Goodwood Barbecue Company

7849 W Spectrum St, Boise
(208) 658-7173

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Excellent staff, great food and a warm atmosphere. I would highly recommend Goodwood for a relaxing fair priced meal

Brian H.

Our favorite place to go when visiting our daughter in Boise. The food is fantastic, the price is right and the service is the best. We had a party of 20 tonight with us and LJ's service was incredible. Both he and Dayana provided great service! Thank you Goodwood for another excellent and fun dinner!


We had our family of 20 in town for the Boise State / SDSU football game and had another great dinner here! LJ provides by far the best service...make sure you ask for him or Dayana! Great dinner!

Emily Fritchman Mahaney

Goodwood BBQ catered our wedding and were absolutely awesome! We worked closely with Mimi (who was great), and she communicated quickly, was very flexible, and super accommodating. Day-of service was great - everything from the appetizers, to dinner, and a to-go box for us at the end of the night. Delicious food! Highly recommend working with Goodwood & Mimi.

AnnaBrook Roy

Best burnt ends and prime rib Philly sandwich! I would definitely come here again! Some of the best bbq I’ve ever had! Amazing service too! We had a cute little blonde waitress and I didn’t catch her name but she was great!

M K.

Goodwood Barbecue, is the best BBQ here. They have quality food at a affordable price.


On our recent trip to Boise, we ended up at this restaurant three times! The food was that good! The baby back ribs and burnt ends were fabulous! Loved the potato salad and baked beans as well. Staff was super and very attentive! Wished we lived closer so that we could eat here more often!

Wanda R

First meal of the trip. Off to a good start. Pulled pork sandwiches were very good. Very moist. Lots of meat. There isn't extra sauce containers on the table. You have to ask for extra sauce when you order. We are used to having sauce containers on the table. We both had the baked beans which were on the bland side. We added some bbq sauce and then they were great. Service was attentive. Restaurant very clean. Reasonably priced menu. We would dine again.

Tyler A.

Steve, Frankly it's not been what it used to be for the past few trips, feels like things are sliding, and write up below is why we won't be back. We've been loyal Boise customers for decades and with few exceptions we viewed Goodwood as the place for consistency and celebrations. Our experience on 9/15/2022 at spectrum could not have been further from what we've grown to expect. I have already been told that this message will not be heard, will go no further, and reaching out would be a waste of my time. So I write this with no expectations that it will be: Dylan Cooper has explained to me already that you are the owner, his father, Steve Cooper and that he (Dylan) has the upper hand over my or any other complaint. We had some slow service and that is not the overall issue, and we weren't in a hurry, but our food took much longer than typical to come to the table and only one of the three orders was hot and fresh. Not sure why but my meal was cold. Clearly it had been Sitting out for a long time, cold. Full stop. The server stated she couldn't do anything and the manager checked in (Dylan) after long delay (5 min. Or so) he returned and dropped a bowl of new potato's on the table and explained they documented that ticket times were only off of performance averages by a few minutes, admitted the potatos in the kitchen were measured as being out of hold temperature by a few degrees, and that othwise they have met all obligations to us, so here are some hot potatos, have a nice day. I mentioned a new bowl of potatoes didn't really account for the rest of the cold meal and so the offered solution from Dylan was was to compensate the meal. Fine. But not sure why ticket times and mentions of hold temperatures were a preferred goodwood solution instead of maybe "a sorry sir we brought a fresh hot order". I'm guessing the hot order would have been less effort and about the same time and labor it took to document me as a "wrong" customer. Next, Server dropped off boxes and a check without saying anything and I picked at my food. No one came back to the table to collect payment and ultimately my wife had to track down the manager at the front to take our payment, the check the server dropped off didn't initially include the promised comp. and required an additional and stressful ask to try and make it right, meet the commitment offered in lieu of another solution. Ultimately after discount we are talking ~$60. The hold on our card was 25% beyond this amount. The dollar amounts are overall insignificant however this is why and how I learned I was talking to Dylan Cooper, manager and owners son. I called because not only was food and service off, the card was ran for more than the original tab. Obviously the point of sale hold will likely correct but is just another annoying and additional poke in the eye in an overall bad experience. I called to find out who else I could objectively communicate our frustration to, someone not in the situation and on a different day. Our treatment and experience is not okay. I'm told by Dylan we were rude for asking about the meal, told goodwood documented ticket times, food temps, and that because my wife took her leftovers and that I picked at mine it's proof of satisfaction. Well Steve. Okay. I've no doubt Dylan documented and did a great job to gain whatever edge or benefit over this goodwood customer he communicated he needs to have. But this is not the treatment we were used to when you and Mike Mantooth used to walk the floor (RIP). Back then the food, service, and experience was the focus. It kept us coming back. Document this: we won't be back and we will discourage friends and family, we won't bring clients to business lunches, and we will encourage our professional places of business to cater from somewhere other than goodwood going forward. Your former customer.

Alicia R.

This is the number one overrated over commercialized restaurant ever. Their prices are way beyond the middle class prices. Is astonishing how much they charge for their menu items. The food does not keep up with the expectations of the menu price. I cannot believe how much you charge for ribs to a patron And they don't even taste like real wood smoked ribs. This is a horrible place to go to get a barbecue meal. There is nothing about barbecue from this place. It screams of give me your money and I'll just give you some meat to shut you up. I was appalled by my $150 bill of food and we did not even consume 25% of the food. You need to go back to the table and take a look at how you cook your food and how you price your food and see if you are anywhere near Boise Idaho prices. Because you need a price per state and city. And not make your prices New York San Francisco or LA prices and try to adopt them and to lower earning state.


Very pleasant staff, variety on the menu, and delicious entrees. We had the brisket platter and chicken fried steak; both were good sized portions and delicious.

Cori S.

Mimi is fabulous to work with for catering events! Highly recommend considering them if you have an event or function. Delicious food as well!


Service was great, quick, brought a second sweet tea without asking. Ribs, Carolina pulled pork were great. Only blemishes were that the slaw was a bit too cabbagey, and the tap water was real mineral flavored, need a water filter!

Sean D

Good bbq and the service was great! I had the pulled pork, St. Louise style ribs with sides of coleslaw and Mac and cheese. The pulled pork was very tender and the bbq sauce was tasty.

Rob Conder

Staff was very accommodating and friendly. The food was good, especially the turkey breast. The pulled pork was a little too fatty for my tastes, but some people prefer it that way. I'm from Mississippi, and down south we like to slow-smoke the Boston butt until the majority of the fat cooks off. It's a matter of personal taste, of course. High recommend the smoked turkey breast, though. It's delicious - tender and moist. And turkey isn't easy to cook perfectly, but these guys have apparently mastered the art.

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