Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream - LeClaire

119 N Cody Rd, Le Claire
(563) 289-3305

Recent Reviews

Michael Higgins

Great! Get it every year but only take out but this time are in.

Kathy Dewitte

Visited on 12/12/19. Ordered pizza at 6:05pm. Please know that we were the only ones in the place. There were other orders from my group but they all ordered earlier. 6:40pm i went tti check on my pizza. Some kid looked in the oven and said 5 more minutes. Hmmm it was over 10 more minutes. They forgot to make my pizza. I didn't get an apology or anything. Shame on you all.

Diane Polenske

It was great!! We had unexpected family arrive. There was 10 of us to enjoy lunch. Plenty of fresh made pizzas for us to enjoy. It was a wonderful time!!

Bret Hobbs

Very good pizza and workers were very nice.

Larry Butler

Ordered taco pizza. Not the usual quality we were use to. We also ordered a desert pizza which came out next to raw.

Cindy Jean Greenfelder

Power was out in the entire town we were on a bus trip. They took care of us. Thank you for a great experience

Michelle Ivicak

Great pizza and great service!

Joe Crull

Was told 30 min. And now its over hour and still not here.

Jeff Pribble

Super friendly staff. Very patient with even my foreign visitors who got to try all the flavors of ice cream to help them decide what to eat. Nice view of the Mississippi river.


After walking around Main Street we stopped here to eat. The pizza, deep dish, was excellent. Didn?t have room to try the ice cream!

Justin Kelly

Very nice atmosphere and service! This is unlike any other Happy Joes I have been to in the way that you prepay for your food and they bring it out to you instead of waiting for the bill until after you are done eating. Great place to meet people for a quick bite.

Dale Gearke

Haven't eaten at a HJs for decades. Pizza was very good.

Kelia Rodriguez

Delicious pizza friendly staff

AllynTerri Hackett

Great place, friendly owner and great food, definitely a must stop! Great time in Iowa!!

Kevin K.

Not quality pizza by any means. Good for families with small children but if you are going to eat pizza there is much higher quality. This is just above Cicis but well below the big 3 (Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Papa Johns). Nice staff but could use work on cleaning up and flies.

Paul B.

Stop in Leclaire Iowa and we were going to have a brew at 1 of the breweries they did not have food there so we ordered a pizza from happy Joe's. The crust was absolutely perfect and it's exactly what we needed to compliment our brews that we had locally. The people were very nice service was excellent and fast


Stopped in for lunch after riding the Twilight. One price for the buffet and that includes pizza, salad AND ice cream. Great food, great customer service and priced reasonably. Little game room for the kids. Will definitely eat here again.

Cecily Runyon Wilson

Great ice cream. Friendly service.

Michele R.

I have been eating here since i was born. My family has had many birthdays there at multiple locations throughout the QC area. I love the BLT pizza. Love the sauerkraut and canadian bacon! And of coarse the taco pizza. Nobody compares to the taco pizza here. Crust is always good. Pastas are great. Cant wait to travel back to my home town to enjoy a bite or about 10 slices! Oh...even great for cold pizza in the morning!

Diana S

We stopped to eat here while in Le Claire....great place to eat...food was great.....and their malts are awesome!!!

Jess Vagnar

8pm on July 5th. We called in an order for 2 large pizzas and they said it'd be 25 minutes. We left the house late and it was already 35 minutes when we came to the store. They didn't even start our order yet. After we asked again we were still apparently third in line to get in the oven. Over an hour after ordering we're at the house with burnt pizza. Not worth $55 for two large pizzas.

Teresa Kraft

Good food, friendly and helpful staff, nice place.

Kate Langmeyer

I'm with Jess and have to say nothing about this review is exaggerated. When my family brought these pizzas home I couldn't believe that a) employees thought it was ok to let a customer take pizzas like this out the door b) these 2 pizzas cost $55. There is nothing "happy" about this.


