Alchemist Coffee 27th St.

2701 W Stewart Ave, Boise
(208) 323-5578

Recent Reviews

Earl H.

Loved our visit here. Very comfortable seating arrangements with a Wicca theme decore. Very kewl images. Kinzie, our server was the absolute best!

Amber Del Rio

I just had the best experience here! I didn’t really like the dirty chai that I got, and the staff there made me a different drink. Then even walked it over to my seat and handed it to me. Such a great staff at this location, the owner and manager should be proud of them! Also the the new drink was AMAZING, sf vanilla latte for the win!

Brendie W.

This location is one of the best of all theAlchemist coffee! The bourbon caramel coffee is fantastic. The coffee lounge was clean, lots of seating and lively. The atmosphere was low-key music was quiet yet drowned it out and everyone was happy. Bathrooms were spotless and all condiments and napkins were fully stocked. Would definitely come again to this location

Carman Carter

Food and coffee was delicious! We split the spicy bacon burrito because they are huge!

tim milburn

What a cool coffee shop! A variety of seating options and a great vibe. Coffee was delicious and my breakfast burrito hit the spot. This place is within walking distance of where I live. Superb hang out factor here.

Hubert Schwarthoff

The modern touch.Alchemist is new, fresh, if not a little sterile, and quite the addition to the West End.Likeable self roasted coffee (I enjoyed the latte, but don't expect a high level review as I don't have a fine coffee palate), paired with a really good (and fresh) blueberry bar, made my afternoon.While the patio is a bit anemic and should see expansion and beautification for next summer, the interior radiates contemporariness, with modern art, grey-wood decor, and some lifestyle adornments that prompt self-assuredness.The selection of eclectic non-coffee drinks, which I didn't try, raises hopes of continuing thoughtfulness in the food/drink offerings.I'll come back.

T. Oliver

This place is great!, the staff was friendly and, the food was awesome!! I love having this coffee shop and a much needed location.

Julia G.

Alchemist has a great space and atmosphere and we were happy to find that they roast their own coffee beans. My husband really enjoyed his mocha while I got a chai latte. It tasted kind of watered down though. I'm hoping this is a fluke because it was really disappointing. The cinnamon roll was great to split though and I enjoyed the amount of outlets that made for an easy study spot.

Abbey Kramer

Hi! My name is Abbey and I was this Alchemist’s first customer :-) I often forget to leave reviews but wanted to make sure I remembered today. I have enjoyed walking to this coffee shop since they’ve opened. Food is good. Drinks are delicious (with rotating specials). There are different seating options and areas allowing for room to chat and still enough quiet to get work done. And all of the staff is always very kind and good at their jobs. Today when I walked in and Trinity, running the cash register, asked me how I was doing I answered honestly. My day didn’t start well and I was ready for something delicious to hopefully turn it around. Trinity took the time to make me genuinely feel better and actually put a smile on my face by the time I’d placed my order. And the drink was perfect. Please come spend your money here. To the owner, please give everyone who works here lots of money. Five stars for Trinity.

Telara Oliver

This place is great!, the staff was friendly and, the food was awesome!! I love having this coffee shop and a much needed location.

emilie gockel

Adam is such a genuine ball of sunshine. He always remembers my name and makes the best drinks! The vibe of this place is dope too and they finally got outside seating!

Christopher Eder

Alchemist, first and foremost, offers an inviting atmosphere and incredibly friendly service. It is the perfect coffee shop to get some work done, read a book, or visit with friends. It also has a very extensive food menu.That is where the perfection stops. Food and coffee options fall far short of expectations. While priced similarly to other high-end coffee shops, Alchemist simply doesn't match the care in preparation you might find at other options in town. Similarly, the bakery and food items simply can't match what you can find elsewhere. Grocery store quality pastry doesn't cut it anymore, especially at $5 a pop.Ultimately Alchemist exists in an odd spot, it's trying to be both a restaurant and a coffee shop and doesn't pull off either particularly well. If all you want is a cool spot to hang, it's not bad. But for the prices they charge, their food and bev game is insultingly sub par.


In my opinion: this is the worst coffee shop in Boise. The coffee was weak and gross, and the "dark roast" was more like a blonde roast; it also wasn't hot enough (probably 140°). The food was made in a toaster oven and microwave and honest to God was worse than something you could throw together in your work's break room with the leftovers in the fridge. The price is also ridiculous; I think I paid $28 for two paper cups of drip coffee and a breakfast sandwich that was essentially a grilled cheese with hotel quality bacon and a breakfast burrito that gave my wife a stomachache.The employees were nice, but honestly this is not enough to make up for the overpriced lack of quality here.

Brian C.

Stopped here on a visit to Boise and came away very impressed. It's a nice space with a variety of drinks, as well as a few breakfast/lunch dishes and some cool merch. I had the sun and moon latte, a nice blend of turmeric and other spices. It was delicious and came out quickly. They also have a rotating menu of seasonal drinks (not all of them coffee/tea) that looked enticing. The seating here is varied and well-thought-out: a bar, regular tables, high tables, and a lounge. Many of the seats have convenient power outlets, making this a great place to do some work. I think the main seating area could get a little loud, but the lounge is softer and more off by itself. Overall, if I lived in the neighborhood, I could definitely see this being my go-to. Tasty drinks, nice place to work or hang out, and good vibes.

Shauna B.

The food was really good but the coffee had a flowery flavor. The decor is amazing and very uplifting!

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