Chapala Family Mexican Restaurant

900 La Porte Rd, Waterloo
(319) 287-8005

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Delicious food & drinks. Welcoming staff & great service.Food: 5/5

Christopher Reipold

The food was very good and large portions. Had enough left over for a second meal.Food: 5/5

Lynn Rossow

The food was good and the waitress was very friendly and gladly gave us our drinks as we emptied the glasses. Both of us were very full when we left. We were going to try the fried ice cream but were too full for it. Will be going back. My first time there. Had the chimichanga.

Randy S.

I've always enjoyed Chapala's. The food is good, the service is friendly & professional, and the prices are just right. However, there's been a recent, bothersome change unrelated to these items. In the past the background music was traditional Mexican music that added to the dining experience. In my past two visits that has been replaced with a god-awful Spanish language hip-hop. I can assure you that mumbled obscenities in Spanish are no better than mumbled obscenities in English. Please re-think your choices of background music as it can drive away customers.


Unfortunately my experience was just alright. I didn't have a bad experience by any means, but it was just overall just average.Some good things to note are the friendliness of the staff, quick service, and clean restaurant. The staff were always there to get you more water or salsa. The food came out hot, it tasted good, and the portions were decent.While I thought the food tasted good, i felt the presentation and quality of the ingredients was lacking (for the Pollo Fundido at least). Seeing photos of other dishes online makes me interested in coming back and trying something new.

David Estrada

Food was good. Especially the chorizo queso. The salsa had too much cumin.

Vanessa Parker

The server sat at the empty booth behind us on her phone a few times. Just felt a bit unprofessional. The menu is too big and overwhelming. I think if they scaled it back, they could focus more on quality. The Mole was much too sweet. It tasted like chocolate syrup. The rice was dry and crunchy. I'm sure they work hard. But,it would be nice to see less options and taste more quality.

Hellmaster Bean

Food was excellent and I was able to get something not too spicy. Great decor too

Frank Adams

My first time there and I loved it! The food was excellent and so we're the portions! I definitely will return!

Dillon Dahlgaard

Absolutely love Chapala’s and the queso is the best. The seasoned servers are the best and know what they’re doing, but the young servers are not the best. Only bad thing is their new chips they serve, tastes directly from a bag and stale. Please bring back the old chips and won’t have any complaints!

Chris Weber

Chapala's has always been one of my families favorite places to eat. I recommend the Chapala Burrito. Fairly priced and your get a good amount of food for what you order and they make it quickly. The service has always been good as well.

Kate Thome

I used the restaurants order online feature that was on their website and paid. Went to pickup my food and they didn’t have the order. So I waited an additional 15 minutes for the food to be made. Was offered water for the inconvenience. Got home and sat down to eat and found no tortillas for my fajitas and half filled queso. Disappointed.

Jen B

I have loved this restaurant for well over a decade. Their chorizo con queso is amazing. They always let me change things to make my ultimate and favorite meal without complaint!

Heather Powers

Ordered pickup tonight ... do NOT recommend!I've never left a review (let alone a negative one) but when I called the restaurant back to let them know my order was wrong the lady I spoke with hung up on me!Ordered 2 chicken fajita chimichangas, 1 without green peppers & guac and add Steak. Received 2 STEAK fajita chimichangas, one with no green peppers. The add steak & no guac was in the same special instructions as the no green peppers, so how is one request fulfilled but the other 2 were missed when they were in the same sentence?No one apologized.. that's all I was looking for.Tbh .. the food was terrible! I've eaten better chimichangas out of a microwave! I guess that's why the margaritas are so strong... ?‍♀️ Unauthentic food!No worries though.. I'll never be back! ✌️

Cheryl Bogardus

We had a great waiter. He had a sense of you that was able to take ours on. Also, they have great margaritas.

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Chapala Family Mexican Restaurant

900 La Porte Rd, Waterloo, IA 50702
(319) 287-8005