Kibrom's Ethiopean & Eritrean Food

3506 W State St, Boise
(208) 917-8005

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Josh Havekost

The food is amazing. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it takes so long!? Over an hour plus Everytime I come..It has to be slow cooked and already prepared before hand.. So just scoop it onto the injera and bring it out? I tried ordering online an hour and half early because every time I come I wait over an hour and I still had to wait when I arrived.What's the issue, I'm starving and so curious..

Ty Walsh

Amazing location and selection of food. Definitely a hidden gem in Boise. Try it. It's different eating with your hands but the food makes it amazing.

Casey Higgs

The food is great! I will definitely go back and try some more of the dishes

Vivian C.

Ordered take out just the other night and gotta say, it was fantastic! We ordered a beef dish, lamb dish and two of the samosas. Gotta admit, thought we were getting more samosas but all in all it was wonderful. Would definitely recommend trying this place out! Their meat dishes were very savory and juicy, samosas were spiced to perfection. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Birgit Ph

Delicious, well priced, and many vegetarian options. Great spice combinations. Get the combo on the traditional bread (more like a pancake) or as a rice cake.

Sarah Afshar

Surprisingly good. The combination plates are fantastic. The staff is friendly and courteous. The service is prompt. The food is flavorful. I really enjoyed the kae misir, gomen, and veggie samosas here. I never tried avocado juice until my last visit here and it was really good. I will definitely return in the near future.


The food here is delicious! We loved the injera, lentils, lamb, and chai. Also, Kibrom was a friendly host.

Whitney Durham

I love the authentic feel. It does seem a bit rough around the edges. The food is terrific. I didn't understand that African food is eaten without cutlery. My daughter and I ordered the small family plate. It was tremendous. Usually to much food for two people, but we were traveling home from a week skiing. So both of us were super hungry. Really yummy, the only thing that I would hope for is that the staff would help newbies with understanding the food and traditions more.

Mike Watson

What an absolute delight! Very tasty, although the wife thinks it's too spicy for her, haha, but for me it was such a feast. The staff were very polite and friendly. Glad to see delicious ethnic food in Boise. We will be back, and often!

Shannon Goodworth Bray

Never had Ethiopian food before. The items my son and I had were absolutely delicious! We will return.

Diane Ronayne

As ever, Kibrom gave us delicious food and a comfortable table where we could visit with new friends while consuming it. Love this place!

A-Freeman M

Great food ? and every welcoming staff. Nice place to chill and have some good canjara

Brian Duff

This was the first time that I've had the pleasure to have eaten the food of Ethiopian origins, and I must say it was delicious!

Gordon MacKay

Really good food. Different enough to stand out.

Greg Wittenburg

We had a great lunch! First time trying Ethiopian food and I would highly recommend trying it.

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Kibrom's Ethiopean & Eritrean Food

3506 W State St, Boise, ID 83703
(208) 917-8005