Mililani BBQ

95-1249 Meheula Pkwy #157, Mililani
(808) 623-5211

Recent Reviews

Lina Huang

The restaurant conducted business fraud by deceiving customers; bad service and low quality food. Will never order any food from this place!

Brittan Vierra

Love love love this place! never a long wait, place is always very clean..owner is very nice! From the shrimp tempura to the tasty kalbi the best Korean food I have ever tasted!


We got the Kim Chee soup, kalbi, chicken katsu and shrimp tempura/kalbi combo. It was all very good. They kalbi was soft, juicy and flavorful. I'm always hesitant with chicken because I'm afraid it'd be dry, but the katsu was moist on the inside and nice and crispy on the outside. The shrimp tempura was the same - delicious! The batter was very light and crispy. I'm not a spicy eater so I didn't have the soup, but my family loves it. Service was good. They were quick to bring out the food, and although they weren't overly friendly, they were nice overall.

Robert Connor

The photo shown is not of Mililani BBQ. It is of Tasty Korean BBQ, which is kitty corner across the courtyard.Mililani BBQ is delicious as always! Love the zucchini and combos!

Ken Kawelo

Good food but pricey. Dine in or take out expect to wait awhile for food. I think it's worth it

Joycelyn B.

Kalbi is my favorite. Not enough meat or filling inside the mandoo. Food is always good. We always get the special for $21.95. Alot of different choices in the special

Danyel R.

Little expensive, but everything is now. days. I would rather spend money there than a chain restaurant. Hands down my favorite place for Korean BBQ. Quantity and quality 5 star. Service is fast and efficient.

Hokulani S.

We loving coming here! Dine in and take out is great! We love the meat jun and shrimp tempura combo. Kalbi and Mandoo is another great choice. Tofu soup is a must they have mild, hot, and spicy. Good side dishes. Always have to order side order of their Korean pancake. Overall great food and service.

Jamie S.

Food is always excellent here! We're never disappointed...usually get the dinner combo so we get to eat a little bit of everything!

Claire H.

Our favorite place in Mililani for Korean food! I suggest dining in so you can get a nice variety of their side dishes. We love the Kalbi is so soft and flavorful! The Meat Jun combo plate with kalbi always satisfies our cravings!


This place has been around for sometime may or not have changed owners... but I have eaten here since da 90s and the food is always pretty good and they offer so many different choices that you will never not get something you don't want. I would only say that the place needs a face lift.. the staff is cool and super helpful and the location is key. Enjoy and share what ever you get on your next visit, I know they would appreciate da shout outs.

Manuel Ramirez (Manny)

Portion size was horrible, enough food for a child's plate. For the price of $22 (tax included). The food was bland. The only thing that was good was the Kim chee. Dont think I will be returning to this place

Tricia Sato

Family favorite! Generous amount of food and friendly service. Sometimes the wait is long, even for pick up but well worth it .

Kevin Keltner

Lots of food! All the meat was cooked really well and super tasty!

Parish K.

Quality of the food is amazing! Korean miso stew/soup is the da bomb and there BBQ special is very filling and tasty.

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