B&L Diner

221 Antique City Dr, Walnut
(712) 784-2400

Recent Reviews

Joy Taylor

An awesome pork tenderloin sandwich! Great atmosphere

David Epperson

Stopped by for lunch while I was in town for work. Great place to grab a burger or tenderloin if you're in the area. I specifically had the chicken fried steak and it was probably the best I'd had since moving to the city years ago.Very friendly staff and speedy service. Hop off I-80 and stop by, it'll be worth it!

Jason Patterson

Excellent food for a very reasonable price I wouldn't hesitate to eat there again

Jimmytanner Tanner

It's a clean friendly little restaurant. The reason I gave it four stars is because the only thing on the menu was a hamburger with cheese or without. That's it. And Im certain it's microwave

Kassey Kyser

Great food and great service. We will be back for sure!

Rob Erickson

Arrived for lunch behind a group of 6. We were seated and served quickly. The food was very good and service was freindly. Would recomend a stop when you are in Walnut.

Shawn Ransom

You never know when they are open. Hours are posted on Facebook, said they would be open 5 am to 1pm, then closed at 11am. Hard to support a local business if you don't know when they will be open.It is also sad when you are commenting on your reviews (where someone has left you a great review) and bashing them. Or calling out people on your Facebook page that have left not so good reviews.

Julie Bokhoven

Great prices and great people!!! Love the food and the special “treats” they offer!!!

Scary Sherry

Great prices and yummy food! Service is outstanding!!

Corey Westerfield

Simple clean menu and restaurant. The food was well prepared and hot when arriving at the table. I'll definitely be back for more.

Joseph Fugate

They have a very good breakfast an buffet! An most excellent service!

Oliver Steyskal

Great restaurant in the small town of walnut!

Lisa ohlsen

The food was very good the waitress was super nice and the place is really clean. Will definitely come back again.

Karol calabro

Waited 45 minutes for the worst hamburger I’ve ever threw away! The onion rings tasted like fish. The service…there was NONE! Very rude and lazy waitress. Didn’t even deserve the one star! Oh, yes I live in Walnut.

Ryan Miller

Doing some work in a random small town in iowa today and my partner and I stopped by for lunch. The other table was an elderly couple and I could slightly overhead the young waitress (seemed like her first day) mention that they didn’t quite leave enough to pay for the whole meal and the lady showing her the ropes quietly gestured that it was fine. That’s the type of hospitality that’s lost in chain restaurants and it was refreshing to see you guys not make a big deal about it. Genuine small town iowa good people things. I hope I left enough to cover the rest of their bill and tip for the two tables for the young lady. Good food, good people, at a great price. Thanks!

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