Although Happy Joe's is known for its pizza, we came on a Saturday afternoon for the ice cream. There were about 10 different flavors from which to choose. Our friends both had coffee ice cream, which they liked very much. My husband, a big chocolate fan, enjoyed French silk, and I had strawberry with real pieces of strawberries in it. The waffle cones are delicious too. Refreshing for all of us!

Tammy Johannsen

The service and pizza was great. The prices were fairly high! $27.00 for a large taco

Dana Alitz

Had delivery. On time and piping hot..also, very delicious!!!!

Sharonville Island

Good pizza and unlimited soda while dining in.


We stopped here just for some beverages after a few hours walking, but the staff was courteous and welcoming. The pizza they were making looked great, though! We sat on the porch out back overlooking the river--It was a wonderful stop!

Michelle David

this place is PROOF that not all happy Joe's are the same. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST AROUND!! I gave up on happy Joe's till now!! the quality and freshness of the pizza here is AMAZING!! the hospitality and kindness and smiles are infectious!! it was like home eating here!! it was our first time at this happy Joe's and WILL ALWAYS COME BACK HERE!! WORTH THE DRIVE!! this place needs to show other happy Joe's the true meaning of HAPPY JOES!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND & 100% HAS OUR BUSINESS HERE

Trevor Sebben

This is the LeClaire location. I just got back from college because of a severe medical surgery and was so excited to have my favorite quad cities pizza. I Tried ordering a few pizzas tonight with my whole family and they said it would be 20-30 minutes. When I arrived, everyone was standing around not doing anything. I went up to pay for my pizza and they told me they didnâ??t even put the ticket in, therefore didnâ??t cook my pizzas. Told me they could throw in a pizza real quick. Very disappointed, will not be returning.

Kathy Borkgren

Great pizza and friendly staff

Ancient !

The staff is always friendly and the buffet has always been full during my lunch visits.

Meaghan B.

Very weak pizza, the ingredients were subpar, from the crust to the canned mushrooms, I would've ordered from Pizza Hut if I had known this is what I'd receive for a veggie pizza. Too expensive for the quality as well.

Jenna Renee

Very good pizza! Amazing staff! Help when needed!

Stephanie Joy Bosgraaf

Good food and friendly service! My daughter loved the spaghetti.

Dan .k

Ok place to go for pizza and a family night out. Game room has been downsized and has less games for younger kids than it used to. Pizza isn't anything to write home about and is very expensive for what you get. They do have a buffet on Wednesday nights that make it more affordable so we usually go then.

Jeremy Dombrovski

A great place to eat! Delicious pizza, friendly staff and a nostalgic atmosphere, I highly recommend this place.

Doug Guenther

2 hours+ for delivery of 1 large pizza and a pasta. 2 hours+... I called in the order at 4:53pm and was told 30-35 minutes. The wait began. I called them back an hour later. Girl said it was out for delivery. The wait resumed... I called them back after 30 more minutes after no delivery, immediately put on hold for 6 mins 47 seconds. I asked for manager and for status of order. Manager didnt know. After 5 minutes she read it back to me. She finally admitted it hadn't been mad

Kaeli Ferguson Hansen

Awesome pizza and pasta! Unique combos for their oven baked pasta that you can choose for yourself. Vegetarian pizza was amazingly good. Staff friendly and helpful. Delivery was on time too. We were just visiting Le Claire but wish we had this restaurant in our home town. Well done Happy Joeâ??s!

Matt Goode

Over 2 hours and still no pizza! Was told it's on the way - called back 30 minutes later -told it was going in the oven - frustrated I went to pick it up and it hadn't been started yet. Standing next to another gentleman and he ordered his 5 minutes before me and was standing waiting for his as well. Rich the owner really needs to pull it together or lose his franchise ( place is a joke) with too many kids and nobody to handle business after watching them pull out burned pizzas I just gave up and asked for my money back! Kids going hungry now

Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream - LeClaire

119 N Cody Rd, Le Claire, IA 52753
(563) 289-3305