Old Chicago Pizza + Taproom

350 N Milwaukee St #1017, Boise
(208) 321-0033

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Wren Salmans

We went to Old Chicago around 9 on a Tuesday since it was one of the only places open late nearby. We ended up being very impressed by the service, quality of the food, and taste. Our server Tanner was quick and attentive without hovering. The food came out quickly and fresh, and tasted amazing. We were super impressed and would definitely recommend eating here!! Get the twisted tenders sandwich with extra sauce, it’s phenomenal ?

John Drynan

I really miss the BOI downtown venue but thankfully this one is still here. Nice tap selection and the thin crust was really good. Quite crispy due to airholes in the crust and the bumped pizza tray to allow hot air flow, and cut in squares like we always had growing up. This makes a Mall trip worthwhile and I can hang here whilst the fam has my credit card. ? ?

Derrick L.

Would have given more stars because the service was good the food was good but unfortunately they didn't have a few items on the menu being open only a half hour and out of items on the menu is not good. But as I said before the food that was available and service was good.Food: 4/5

David Jenkins

Love to come in for a nice quiet time, great drinks, servers are always wonderful, and the best part is that it's not just pizza. You can get some really good food choices and some interesting specialty type pizzas like the rolls. Great stop before a long mall excursion or in-between shops.Food: 5/5

Shane karstens

It's been 11 years since I was in this one. Not much has changed. Food was not as amazing as I hoped (tried something new). Beer was still cold and good.It's in the mall, so parking is mall parking. Waitress was doing her best to keep up, they were short handed it sounded like.Food: 3/5

Deni Wartenbe

Stopped in for a quick beverage and a appetizer. After being seated were promptly greeted by a lovely young lady who introduced herself as our hostess. Through out our visit she was so engaging and made the visit absolutely lovely. I only wish I could remember her name because she deserves a gold star for her outstanding service.Food: 4/5

john wiersema

I've been going to this location and the one that was downtown for almost 20 years. Occasionally some of the newer staff has forgotten to tell the wait staff I was seated outside, but overall I live going here and would recommend it to anyone that loves great food and beer. The world beer tour and rewards program are both reasons for repeat visits.

Scott C.

Good stop over for a truck driver. Had the weekend to relax, and can always rely on a good pint and personal pizza. Great service, chill atmosphere and kind people....what more does one need?? Thanks!


There isn't one item on the menu that has any relation to Chicago. Pizza is good but it isn't authentic Chicago style deep dish pizza. Italian beef sandwich isn't on the menu. Cauliflower crust pizza is good. Burger was good and they know what medium rare is. Fries (waffle fries) were crunchy all the way through. Think waffle potato chips. Service was outstanding. As as restaurant it's maybe 4 stars, zero stars for nonexistent Chicago food favorites.

Dave W.

* Food: If the menu says French Fries come with the burger, they should be French Fries, not Waffle Fries. Hamburgers should not be dripping in grease. The Buns should be toasted. Cheese Sauce for Pretzel Bites should not be old, burnt, and curdled, and its replacement should not be cold. * Service: Meh. The server tried, and was apologetic, but we had to look for her frequently to have her handle the food problems above. * Synopsis: Needless to say, this was NOT a good OC experience. Usually I like the place, but they weren't even trying tonight. Sad...

John Heneghan

We have been here so many times. I always order a tall wings, they are always big plump pieces. So my wife and I went to the mall and decided we were going to eat at Chicago.I ordered the Tall size wings.When the server brought us our food I saw the wings was the size of a small bird and over cooked cause they were to small (See Pics).The Server ( Can’t remember his name, but he was awesome and this was not his fault at all) He told me the distribution was messed up and that they have another 12 wings cooking now. When I received the new order it was the sane. The server took off $15 cause of the problem.My point of view, I wouldn’t server them and 86 them. I rather been told that they didn’t have any.Quality control was terrible from the restaurant to the distribution.The funny thing is that the celery was off of one stalk and cut three ways. Look at the celery and the blue cheese container vs the chicken. So the wings measured 2 inches long.

Michelle H

Ordered carryout. The online ordering system would not take my order, so I called it in. The girl who took my order was super friendly and helpful. Our food was ready in about 30 minutes, which is what we expected. Everything was fresh and delicious. The Thai pizza was colorful with fresh, vibrant veggies. The waffle fries stayed crisp all the way through our meal, which never happens. The wings were boneless, even though I ordered bone in, but that could have been my fault for not being clear and after reading previous reviews about a distribution issue, I actually appreciated the boneless wings. So, no problem there. Overall, it was a good experience and good food. I passed on ordering food from here many times because of bad reviews, I'm glad I decided to give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised.

Philip B.

Third times a charm. I've been coming here with my grandson for 3 years straight and this time was the best. Food Service Everything. Kaylah our server was terrific Attentive and always checking with us to see if we needed anything and to make sure our drinks were topped off. No need to call her or someone over as in our past visits. Jojo and I each had a Keg (20) of wings. Bone in. Tossed in a Jamaican Jerk dry rub which in itself is good enough. They came with celery and carrot sticks. Along with, and we are guessing here a house made blu cheese dipping sauce which was in both of our opinions how a blu cheese sauce should be. Large quantity's of chunks of blu cheese. Absolutely Heaven. I also got the Screamin Mango sauce on the side and Jojo got the Firehouse sauce as his side dipping sauce. Both very good. All I can say is it was a terrific experience this time around and we plan on our visit again next year Lord willing and the river don't rise.

Kurtis Brown

Very nice selection of beer on tap. Food was good, if very slow. Don't expect to be able to grab a quick bite, it will take about 30 to 40 minutes to get your food. But the bartender was very good as was the beer! Overall a nice respite while the wife continued shopping! ;)


Food was good for the price. Servings good size. Staff was relatively responsive. Only negative was the music playing over the ceiling speakers was too loud in the restaurant area. We could barely hold a conversation at our table.

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