Teapresso Bar - Mililani

95-1249 Meheula Pkwy, Mililani
(808) 629-9131

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Keanu L.

One of my favorite spots ! But the store hours are extremely contradicting everywhere. Yelp says they close at 6pm on Sunday, Website says they close at 7pm, I called the store and they said it is open Daily from 10am - 8pm, and in-store the hours say they close at 6pm. I ended up coming in at 5:55pm right when they were about to close and felt bad but I ordered anyways. Unfortunately I ordered the Strawberry Milk Tea and it tasted very watered down and it was a brownish color and had a curdled look. The boba tasted great like always though and my girlfriend enjoyed her Pineapple Plantation Tea !

Gail U.

8-2-22 first time tasting a cold beverage from here. Located inside the door of Times to your left. Doc got a Hong Kong milk tea. She likes it simple, no boba. I've never had Wintermelon Milk Tea and wanted to give it a try. It was a mixture of flavors. The first sip I got a slurp of soft Wintermelon up my straw. For some reason it reminded me of some kind of Chinese flavor. The second sip further down to the bottom of the cup tasted Japanese. Hard to explain. Very different from other milk teas. Finally on the third sip I tasted some custard. I liked that the drink was super cold and sweet. Maybe because I always say no ice, no sugar. Doc said the employee said 50% was the least amount of sugar they could make it unlike other places that provide 0% sugar. I drank half of it before heading out and finished the rest from being in the fridge when we came home. If there is a next time I'll try a different flavor with no ice, no sugar. Why? To me the ice hinders full-on up the straw-full of custard. Why no sugar, rationalizing it'll help lower my A1C a bit. Always a nice change to try something new or different.

Kim Fallas

Mango Kumquat tea! Light & refreshing.

Paul Hamilton

Clean & friendly...

Tamara P.

My daughter and I were happy to try this recommended place (in Times Supermarket!) and ordered a honeydew smoothie and a mango slush/float to-go. We had great customer service and the drinks were very refreshing and tasty, which definitely hit the spot after our Aiea Loop Trail hike. We will be back!

Claire H.

I love boba drinks but this is my first time ordering from here. I really appreciate that the young ladies was really nice and patient with me. I ordered the Strawberry Guava iced tea with medium sweetness. I liked the taste but I think next time I think I'll get it a little sweeter. ;)

Jessica G.

Hip hip hooray for being able to enjoy a bubble tea while you grocery shop at Times. I love the brown sugar boba. My kids got melon smoothies with large boba and a lychee slush with bursting boba. Everything was delicious and the staff was friendly. Sign up for their rewards program!

Rachie P.

Must pass and resist boba almost every other day! Since this Teapresso spot is tucked in the corner of the Mililani Times entrance to the left. Anytime I need to pick up groceries I pass the hoards of students waiting for their boba, lucky! The aroma fills the front of the store and just calls to me, everytime... I don't get to indulge as often as I'd like. I believe this spot opens around 11a and by that time I've already had a morning coffee and I generally try to stick to one or the other. Being right across the st from the school, I treat my kids to the occasional boba here and there. My go to is always almond MT w/ boba & crystal boba. Unfortunately this location doesn't carry the sakura crystal boba or that would replace the regular crystal boba. My eldest son is all about taro. The staff is always friendly and efficient. Although they can build up quite the crowd, orders come out quick enough. The quality of every single tea I've gotten at any Teapresso location has been spot on. Consistency is def on point across the board. Boba texture is perff! Always having boba available on demand can be challenging but so far this location has delivered every time. Nothing is worse than visiting a boba joint that don't got the bobas! Teapresso uses the five star reward app, just enter your ph# to earn and redeem reward points. When you're a boba addict, its nice to get something in return for your gluttonous habit LOL. We were quite happy that a boba spot finally decided to grace the Mililani Town Center. I really couldve used this when I worked in the area... still, never a bad idea to add a Teapresso spot anywhere. We def give high praises to all the Teapresso locations and staff for always coming in clutch w/ boba and teas that never disappoint!

Mojo K.

Customer service is great!

Meagan E.

You'd be surprised, but not all milk tea shops have milk alternatives. I don't do dairy, and I was stoked to find a boba spot close to home with non-dairy milks. The cashiers are always super nice and patient with my questions, and drinks come out pretty quickly (even during the 3pm high school rush). I got a taro milk tea with boba today, and the boba was perfectly fresh, sweet, and soft. The taro drink is as it usually is: a little earthy and sweet. I eat kalo every day, and days I don't I probably still had it in a drink. My partner got a cold brew. It's mostly as it should be: not bitter, pretty smooth, light natural sweetness, but it was very slightly watered down tasting. Nonetheless, a satisfying cold brew. I don't usually leave reviews, but the business owner on this yelp page seems like such a rad boss who both keeps his employees in line and protects them from overbearing and unreasonable customers. Cheee, thanks for the hard work.

Kristina M.

I come here every week and my girls always take good care of me and my coffee. I pay $5.12 plus $1 tip for my Vietnamese coffee with a splash of cream. Today I had the snootiest wannabe barista charge me for the cream and then not even fill up my cup towards the top like it's supposed to be without ice. And I showed her the example and she said that's not the recipe. She was a trip. Been drinking coffee all over the world for 30+ years and not one place has charged for a splash of cream. *** Being half my age still makes her a grown woman. And treating regulars like that should not be tolerated especially if she is a manager. Having my cup filled half way was spiteful when your display is 90% full. Managers come and go but customers are forever. Y'all probably related. Charging customers for cream is like charging for ketchup when you sell fries. You charge as much as Starbucks without all the overhead. So it won't hurt you to give your customers a splash of cream if they ask for it. My friends who were with me laughed when they saw she gave me a half filled cup. Aloha

KayAnna A.

It's so hard to find good almond boba and this is it! The tea isn't too nutty and not too sweet (with the choice of regular), a perfect middle ground. The boba was soft/chewy and not hard at all. The boba always tastes fresh. Customer service is great as they are always fast with every order. A quick place to stop for good milk tea, not for aesthetics though.

phillip jernigan

Good stuff

Krystal P.

I recently went back to Teapresso to order a couple of drinks and they remade the drink mentioned in my previous review. This time everything was great! Friendly service and the drinks were all made perfectly. Thank you to Keoni and his Teapresso staff!

Ronny Pere

Love this one. A must go Everytime we stop at times.

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