Taco Bell

3566 Middle Rd, Bettendorf
(563) 275-5241

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It's taco bell, so you know what you're getting into. Staff were professional. They do have you for on a tray in the drive through. Safe, that's why they 5 stars for this trip.


Very fast and correct order every time, I'm considering this to be the best taco bell in the quad city's!

Andrew Gipson

They messed up my order and then refused to fix it!!!!! Order number 332194

kenneth jungwirth

Quick easy meal. Friendly staff

Celsey Frazier

Gave the wrong sauce but yet I still had to pay for it

Wicked Shmart

It was hot a cheap. Like me! ?

Emily Mess

11pm and out of beef. REALLY. Always a problem at this location.

Tim Schmidt

Very disappointing!! I ordered the Rolled chicken taco party box..I ordered the Tacos( - lettuce/ + beans).. now having my order made wrong before..I politely asked the young lady at the drive up window to double check my order..I got home and yep...my tacos were just beans and cheese no beef..are ya kidding me?? The regular taco is beef/lettuce/cheese..so if I ask no lettuce + beans..how do I lose the beef..come on..I understand your busy..but this happens to often.. I will say the Rolled chicken tacos were excellent. Please fix your quality control!! Thanks!!

Ivory Smith

Great food and kind and friendly service!

Eric M

Super excited they know have Breakfast at this location!

Eric Menes

Super excited they know have Breakfast at this location!

The Fox

Super excited they know have Breakfast at this location!

George Wells

Good quick comfort food at a reasonable price

Followmeitwill Beallright

friendly local workers and low prices

Jalepeno Tree

Just get the crunch wrap and you'll understand

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