Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

10264 W Overland Rd, Boise
(208) 323-2658

Recent Reviews

david armstrong

Great place to eat and get ice cream ad well as ive cream cakes for all your parties.Food: 5/5

Kathy Franckiewicz

There is only 1 Dairy Queen. We love their ice cream cakes!This is 1 place you can get a good old fashioned Banana Split.Food: 5/5

Taz Hansen

This was a wonderful lunch experience my brother and I rarely have a chance to get together, both of us really enjoyed our lunch time.Kid-friendliness: I was able to watch a couple of children playing in the store.Parking: One of the best parking areas for fast food and by far cleaner.Wheelchair accessibility: Got to observe a person with a walker started to have difficulty existing the car and an employee rushed to help i was impressed.

eliseo romero

They don't give you enough gravy for a 4piece chicken strip basket. Then they'll let you know they charge you for more gravy if you want more, and they charge for an extra sauce too, after you already paid $9 for the food. McDonald's at least gives you 3 sauces for dipping your nuggets for free before they start charging you. The employee was very nice, not their fault the restaurant nickels and dimes customers.

SJ Lopez

employees are definitely rude and possibly racist. they we’re unwilling to help us after missing items from our order and making us wait for half an hr for food. they didn’t even look our way and ignored us. we ended up leaving because it wasn’t worth dealing with. never coming back and have them steal my money again.

Mary Hicks

We will be going there tomorrow!! Can't wait to try the new blizzards!! The staff are really nice and friendly!Kid-friendliness: Every child loves Dairy Queen!! 'Nuff said!Parking: There is plenty of parking!

Deb R.

Rude! Advertises they take apple pay and then don't take touchless pay in drive through "for legal purposes"


Customer service was absolute trash. Food was equally bad. Gave us old fries and gave attitude when it was brought to their attention. They corrected the issue which is why it isn't a 1 star.

Matt Twogood

Mason was great. Got our orders right away. Even looked up our rewards account and made sure we got credit, even though this galoot forgot the phone in the car. Thanks

Randy Nelson

Reese-cup blizzard is amazing!!! It's just, a medium cup is now a large!! Next, a small will be a large!! Give the public what they want, we'll pay for it!!! Common man!!

sylvanna martin

We had to wait after we had gotten our food for our blizzards because they had forgotten then and then they didn't mention until then that they didn't have something for one of the blizzards. And the floors every where needed sweeped and clean in the bathrooms and in the open area. Then when we went to get the food in the bag some of it was crushed and flattened because it was pack very poorly.

Jordan Leavitt

Gave us an entirely wrong order after waiting about 20 minutes in the drive through. Was the only car there during that whole time. Had to go inside to get the food they made wrong. They said they were “super busy” while they had 6-8 employees just goofing around inside. Embarrassing


Great burger n pretzel sticks! Service was super and cheerful. Thank u! May God continue to bless and keep you! ?

sceNICK da MF

Loved the place. Pretty clean indeed. Ordered a Flamethrower burger ? with fries. The rest of my family got some ice cream. Great job guys. ? ?Hope to see you again soon.

Louise Erdman

We were in the drive-through we’re like 20 minutes and there was no one behind us or in front of us and the food was really bad

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