Punalu'u Bake Shop

HI-11, Naalehu
(866) 366-3501

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Loved the peanut butter coconut bar. Lot of seasonal baked goods to buy! Nice pitstop if you are on your way to the volcano park from Kona.


My wife and I had a friend who told us that we had to go try these donuts out from the island, so during our tour we ended up stopping by this place. We had a couple donuts there but bought a few to take home to have for breakfast until we leave the island. They are amazing especially the passion fruit. I strongly recommend trying out this island delicacy.

Jennifer Faustino

This is my second time visiting the Punalu'u Bake Shop. The first time we tried this place was my Husband and I honeymoon which was 10 years ago. Last week we were on vacation with our family and still taste the same.Love their bread and food. Gets busy here so be patience. The staff is super helpful.

Anitha Nair

We stopped here twice. Bought so much stuff here to take home and tried 1 of everything. Hope I can fit into my pants after this trip! The malasadas were delicious, but would have been better hot. I loved the guava, mango and original. Tried the cream puffs and eclair. We also grabbed the pineapple fruit cake in the box as a gift, along with the cake mixes for our family. The grounds are also beautiful, take a walk around.

Marty Hogan

Ok will start by saying eight simple pastries cost us shy of $20, so be ready. Second half of that is they were worth it. We have visited before and it is raining everytime we are there. Nice sitting areas to enjoy your purchase, friendly staff, but it is busy and you will have to wait if you merge with a tour bus or two. Still worth the wait and will be back again.

Jerry D. Voss

This seems to be very popular! Very busy when we were there. Limited seating for the crowd that was there. As delicious as it smells. Fun to watch them do the mixing and processing!

Gail Dempsey

The malasadas were out-of-this-world. Definitely purchase milk to accompany the donuts! We also had a delicious hot pastrami sandwich.

Peter Anderson

Great Donuts and coffee, very friendly staff

Beth Hodgman

the best coconut cream pie

Chad Odom

This place is a bakery first and foremost. They serve some local style foods which are nothing special. People come here for the baked goods. And boy do they come by the van loads! This spot is on the tour bus circuit so you better come early if you want baked goods. We came one time at 4 pm-ish and they were sold out. Okay no surprise. I came another time at 9 am and the tour vans were all there and both lines were LONG. But thankfully they still had everything available. Great spot to check out while you're passing through. They finally have an espresso machine here now so you can get coffee. They're not a coffee shop though so I don't know how good their coffee drinks are. Lines moved slower than they needed to but welcome to Big Island!

Sarah Gorospe

We almost didn't make it to the bakery, it was our last day and we had about 8 hours to kill before our flight. So we decided to take that hour and half drive on hwy 11, after dropping off family at the airport. It was definitely worth it. When we arrived, like all good restaurants, there was a line. So we just followed the crowd. I think there was another line specifically for malasadas so scope it out instead of having to wait. Make sure to get there early as the options get slimmer. Nonetheless, it was all delicious. We were given the ube traditional, lilikoi or passion fruit glazed and haupia filled malasadas. So good. Glad we picked up a dozen just for the two of us. We were also able to capture the last song of this guy's set "Somewhere over the rainbow" , not sure what could have made that experience anymore perfect especially in paradise.

Karina Kisselite

I was quite dissatisfied by this place. The chicken burger was beyond any expectations. It was supposed to be grilled chicken, but was rather some kind of chicken cutlet. Also they had only sweet bread, nothing on a healthier side. I guess people mostly come here for bakery.

Mark Grudzien

The donuts here are Portuguese style malasadas. I had the standard donut which was good but not something I would rate five stars. I strongly suspect that if I had a filled or iced version I would have add the fifth star.

Jaye Smart

Perfect stop when on the road. Great bread and Malasadas. Staff always awesome!

Amit Pandya

Check this place out while you are exploring Black sand Beach and South Point. Food is not great and service is slow. It was rush when we went there and that might be case. They were out of Inventory for almost all Vegetarian option. Try Staple traditional Sweet. There is a Food truck next to this place and Taco Place Behind that food truck if you want to get more food options. Check the hours of operation. They close early.

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