. My partner and I make an effort to tip a little extra to try and make up for that. P. S. Always tip your servers!! If you don't, just eat at home.

Deb D.

Great product assortment. Sad that the closest one to me closed on Beretania St.


The poke here is UNBELIEVABLE. So fresh and delicious, tons of variety and really nice customer service behind the counter. Check it out if you want a break from those fine dining restaurants - it's much better anyway!


Whenever we are in Lahaina, I always stock up on Foodland’s ahi shoyu poke. Foodland makes the best poke! The variety of poke is amazing! I love the ahi shoyu, ahi wasabi, salmon poke and ahi with avocado poke. I also like the taco poke. The other item that is so delicious is the smoked ahi spread that is available at Foodland Farms in Lahaina. The fresh fruit and locally grown Maui produce is very fresh. Foodland has their Makai card that gives the shopper access to their specials. The people working at Foodland are very friendly and helpful.

Johnelle C.

Did you know that you can get a cheese platter to go? Buy a bottle of wine and enjoy your cheese and prosciutto on your couch in your PJs. No judgement here. It only takes about 10 minutes and the staff pack everything so nicely for you. We got the Grand Selection Board so yummy. Worth it.


Fantastic wine and cheese selection (someone really knows what they're doing), as well as the best selection of locally grown produce. Good poke and other ready-to-eat items as well.

Maddy J.

Yelp says it's my first check in...HA! I have a love/oh god why feeling about this wonderful bar. Love that I can leave a basket next to me so when I take random walks after sipping wine I pick up a few things. The oh god feeling is that I've lost count of how many short/full pours of wine I've had. This is a place where you don't come for the food at the bar, not that the menu didn't list anything delicious, but it's where you come to unwind for any reason or hang with friends. Everyone is welcome and there haven't been snobs in my experience. Met some great people just visiting the islands. I don't usually get to order food from the menu, but I've had the smoked ahi spread and charcuterie platter. I do however, love the fact that I can grab from the sales floor and have it added to my bill at the bar so I can eat it! You name it, poke, fried chicken, chips, hot and cold good bar, and that's the reason I never order from the menu unless I really wanna snack. The winetenders are friendly and really helpful, so don't be shy! The next time you're shopping around and want to belly up at the bar, but you're basket has a few cold items.... they'll keep it cold for you! Problem solved.

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