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7005 N Chestnut St, Avoca


Reviews for American Pie Cafe

? ? Danielle, you were so kind this morning helping with the order for egg sandwiches for my husband & I. Our dog loved his breakfast as well!You are an amazing, thoughtful young lady! We appreciated your little notes on our sandwich boxes. If only more customer service was as kind as you, more restaurants across America would be amazing! ?Please tip well for Danielle. She is one of a kind as a waitress.The cook here, didn't get the name this morning did good as well!! full review

Ordered a back 40 burger. Burger was alright nothing fancy and fairly small but had a decent flavor, fries that came with it the 20 that were included with the meal were bland, dry, cold and lacked a lot of flavor. Overall not the worst I've had but leaves room for improvement. Service was also quite lacking a fair bit unattentive towards the customers.

Wonderful staff and good food please don't close down and put in fast food we as driver's already get enough fast food you 1 of the only real restaurants left for us and the food is ? good home cooking

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