Jack In The Box

10496 W Overland Rd, Boise
(208) 658-0508

Recent Reviews

Andy Hallett

Dining area closed and would only do 1 order in drive thru. Will not return to this location.Food: 1/5

Ron Hayes

It would of been fine if they could of had my entire order in the damn bag. Is that how they make money by shorting you your food? Maybe I should start shorting them there money if I ever go back.Food: 4/5

Amy Howe

We ordered a huge amount of food!! 6 people in all! The order was quick & perfect!! Even the picky "make it my way" peeps were well satisfied! Thx so much!

MM CamFej

Besides being hot and ready, I requested mayo and onions only came home with mayo and ketchup. I'll understand if it's busy but 2 cars in the drive thru come on, even took them a few minutes just for a combo meal, only to see my onion rings were over fried.

Hunter The hoakster

Ordered three meals after getting done with the airport and when we ordered, the ringer barely heard us, and we read the order at least 5 times and they basically missed most of the order only got one full meal+sweet tea. Coffee lid was open, salad was completely open and spilled.

Kevin Vaughan (Bubba)

Messed up my shake size, but was also the best one ive had from a Jack location in awhile now. My money was refunded promptly but I just wanted another shake.

Josh Westman

This location of Jack-in-the-Box in the valley has been by far the worst service I have ever had.I have literally had one of the employees on a FaceTime call with my card still in the machine for five minutes. I have experience them close an hour and a half early five different occasions due to vent cleaning. That is inconvenient when you drive 10 minutes to that location not knowing if they will be open or not.

sheila Stevens

Sorry tried it for first time. Fast food is just nasty. Staff was helpful and nice.

Brittany Berger

This is the worst location for dashers !!!! They never have a sign up stating if there lobby is closed or not. Then if u have to use the drive thru because the door is locked, they still make u pull all the way back around front and wait. And who knows how long that will take. 15 mins 30 mins it’s like gambling but not winning any money afterwards. ??‍♀️

Jason Mayhew

Since you give a stupid reply i ll rate it 1 now.13.99 meal that had less food then a happy meal. I am sticking to my last review. When you spend money expecting to gave an edible meal and at least feel like you have ate. You won't be here and make a compliant you get nothing. Service here worst then walmart and the online people do not care. Jack in the box now days only wants a dollar. They do not care if your happy or just satisfied.

sue kreiman

Sandwich was dried up an cold. Very disappointed in food.

Scott Marshall Sr.

Ok. Got my food it was correct which is rare these days. Food was edible, not the best I've had from other locations.

Kristina K.

I just wanna let people know don't show up to this restaurant before 10 o'clock because you won't get served they start closing it down before they're actually closed and when you get there they tell you sorry we're closed even though their lights are on in their drive-through very disappointed won't be back

Christian Salinas

Poor Service

Zach Vickery

Understaffed, long wait times, no condiments, the freestyle machine was basically empty, the chicken was undercooked and gross, and the parking lot is an accident waiting to happen. Interior furniture is super uncomfortable and of the "JBX" style from 20+ years ago. Every nearby alternative is better.

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