Johnny's Italian Steakhouse

6800 Fleur Dr, Des Moines
(515) 287-0848

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Judd Furlong

Food was okay, servers were good but terrified of the management. Management is very unwelcoming, the servers deserve to be respected. Will not go back.

Ann Snook

We like the cozy atmosphere. Sorry to say they were short on staff the afternoon we were there. However, it didn't affect our service or our meal. Always great food.

David H.

Jesus, not another one... yet another so called " Des Moines staple" that can't get its act together. I showed up around three in the afternoon for an early dinner (or perhaps late lunch). There were about three tables sat, two with children in the party. The entire time I was there, I think one table had a request (their check), otherwise, it seemed like a low impact afternoon. I ordered something very basic and my server tried to talk me into upgrades, which I reluctantly accepted. I did specify I was really, really thirsty and asked for a pitcher of water; im a real wise guy, I know. But when the server brought me two glasses of water, mostly ice and I drank one of them in front of the server, you know... I would have thought it was clear that when I said "thirsty" and "bring me a pitcher of water" the guy would have understood. Long story short, my food came out after 30 minutes, it was cold, and it didn't have any of the "upgrades" that bozo suggested. It was as plain as wallpaper. Fine. I ate it, it wasn't terrible. I can live with that, you know? The salad never showed up so I flagged down someone else's server and he was able to get me a water refill AND my salad. Great guy! Another 20 minutes passed and my original server meandered back, cashed some people out and casually asked how I was doing. I explained the problem, he apologized, and said he would be back with my check. Thirty more minutes rolled by, I slapped some cash on the table and left. Never saw the guy again. You want my opinion? If I wanted to throw away $30 in a Covid-19 year like this - where other way more deserving restaurants need my business - I'll go ANYWHERE but Johnny's. Texas Roadhouse has people who smile, they get your order right, they thank you on the way out AND their food is hot. Might be a chain, might just be "ok", but I don't feel like an idiot for going there like I did going to Johnny's. I'll take a hard pass when my boss suggests this place, and I'll let people know why.


This place was fantastic! I enjoyed our server she was patient and willing to tell us about each platter *Bailey*. The food and drinks may have been a little slow to get back to us, they were quite busy, and they were well worth the wait with the near perfection with the dishes. This was a friendly, beautiful, and tasteful restaurant! Out of my price range but decided to splurge and I’ll be honest if I lived in Des Moines I’d be broke eating here every night. Loved the atmosphere, loved the service, loved the food!

Matt C.

If you are looking for a quick cheap bite to eat then drive past Johnny's Italian steakhouse. If you are looking for a gorgeous dining room and food that is fresh well seasoned and presented beautifully coupled with service that is attentive but not stiffulling then Johnny's Italian steakhouse is what you are looking for. The appetizer of sausage stuffed mushrooms smothered with melted cheese, were hot and delicious. The salad fresh and crisp and the house Italian balsamic dressing was great. The entree of the home style cavatapi with sausage in a spicy creamy tomato sauce was tremendous. Would I order it again? Not yet there are a number of other things I want to try.

Cody M

First time at Johnny's - The food was expensive, but great. Service was borderline awful, but I think it was a staff shortage so I tried to be patient. An old fashioned was 13 dollars and my pasta, after tax, was 30 dollars. It really seemed like a fancy Applebee's.

Pam R.

Very good food but the service was lacking big time. I will go back again but pray the service is better the next time.

Caleb Wilson

Had the lasagna it was very good! Service was great.

H Guzman

Great taste and service. Went for lunch as I was visiting the town for business. Hotel recommended this place and had a shuttle to it. Overall a very nice experience at this restaurant.

Kathy Baker

Food was great but on the expensive side. We were there for a late lunch on a Sunday and there was no wait to be seated. Not at all crowded. Would have given the place five stars but we waited a long time to get our beverages, a long time to place our food order, and a very long time to get our food. I would understand this if the place had been crowded (possibly understaffed?). All of our food orders were cooked to perfection: steak with garlic mashed potatoes, lasagna, spaghetti with meat sauce, and hamburger with seasoned fries. The only negative from me on the food was the coffee. It was awful.


On a recent trip to Des Moines I frequented this establishment three times (dinner for all three). Food (4*) was very good, go for the prime rib on the weekend. Large portions and fairly priced (4*) Wine list (3*) covers the basics and is fairly priced but lacks depth for a steakhouse. The highlight was really the people (5*). Every staff member was delightful, servers, bar, hostess!

Todd Braun

Met a friend here for lunch today and they lived up to the expectations I had for them. The building and atmosphere are top notch and the food was very good.The only thing holding me back from the elusive 5* was my choice of food (hard to stand out with a chicken salad sandwich) and the servers are typically a bit more attentive in the restaurants I give 5* (which aren't many).I had the chicken salad sandwich with homemade chips and my friend had the chicken panini (see pictures). Both were very I want to come back for dinner sometime when they have the opportunity to really shine!Food: 4Atmosphere: 5Service: 4If you found this review helpful, please click on 'Like'.

Fred Schweighardt

Pretty darn good. Service was excellent. I had salmon, whis was good not great. Needed less cooking, at least for me. Broccolini & brussels sprouts for sides. House salad was nice mixed greens, not Iceberg. I had all dressing and sauce on the side.

J Fetters

Overpriced underwhelming food. Boring atmosphere, with acoustics that make it impossible to hear, depending on which side of the room you are on, all combine to make an experience like many others. The only difference is you could save half the cost and go to a chain restaurant and get more food of the same quality for less.3 stars only because our server, Alyssa I believe her name was, was amazing, friendly, quick, and professional while being personable. She alone saved this restaurant from getting a 1 star.In summation, great staff, average food, poor prices.

Terri H.

I do not where to start. Food was amazing, appetizers ama,I gluten most important Dustin (server) was even more amazing. You are doing yourself a disservice by not eating here.

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