Cheng's Garden

1246 E 14th St, Des Moines
(515) 262-1999

Recent Reviews

Tory Breise

I absolutely love their food! This is my go-to Chinese restaurant. I've ordered many times over the last several years and I've never been disappointed. It can be a little pricey, but it is WORTH IT!Food: 5/5

Kiki Jacobs

I ordered from here yesterday, I got the shrimp lo mein and crab ragoons. I did enjoy my food HOWEVER I do feel like they need to put more crab cream cheese filling tho because the ratio is not proportionate.

Toni Williams

Whoever is the lady that works the cashier… Very rude… And speaks in her language saying things smart you don’t understand. Was not going to say review Although this is the second encounter.

Bryon Preminger

Ordered Mixed Vegetables with Hot and Sour soup. Also ordered Chicken and beef Hunan style Extra Spicy and a shrimp egg roll.My girl can't eat fried food. She loved the soup and the vegetable dish.My spring roll was adequate. A little heavy with the cabbage. My dish was excellent as it was very meat forward. One complaint. I ordered it to be very spicy. I'm a hot head and eat raw Thai peppers. I told them to add a ton of them. I rated the dish a 3 of 10 on hotness. I wanted it to melt my face off instead I got an Americanized version of hot. I ordered hunan for the heat. That was very disappointing.

6 S

The best Chinese takeout in town. I miss your Merle hay location but will drive out of my way to get that delicious tofu! Keep up the good work!

david jeffery

Avoid. They never actually made my deliveey. After 1.5 hours i called and cancelled. After they hung up on me. Lady was telling me they were around the corner for 40 minutes. Plus they have a hidden 6 dollar delivery fee. Buyer beware.

Charlene Reynolds

Pretty good, just what me and baby needed. The egg foo yung is delicious with the brown gravy!

Sanford Steve

Always pretty tasty food. Fast service and nice family run business. The prices are reasonable especially compared to all other restaurants.

Duane Hacker

The delivery drivers park right in front of the store including illegally blocking the handicap parking spot. The crab Rangoon was not fresh and tasted of old fryer oil. I will probably not return to this location.

Toni Tot

I used to get chengs all the time. It had been about 6 months since i had it so i got some beef with mushrooms last night. I woke up at 4am puking and again at 6am. I feel like death. Probably never going back.

Courtney G.

absolutely horrible service. the manager here doesn't respect her customers whatsoever. my fiancé and i ordered food from this place, they forgot our egg rolls, rice, and a whole meal! our food was easily several days old, the chicken was hard as a rock and chewy, the crab rangoons had absolutely no filling inside, pure shell. sweet and sour sauce was con-jelled, so thick and nasty. we called the store and the manager had the audacity to hang up on us when we requested a refund due to poor quality of service and food. went up to the restaurant and they refused to give us our refund, they said they didn't have to money to give us. we ordered off their website !! absolutely would never spend my money here ever again, and no one that i know of will be coming here if i have any say in it. wouldn't be surprised if we get food poisoning and absolutely will be disputing the charge.

Therese Harke

If there were a rating less than one star I would definitely give it to this place! Found their menu in the lobby of our hotel, it said in Big Red letters we deliver. We decided to call them for delivery, ask them if they delivered, they said of course. We then went on to place and almost $100 order. Then they told us they could not deliver to our hotel. My daughter went to go pick up the food. She got there approximately 20 minutes after placing the order and our foods still wasn't ready. She sat there and waited for another 20 to 25 minutes before it was ready to go. Then, when she got back to the hotel, we unpacked the food and started playing it. The chicken was so overcooked I couldn't even chew it, the fried rice was just awful, the sweet and sour pork was hard so hard that it was almost impossible with you. The low main wasn't bad. The soup was pretty good. But for $100 I would expect a lot better. Don't waste your money people.

Di Vilks

My delivery came well within timeframe. The food was still hot/warm. Egg rolls & crab Rangoon were very crispy. Just as I like them. I will definately order again.

courtney calkin

Would give negative stars if I could. Chicken was so dry and overcooked I could not even stab it with a fork! The chicken was literally as hard as a rock. Do not waste your money. Crab ragoons weren't even that good and I love me some ragoons! ?

Jaime Hollifield

Only 1 star so I could post this warning. ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ DO NOT ORDER, me and my kids were sick for 3 days. Uber eats, Door dash and Grubhub should remove so they stop encouraging this restaurant. Ordering out for some people isn't something they can afford to do often, so when they do, we shouldnt be taken advantage of. 50 bucks down the drain literally 3 days on the pot! My son said, "Are you sure it's not just a front for some other business, because the food was disgusting?"

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