Ninja Sushi

95-1249 Meheula Pkwy, Mililani
(808) 627-9790

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Dhruv Patel

The sushi here was a lot better than I expected. I got the vegetable tempura roll here and tamago. The tempura was nice and crunchy on the inside and the sauce drizzled on top was sweet and savory. The eight-slice roll was pretty thick and filling. Didn’t have customer service issues as some reviews mentioned (took it to-go). Highly recommend this place.

Corbin Laudenslager

Definitely different than what it used to be a year ago. Not a bad experience. Just different. Still enjoyed my food.


Aloha; this spot is kinda snack like. When you order you will order small things that equal to a meal. Sushi roll, small udon noodles cambo or some maki sushi. A lot of great little things but definitely worth it. The place is very clean, organized and kid friendly.Parking: Abundance of parking all around the strip mall...and all free.Wheelchair accessibility: Yes this entire strip mall is wheelchair friendly

Natalie A.

I usually have no problems with this place but today I went in, ordered food and my husband ordered a beer, I tried to order a water and the cashier told me they were out of water cups. She offered me a fountain cup and I told her okay but I just want water. So she added the fountain drink to my order, $2.50. What?! You're out of water cups, so that's not the customer's fault, offer me a fountain cup to put water in then! I told her I wasn't going to pay over $2 for tap water. So she took the cup back lol. Word to the wise: bring your own drink if you intend to eat here.

Shannon M.

For fast sushi, Ninja Sushi is definitely the place to go. With beverages to accompany your meal! (including sake and other assorted alcoholic choices) They're quick and friendly. The sushi isn't top notch, but hey, it's cheaper than a sushi bar in town.

Allan U.

Came here for pick up twice now and the girls at the front forgot to put in wasabi and ginger after asking for it. Both times i tipped 15% and just got home to see that it hasn't been put in the bag again is annoying. They tied the bag and handed it to me so i assumed it was in there. Please be better.

De'Shae Roseboro

We are new to the island and our family loves it here! Sushi is quality and the options seem infinite. In just one week, we have become repeat customers. To put the cherry on top, the staff are incredibly friendly!

Fire Mario Sonic

Horrible. The manager told us to stop using so many forks because they cost money! Who does that? I looked at the forks and they were the same ones from Costco that costs $13 for 1000x forks = 1.3cent (almost a penny each) per fork. I was a regular eater there who likely was overcharged. Will never go there again and they have lost a lot of money all because of a 1 PENNY FORK!! BEWARE HERE.

Jackie P.

I wasn't going to do a review but after experiencing such a horrible experience for the second time....Here I go! Ordered with the cashier who asked this stink faced girl a question about the item I was ordering. The girl responded to her with the sassiest response and then rolled her eyes while she turned back around. Because her response was clearly in front of me, it then got super awkward for both the cashier and I. The poor cashier looked like she couldn't count on her coworker for guidance or help! Well grouchy girl gave me my food and didn't say not one word! I asked for wasabi and she responded with "in the bag" and turned around. No thank you or nothing! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE!! For the second time.....Went in again and ordered a Dragon Roll. There was a tall local girl who was smiley and sweet! You could tell she was kind of new but she made it through our transaction with no problems! However, after placing my order, I realized I forgot to order a T-dragon maki. I went back to the counter placed my order and the same cashier girl told the kitchen staff through the window "adding on T dragon maki". Well......THE SAME GIRL who was now working in the back yelled out "BRUH, I ALREADY MADE IT" not knowing it was a different order! Let me make it clear that she yelled it so loud that all of us in line could hear her. The new girl in the front clarified that it was an add on then turned around to apologize to me for her coworkers ignorant response! I bent down to see through the window and saw that it her, stink face again! Plus she walked in the front for a second while I was eating! Because this girl is always there and I frequent this restaurant a lot due to working at the town center....I ASKED FOR HER NAME!! Micah.....if you don't like your job QUIT!! Your negative energy and stink grouchy face make it uncomfortable for not just the customers but it seems like for your coworkers too! Not sure if that's how you act out of work but you might want to be nicer to be people before you act up to the wrong one!! It definitely doesn't look like your about that life so just treat people with respect and dignity! As for managment- If you're aware of this type of behavior, SHAME ON YOU! If not, You might want to talk to your employee for the type of shitty environment she's causing in your establishment!! I feel bad for whoever has to work with her and the other customers that have an encounter with her!! Cheer up Micah! You'd be a lot cuter if you just SMILED!!

Deandra V.

Placed an online order. Ready by the time we got there. Ordered 2 maki rolls and 1 order of garlic hamachi nigiri (came with 3 pieces) - more than enough food for me and my husband. It's exactly what you expect for "fast food sushi". Cheap and convenient if you're really hungry for sushi.

The T.

Disappointing, Stingy, rude. Before pandemic the sushi here was small.. after the pandemic started the pieces have now become even SMALLER. The manager was stingy and even came and 'talked' to us about giving us too many chopsticks. Was a frequent customer who accepted the tiny fish at overcharge until the owner did this to me. I will never go back here and save my money anyways. I can buy my own chopsticks $13 for 1000 at Costco made of REAL BAMBOO . The chopsticks I had here broke in half when eating a sushi. CHEAPEST management EVER. They ONE TINY PACK soy with wasabi. Because I had used too many chopsticks, she did not purchase garnishes on the miso soup..all to save money. Well. She has lost another customer to pinching pennies. Do not go here you will be disappointed

Ki Tano Keliiheleua

I like how they bring your order to table but, weird how they take the tray and when finished your left to try and carry rubbish to trash can. Little hard with 2 hands, multiple containers , beverages and, hot soup involved? and one trash car far away ?

Elle U.

Want a quick lunch? Order online and pick it up in a few minutes. So convenient and the food is always so good. I have been on a tofu salad kick. I totally love the wasabi dressing. I always get two of them. I wish they bottled it (it's that good). Love the sushi and the sushi sets. So good and fresh!

Shirleen W.

The superman is one of their most popular item. They have a lot of variety with maki, sushi+bento set, combo bento, donburi, poke bowl, nigiri bento, nigiri, udon, ramen, temaki, ahi salad, junior set, etc. You can also order online and pick it up via They also have ube treats from Ubeologie which I love seeing businesses supports other small local businesses. Their prices is pretty affordable, I definitely recommend garlic ahi which has a nice smokey flavor. Usually, if a sushi place mess up the garlic-flavored sushi, then it is a hard pass, but this is the spot that you should not miss!

Claire H.

Mililani sushi is so good! They are so nice and they always get our order right and the food is yummy! My son always orders the Junior set D and Takoyaki.

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